A Tale Of Dreams

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Mother Natures World

Mother nature woke early that morning. She sat up in her bed and looked out of the window that overlooked a beautiful lake. The sight always made her feel joyful. She loved her little cabin overlooking the water.

She slid into her slippers and made her way into her powder room to wash her face and brush her long white hair. She stared at her reflection in the mirror. She admired the woman she saw there. She was a lovely looking woman. She was no beauty queen, and she liked it that way. She had crystal blue eyes and sun-worn tanned skin, and she had a smile that was friendly and sweet.

Mother Nature tied her long white hair up into a tight bun and got dressed in her long flowing green gown made from the leaves and flowers of her land. She laced up the front of her gown with the vines from morning glories. She wore a flower crown around her head and elk skin slippers on her feet. She used everything that nature provided to her.

She hurried merrily into her kitchen to make some hot tea. She placed the kettle on the stove and entered the living room to start a fire in the stone fireplace. It was a bit chilly that morning. The sun was beginning to rise over the trees. It would be a glorious day.

Mother Nature had so much to do. She had a feeling in her bones that she would have company today. She was not sure who it would be, but the wise owl had told her about a fairy and a boy that was flying her way. The owl knew everything before it happened. Mother Nature knew that they needed help and she would be ready to help if they were pure of heart.

Mother Nature stepped outside into the foggy morning. She called out for all her animal friends with a shrill whistle that brought animals of all kinds to her. There were foxes and rabbits, deer and moose, birds and even turtles came to wish Mother Nature A good morning. Mother Nature sang to the animals of her world and fed them corn from her hands. She was never lonely there.

Her world was full of creatures big and small. She spoke with the trees, the flowers, the sky, the plants, and every living being. It was her job as Mother Nature to care for not only her world but all the surrounding worlds in the universe. Without Mother nature, there would be no worlds, no lands, no water, and no sky. There would be nothing.

Mother Nature felt angry sometimes when the trolls hurt the environment with their greed. They treated the world as if it were a never-ending resource that they could take from and never give back. She knew that there were good and evil in everyone and that maybe some trolls just needed to be educated about her.

She was just afraid that it would be too late for some of her worlds. She was quite worried about Earth, but she knew that there would be a hero to save that world. She only hoped it wouldn’t be too late. She knew that it was a delicate balance of all living things that made the beautiful worlds and it was her job to protect that balance. Even the bugs had a reason to be alive, and she loved them too.

The sun was now beaming, and it was getting warm. Mother Nature walked over to the lake with all her furry friends following behind her, she raised her hands into the air and called out for the ducks and geese of the lake. She called all the animals in close to her, and when they had all gathered around her, she told them of the visitors that would be flying in and told them not to be afraid. The animals spoke amongst themselves excitedly. It had been a long time since someone had been to see Mother Nature.

“We will keep our eyes opened and let you know when we spot them.” said the doves.

“Yes, we will all keep our eyes opened and let out a warning,” said the Moose in a big voice.

“Wonderful, my friends,” answered Mother Nature.

It was time to go inside and drink that tea she was brewing and to get a bite to eat. Mother nature walked up towards her cottage where she often drank tea in the mornings on her bench swing.

Mother Nature opened her door, and she cheerily waved to her animal friends as she stepped inside her quaint little cottage. Mother Nature went into her tiny kitchen and grabbed a mug and a plate from the cupboard. She poured a cup of herbal tea and cut a sweet ripe pear from one of her many fruit trees.

Mother Nature never went hungry. She had an abundance of fruit from her orchards. She ground wheat from her fields to make her bread. Her chickens laid eggs for her, and her goats gave her milk. Nature fed Mother Nature it was all she needed, and she was happy.

Cameron was a bit confused. He could see the light up ahead. He had not seen daylight since he left his home in Meadowbrook.

“Queen Kaylyn is that daylight up ahead?”

“yes, Cameron, it is.” said the queen.

“But, I thought there was no daylight in Dreamland!” Cameron shouted, a bit louder than he had intended.

“We are entering a new world Cameron, and It is where Mother Nature lives. I have never been to this land before. I have never met Mother Nature before. Once we pass through the portal, there will be bright sunlight. You must shield your eyes and wear this cloak to keep the sun’s rays from burning your skin.” The queen answered.

“I don’t need a cloak, Queen Kaylyn. I am from Earth. I am used to the sun. You wear the cloak to protect yourself, Queen, I will be okay. Though, I should shield my eyes. It’s been a while since I’ve seen the sun.” At least he thought it had been a while, he really couldn’t tell how long it had been, but at least Cameron knew that his Mom understood where he was and was not worried about him. It felt like he was gone a long time.

“Cameron, pull your magic staff and point it toward that swirling mass of stars ahead to open the portal, quickly!” yelled the queen.

Cameron pulled his shiny purple staff from his side and pointed it toward the swirling mass of stars. There was a flash of light, and he could feel himself falling into a new dimension. All around him were sparkles in a rainbow of colors. The light got brighter and brighter as he seemed to be falling in slow motion.

After what seemed a long time, Cameron landed on a soft patch of green grass. He blinked frantically in the bright light of the sun. It was hot and felt good on his skin. Once he could focus, he looked around to find the queen. The queen was sprawled out on the grass, her head and body covered entirely with a white cloak.

“Are you okay?” Cameron yelled out to her loudly.

” yes, I am fine. Just give me a few minutes to adjust to this light,” The queen murmured, she sounded weak and muffled under her cloak.

Cameron scanned his surroundings slowly, his eyes still stinging from the sunlight. It looked much like Earth only brighter and cleaner. He saw birds with bright, colorful plumage, and there were animals everywhere. The animals were the same here as they were on Earth.

He saw rabbits and deer, squirrel and mice, geese and ducks, and colorful fish were jumping in the sparkling, clear blue lake. Cameron couldn’t believe that they were coming so close to him. They almost looked as though they were smiling at him.

“Hello, animals,” Cameron said out loud, of course not expecting a return hello from the animals. Much to his utter shock, they answered him.

“Hello, young boy. We have been expecting you.”

“What?” Cameron shrieked.

How could this be? It took him a minute or two to gain his composure. The animals and the surrounding land looked like home, but he had to remember that he was in a strange area and he thought there might be a lot of surprises here.

“you have?” Cameron replied.

“Yes, boy. The wise owl let us know this morning there was a boy and a fairy coming this way.

“He is a seer and knows everything before it happens.” The deer said, lowering his gaze to pull some sweet grass up into his mouth to chew.

“My name is Cameron, and I am traveling with the Queen of Dreamland. The wizard sent us here to get help from Mother Nature.”

The queen, hearing many voices sat up quickly, she was not expecting there to be anyone here but the Mother. She sat there with her mouth gaped open watching Cameron talk to animals. She had never seen anything like it, and it was a bit unnerving. Cameron, noticing the queens discomfort nodded and waved her over to meet the animals.

“This is Queen Kaylyn. I’m not sure how to introduce you all to her. Do you have names?”

The animals all looked at each other. “Well, yes, I am a deer, and this is a rabbit, this is a bird, over there is a bear…”

Cameron stopped him, “yes, you have the same names on Earth. he stammered, What I meant was, do you have a proper name?”

“Why would we need another name?” the deer spoke a bit loudly, it seemed as if Cameron might have insulted the poor creature.

Cameron was getting a bit nervous when suddenly, he heard another voice coming up behind him.

“I see you’ve made it!” Cameron spun around and came face to face with a rather homely looking woman.

“Oh, I’m sorry Miss,” I seem to have upset the animals. Please forgive me as I have never spoken with animals before.”

“It’s all right, dear boy. The animals are not used to strangers. I am Mother Nature and whom might you be?”

“I am Cameron, and this is Queen Kaylyn Of Dreamland,” Cameron replied.

Mother Nature’s gaze turned to the queen. “Ahh, A queen. I’m honored to have you here, Queen Kaylyn. You have come a long way. Please come into my humble home, your majesty, and you can tell me why you traveled so far to see me.”

With that, they all said goodbye to the animals and headed toward the cabin. Once inside, Mother Nature led them into the kitchen and sat them down at the little wooden table. She poured them each a cup of tea and sat down next to them to hear their story.

The Queen spoke first. She told Mother Nature of the troubles in Dreamland and how the trolls were getting closer to the heart of their existence, the Wizard. “They are polluting our water and cutting down the trees, chasing the animals from their homes, building smelly factories that are polluting the air and threatening to destroy the wizard.” The Queen told Mother Nature

Mother Nature sat very still, listening intently as the queen spoke. She had tears welling up in her eyes. The decline of Dreamland was terrible news. Cameron felt a lump in his throat. He couldn’t talk, so he sat there and listened to the queen. Cameron knew that he had a huge part to play in all of this, but he couldn’t understand quite what his role would be.

Cameron knew that after his meeting with Mother Nature that he was to return home. Cameron felt sad thinking about it. He wanted to go back, but he knew that he would miss all his new friends, and especially the queen.

Just then, Mother Nature stood up, almost knocking her chair over as she shook her fist into the air enraged. “We can’t let this happen! This nonsense has gone on long enough! The trolls have almost destroyed Earth. We cannot let this happen in Dreamland! We will fight!” Cameron and the queen stared at Mother Nature silently. They were a bit shocked by her rage.

“what will we do, Mother Nature?” asked the queen.

“You will return to Dreamland, and you will protect your lands. You will call a meeting in front of the wizard. I want every living thing in Dreamland to meet as soon as you return. The Wizard must be protected from harm. He will need you all to come together at once. The wizard will tell you what to do. It will not be easy.” Mother Nature continued.

“This war will be long against the trolls. Cameron and your children, Queen Kaylyn, will be the key to saving all the worlds in this universe. Your children were born to save Dreamland. They were given the gifts of the wizard for this very task, to save the universe. It is to be, on Cameron’s twentieth birthday, ten years from this day. Cameron will return to you, Queen Kaylyn, and it will begin.”

" Now, I want you to return to your world, Queen. You must go tomorrow morning. You will rest here tonight. There is much for you to do.”

“Yes, I understand Mother Nature It will get done, as you wish. I will insist everyone in my land meet with the wizard as soon as I return.” Said the queen with an authoritative tone to her voice. The queen felt somehow energized and vital.

“Cameron, do you understand the importance of this matter?” Mother Nature asked.

“I see you wear the staff on your side that the wizard granted to you. You cannot know the power that you possess with that staff. It will serve you well when you return to Dreamland You will use your staff to get home to Earth tomorrow. The suit of armor, you wear now, is magical. You will not see the suit or the staff until it is time for your fight training in Dreamland. It will appear to you when it is time, and you will know what you need to do. It is part of your training to be a future warrior.” Mother Nature continued to instruct Cameron.

“yes, Mother Nature. I understand, and I will do what is needed to save my world and Dreamland. I have grown to love that land and all its people as well as my own. I will return when it is time, and I will be ready to fight for our lands,” Cameron replied bravely.

Cameron was feeling exhilarated, sad, and a bit confused. This war was all just too much to take in. He wanted to go back outside and play with the animals and explore the beautiful lake. Mother Nature looked at Cameron and with a smile, asked him to join her outdoors. It was as if she had read his mind.

The queen was tired from her long journey and excused herself to retire to her quaint little room at the back of the cottage. Cameron thought that she looked as if she needed to cry and thought it was a good time to leave her alone to rest. He would have time to tell her goodbye in the morning, and he knew that it would be hard for them both.

Mother Nature led the way out of the cottage and into the warm sun. It was so much like earth to Cameron that he started to feel a bit homesick. He scanned his surroundings. It was picture perfect. The colors here were the same as on Earth, but it seemed as if the colors were brighter in this world, it was as if they almost glowed.

Many animals were roaming around, some of them in small groups chatting and gazing his way. He wondered if they were talking about him, there seemed to be quite a buzz with the animals. The birds were flitting from tree to tree, trying to get a better view of him. The lake was so clear that Cameron could see all the fish below. They seemed to be watching him too. The ducks and geese all came swimming up to meet him.

“Hello, ducks and geese.” Cameron stammered, he couldn’t get used to talking to animals, knowing that they could answer him seemed ridiculous.

“Hello, young man.” answered one of the ducks.

“who are you?” asked one of the geese.”

“I am Cameron, I come from Earth” answered Cameron, nervously kicking at the rocks that lay around the lake.

Mother Nature spoke out loudly, “Cameron is our guest here. I want you all to welcome him and stop your rude staring and gossiping. You will all go about your business now.” Mother Nature flapped her arms wildly as all the animals left quickly heading back from where ever they came.

The ducks and geese went quickly, honking frantically as they hurried across the lake, rings of water splashing up onto the shore. Cameron laughed out loud.

Mother Nature playfully rubbed Cameron’s curly blonde head and said: “You don’t mess with Mother Nature!” They both laughed hard. Cameron was starting to understand that Mother Nature, while being a hard woman, also had a playful side that he liked.

Mother Nature strolled around the beautiful countryside pointing out the various flowers and herbs that she used to make medicine. The Mother showed Cameron how she grew her vegetables and fruits. She taught him how to pick apples from her orchard and how to milk a goat.

Cameron was learning a lot and was very impressed with Mother Nature. He thought it was admirable the way she survived here, all by herself, never needing a grocery store or even a doctor or a dressmaker. She was amazing.

After they had spent a lot of time getting to know one another, Mother Nature walked up to a giant oak tree and sat on the ground under its branches. She took off her large hat and waved it frantically, fanning her face to cool off. She looked at Cameron intently.

“Young man?” she said,

“You have learned a lot today. I am sure you thought you would meet a grand magical woman when you set off to meet me. You have found that I have no special magic. I have no magnificent home, and I have no gifts of magic to give. I am just a humble woman that loves nature. I know how to live with nature and love nature. I take care of it, and it takes care of me.” Mother Nature sighed as she continued.

“My world is much like yours but is very much different. This land is blessed. There will never be any of the terrible problems that your world faces. We will never have ugly tornados fires or hurricanes. We will have no progress, pollution or crime here. We do not need electricity or gasoline. What you see here will never change." The Mother said, smiling and searching the land.

"My only job is to take care of nature. Not only here, but also on all the worlds in our universe. It makes me angry to see nature disrespected by stupid people that don’t understand that they are hurting themselves in the long run. Nature should always be respected.” Mother Nature’s face was getting flushed and Cameron was wondering if she might have another fit of anger.

“I cannot do all of this on my own. I will need help. You and the Queen’s children will have a huge role to play in the future of our worlds. After spending time with you today, I can see that you are pure of heart and that you are indeed the boy that we have been waiting on to come. You will get a lot of resistance from some, but you will also find nature lovers, like yourself that will help you.” Cameron listened intently and tried his best to understand the importance of this mission. He was after all, only ten years old.

It was getting close to sundown, and Cameron witnessed the most beautiful sunset that he had ever seen. There were so many glowing, warm colors that Cameron was sure that he saw colors that he had never seen before. It was as close to heaven as he could ever have imagined. Cameron wondered if maybe it was heaven. It was the most peaceful place he had ever been, and he did not want to leave, ever.

Cameron woke up in a dark room. He was not quite sure where he was. While his eyes adjusted to the darkness, Cameron could see there were small beams of light coming through the gaps in the walls. He was lying in a hammock tethered to either side of the small room. Cameron sat up and hung his legs over the side of the cozy hammock. Cameron had slept very well. As he yawned deeply, he scanned the room.

Cameron could see that he was inside of what looked to be a huge tree trunk. On the ceiling, roots were hanging and forming the walls of the room. There was a small wooden table next to the hammock with a glass of goats milk and two biscuits. That Mother Nature must have left for him.

Cameron reached over and grabbed a biscuit and took a big bite. He felt hungry. He thought about his time with Mother Nature the night before. She had taught him so much. They had talked until it was very late, sitting on the porch swing and listening to the frogs and crickets chirping happily. She later walked him to the room he was now sitting in and gave him a warm blanket and a soft woven shirt to wear to bed. She hung a lantern by the door and wished him a good night.

When he finished his biscuits and milk, he hopped out of the hammock and landed on the soft carpet of grass on the floor. He walked over to the little door that led out into the central part of the cabin.

He could hear voices coming from the kitchen and knew that the Queen was awake. He had not seen her last night when he returned to the cabin. He knew she was exhausted and a bit sad last night and he did not want to wake her.

Cameron walked into the kitchen to see the queen and Mother Nature sitting at the table sipping tea.

“Good morning,” Cameron chirped.

The queen looked up at Cameron. He was a bit startled as he could see that the queen must have been crying. Her eyes were puffy and red. The queen silently nodded and bowed her head. She was a bit embarrassed by her appearance. Mother Nature motioned for Cameron to take a seat at the table as she went to the stove to pour Cameron a cup of tea.

“Thank You,” said Cameron, turning his attention to the queen. “What is wrong? Are you okay?”

Mother Nature answered for the queen. “She will be fine. She is just a bit overwhelmed and sad to see you go back home. Just leave her alone for now and let her drink her tea. you can go with me to visit the animals.”

Mother nature led Cameron outside and across the meadow to the lake. Cameron felt a little sad but couldn’t help smiling as the ducks and geese came swimming up, happily flapping their wings and quacking a cheery good morning to him.

“Good morning ducks and geese, it’s good to see you.” Cameron grabbed a couple of biscuits out of the basket that Mother Nature held in her hands. Cameron gently tossed bits of them into the water and watched as the silly birds rushed quickly to be the first to get a bite to eat.

Cameron laughed out loud as they all squawked at each other eating greedily fast. Mother Nature gave them a stern look for fighting over the food and reminded them to slow down.

“There is plenty of food for all of you. You must be polite,” said Mother Nature.

After feeding the birds, they walked into the meadow to see the deer, bunnies, and moose. Cameron spotted the wise old owl high up into a tree watching them as they walked past his tree.

“Good Morning Owl!” Cameron yelled up at him.

The owl looked down at him, and with a grumpy “HUMPH!” he opened the small door and entered his tree home.

“What’s wrong with Owl?” Cameron asked Mother Nature.

“Oh, don’t mind him. I think all our activity at the lake must have woken the owl. You know, owls sleep in the day and hunt at night.” Mother Nature shook her head.

“Grumpy old bird!” Cameron laughed. He had forgotten that owls were nocturnal.

They continued until they found the others in the meadow. The animals were gathered together talking and whispering amongst each other. Cameron thought they must be gossiping again. They were so busy chattering amongst themselves that they didn’t see Mother Nature walking up toward them.

She stood there her hands on her hips staring at them, listening to their gossip about the queen and Cameron.

“Oh, yes. The Queen was crying all night. I heard her.” lamented the deer.

“UHHEMMM!” Mother cleared her throat loudly.

All the animals stopped in their tracks. It was so quiet that all you could hear were the animal’s heartbeats, which were pumping quite fast with fear of being discovered gossiping again.

“I have told you all about this foolish gossiping. Now I suppose you have begun spying as well. How else would you know of the queen’s tears?” Mother Nature snarled.

“We are sorry,” the animals replied with their heads hung low in embarrassment.

“What am I to do with you? I have warned you about this, and it must stop. You have all been very rude!”She said sternly.

"There will be no biscuits for you today!”

With that Mother Nature turned on her heels and walked briskly toward the cabin, Cameron running behind her to catch up. When they reached the front porch of the cabin, Mother Nature pulled the front door opened angrily and rushed inside, slamming the door behind her with a huff.

Cameron thought he better leave her alone for a bit. He turned from the door to head over to sit on the swing. That’s when he noticed the Queen sitting there looking at him.

“come here, Cameron. Sit with me awhile.” The Queen asked sadly.

Cameron sat next to the queen and leaned his head on her shoulder. They sat there swaying back and forth on the swing just taking in the peace and beauty there. It was getting time for the Queen to go back home to Dreamland.

She was anxious to get back to her family, but she would find it difficult to say goodbye to Cameron even though she knew that he would return on his twentieth birthday.

After a while, Cameron and The Queen entered the cabin to speak with Mother Nature. She was sitting at the table in the kitchen. She smiled sweetly as they came into the room and Cameron was relieved that she was calmed down. “It is time for you to go home,” she said,

“Cameron, you will escort the queen to the portal where she will enter first after you open the portal with your magic staff. Twinkie will be waiting on the other side to lead the Queen safely home to her castle. After the gateway closes, you will use your magic staff again to open the portal to Earth."

" You will wake in your bed, Cameron. You will learn to fight with trainers sent to you in your dreams. You will grow mighty and wise beyond your years. You will study ecology in school, and you will learn how to protect the environment. You will be a leader, and you will teach others the value of our ecosystem.” Mother Nature explained.

“Queen Kaylyn, you will return to your children and get them ready for the battle. Your children were chosen for this before they were even born. They were given unique gifts by the wizard that they will use in battle. Their gifts will get stronger as they grow. When Cameron returns to your world, he will take your children with him on his journey. They will be ready to help Cameron with their gifts."

" If you need me, Twinkie will bring you to me. Go now, and safe journey until I see you again.” Mother Nature hugged them both and sent them on their way.

Cameron and the Queen hugged Mother nature and wished her well. Off they flew together toward the portal to home. They flew above the meadows and waved to the animals below. They felt a deep connection with the animals and beautiful land there. They had never felt so much peace and knew that they would one day return here.

The Queen and Cameron flew together, holding hands until they saw the swirling stars of the portal ahead of them. Cameron pulled his staff from his side and pointed it toward the gateway. With a shout, the queen yelled goodbye and flew into the dark entrance and was gone.

Cameron wiped the tears from his eyes. He knew he must be brave. He lifted the staff, and as he aimed, he felt the portal sucking him into another dimension. Swirling and swirling toward home.

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