Building Castles in the Air

By Disha Gupta All Rights Reserved ©

Children / Other


This short story compilation is dedicated to my cousin Rishi and Puroshattam. Kids are the biggest inspiration for me for writing such a book. I realized that kids are curious to know more. I as a kid was devoid of such good books. I could not develop the habit of reading at early stage. And I want that other kids should derive the pleasure of reading some true and imaginary stories to broaden their horizon of finding their path. What all that has been told to you is not the entire story, the place from where it ends, from there begins your story. Each one of you is a creator. Your creativity may vary but just display it. This world needs to learn a lot. One can be a teacher as well as a student. This cycle of learning and teaching goes on and so is our Universe. The purpose of this novel is my expression to what I have felt and how I have enjoyed my childhood. There is some moral at the end of every topic. These are basics but yet we often forget.

Chapter One-Introduction

My name is Jagrati not as ‘My name is Khan’ from a famous movie. My parents kept my name as Jagrati as if I am going to conquer the entire planet. I stay in Basecamp Colony Awas Samiti, which is a silent colony of the state. I stay with my parents and my elder brother Vansh. I study in III standard. Vansh is in IX standard. He is studious and so do I (kidding). He is the topper of his class where as I am Ishan Awasthi of ‘Taare Zameen Par’. This means I am the hidden talent (joking). My house is very big. We don’t have neighbour. Rather our colony is scarcely populated. Beneath my house there is huge basement, which my father has made to store his business products. My father has got no idea that his basement is misused for my witchcrafts. My father loves his wife the most. His affection towards me is shown by slaps and slippers, for which my entire family considers me as deserving. Everybody feels that I am the Denise of home. If anything goes out of track, I will be the first person to be blamed for. Like me, my colony has a bad name. Bad name is even worse than being bad. Bitter truth, but yeah it is.

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