A Tale Of Dreams

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Trouble at School

Cameron stirred from a deep sleep and stretched out his arms and legs. He rolled over and opened his eyes slowly. He was home. “Wow, what a strange dream!” He thought. Cameron sat up in his bed, feeling strangely confused. He felt as if he slept for a very long time. Cameron dreamed of Dreamland, He met the Queen and all the characters from his Mom’s stories, but there were others that his Mother never mentioned in her stories. Mother Nature and talking animals were not a part of Mother’s stories.

Cameron ran his hands down the front of his soft dinosaur pajamas that he had gotten from his Grandma the day before, for his birthday. He gazed around his room. Everything looked the same.

Cameron jumped out of bed, “It’s a school day!” He shouted, dashing to his closet to find something to wear. He grabbed a shirt and a pair of pants and dressed quickly. He ran toward the bathroom to brush his teeth and hair. He had no idea what time it was, but he knew he needed to hurry.

Cameron bounded down the stairs and into the kitchen where his Mom was busily preparing breakfast. His Dad had already left for work.

“Good Morning!” Penny chirped. Cameron ran to his Mother and hugged her tight. It felt as though he hadn’t seen her in a long time.

“Good Morning, Mom.” “I missed you so much!” Cameron stammered with tears welling up in his eyes.

“What in the world, are you alright?” Penny knew what was going on. She knew that Cameron was destined to travel to Dreamland on his tenth birthday and she knew why. Cameron would do a lot of changing in the next few years, and Penny was not to interfere in any way. She would have to keep the secret that Cameron could only know on his twentieth birthday.

It was hard for Penny to tell Cameron that what he experienced was only a dream, but she would keep it a secret as she had promised.

“Cameron, what do you mean? I just tucked you into your bed last night. You must have been dreaming. Now eat your breakfast. The bus will be here soon.” Penny said, pointing to the table where his breakfast was set.

Cameron sat down at the table. “It just felt so real, Mom. The Queen was beautiful! and the castle, and the children, and there were talking animals and Mother!”

Penney interrupted, “Cameron, you must eat, now settle down. You can tell me more when you get home.”

Just then, the bus driver pulled up outside and honked the horn. Cameron grabbed a piece of toast and ran out the door to go to school. Cameron had been quiet all the way to school. He just needed time to think. How could he feel so strongly about a dream?

The queen had told him that his Mother knew he was coming to Dreamland on his tenth birthday, so why didn’t she believe it? Cameron needed to pull himself together.

Cameron’s friend, Danny kept trying to talk to him on the bus, but Cameron couldn’t snap out of this strange feeling. He didn’t want to talk to anyone.

“What’s wrong with you, dork?” Danny smirked.

“Nothing, I didn’t get much sleep last night, that’s all, ” Cameron said.

“You mean you couldn’t sleep in those baby pajamas you got at your party yesterday?” Danny said snidely.

“Take that back, Danny. My Grandma got those for me, and I like them!” Cameron yelled, punching Danny square in the nose.

Danny screamed and wailed, “You broke my nose, creep!”

Cameron got up and ran to find another seat. By this time, everyone on the bus was yelling, “fight, fight!” Mr. Jenkins jerked the bus to the right and stopped quickly by the side of the road. Mr. Jenkins got up and walked toward the back of the bus to end the fighting. Cameron was suddenly afraid. He knew Mr. Jenkins had a gruff way about him.

The whole bus was in chaos. Danny was still screaming incoherently and holding his nose. All the children were pointing right at Cameron. He knew he was in serious trouble. Cameron had never hurt anyone before. He was as shocked by his reaction to Danny’s ribbing as the rest of the kids were.

Mr. Jenkins grabbed Cameron by his right ear and led him painfully up the aisle to a seat right behind the driver’s seat. Cameron looked cautiously behind him, Danny was sitting in his seat, his head tilted way back, holding a towel to his nose to stop the bleeding. Cameron felt awful. He had never hurt anyone before. Danny was his best friend. Cameron should not have lashed out like that.

The bus pulled into the school driveway and up to the front of the school. Mr. Jenkins ordered everyone off the bus.

“Not you Cameron, you sit right there. Danny, come up here, and we will get you to the nurse.” Danny slowly walked to the front of the bus. Mr. Jenkins helped him down the steps of the bus and handed him over to a teacher’s aide that was helping the children off the buses as they arrived at school. Mr. Jenkins climbed up the steps and motioned Cameron to come.

“Young man, you need to come with me to the office. because of all this nonsense, you caused on my bus. I must make a report. let’s go, now!”

Cameron sat on a hard-wooden stool in the corner of the main office. He had never been in trouble before and was feeling very sorry for what he had done. It was painful for him to hear his best friend crying over what he had done to him. Cameron hadn’t meant to hurt Danny. He had felt strange ever since he had the weird dream last night. Cameron had the worst headache that he had ever felt. The room was spinning, and he felt as if he might vomit.

His Mother was on the way to meet with the principal and then go home with her. He just wanted to go to bed and forget about this day. He watched as Danny’s Mom lead him out through the main office, shooting a look of disgust toward him. Cameron hung his head in shame.

Cameron’s Mother walked into the office. She looked mad. She went directly to the counter to speak with the secretary without even looking at him. A few minutes passed as Penny paced back and forth in front of the desk, never looking his way. Surely, she knew he was there.

Cameron was almost relieved when Mr. Townsend, the principal opened the door to his office and called his Mother inside. Cameron stood up and slowly made his way toward Mr. Townsend’s office to meet his fate.

Cameron sat next to his Mother with his head hung low. Mr. Townsend let out a long sigh and sat down behind his large desk. He picked up a few papers and pushed them toward Penny.

“I’m glad you’re here, Mrs. James. We had quite a bad incident this morning on the bus. We have a no fighting policy at this school. I have already spoken to the bus driver, Mr. Jenkins and he has written this report on the incident. Please look this over and then sign at the bottom.” Mr. Townsend pushed the form over the desk toward Penny with a dour look on his round face.

Penny took the paper from Mr. Townsend and read it to herself. She was very disappointed with Cameron. He had never done anything like this. She had passed poor Danny and his Mother coming out of the office earlier. She felt awful knowing that her son had hurt his friend.

Penny signed the paper and handed it back to Mr. Townsend. She then turned and looked at Cameron for the first time since she walked into the office that morning.

“Why would you do this, Cameron?” penny asked with a tear rolling slowly down her face.

“I don’t know Mom. It all happened so fast. I didn’t mean to hurt him. I am sorry.”

Mr. Townsend spoke next. “We take fighting very seriously here, Mrs. James. Mr. Jenkins, the bus driver, was distraught. Cameron’s actions caused a huge disruption on the bus. I’m sure you know how dangerous that could have been.” Mr. Townsend looked over at Cameron with a severe look of disdain on his face.

“I have decided, even though Cameron has never been a troublemaker, that Cameron will be punished for his actions today. Danny’s nose is broken, and he is headed to the hospital as we speak. I am suspending Cameron from school for three weeks. By the time his suspension time is up, we will be on summer break. Because of that, he will be required to finish the year at home. I will have his teacher send his homework online. Cameron will need to submit his work every day.” Mr. Townsend's voice bellowed loudly, making Cameron’s head hurt worse.

“Mrs. Pickett, Danny’s Mother, said that she does not want to press charges and I suggest that you call her, Mrs. James to discuss the matter. Here is her phone number. I am recommending community service for Cameron this summer. I have the phone number written down for you to get Cameron admitted to the boy’s camp in Florida." Mr. Townsend handed a folded sheet of paper to Penny with all of the pertinent information.

" He will take a bus down there and stay for about four weeks. It will be suitable for the boy, and he can get his hours in for community service. The counselors are well trained and are good with the children. The camp is only for boys, and he will stay in a cabin." Mr. Townsend looked at Cameron over the top of his thick glasses as he explained the details of camp.

"This facility has been in operation for years. Cameron will learn some excellent skills. The camp will begin starting on July fifth, and Cameron will return on August third. Mrs. James, this is only a suggestion for Cameron. I can’t enforce this.”

Cameron’s head was throbbing now. He felt as if the room were spinning. He felt hot, and he was starting to sweat. Then it happened, Cameron reached quickly for the wastebasket under Mr. Townsend’s desk and vomited.

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