Priya the butterfly and the Diwali festival

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The name of my story is Priya the butterfly and the Diwali festival and this story is about the festival of Diwali and how Priya sees her neighbors haven’t done much shopping so she gets the idea of holding a fair one day before Diwali but there is only one problem since Priya is in charge she thinks she can handle everything on her own but she was wrong she was struggling on her own she was struggling to put the stalls and flyers up to let people know about the event and she’s not sure if she’s going to finish the fair or even if she’s going to get customers to buy her things . Her family starts to see how worried Priya is and that she needs help but Priya is too afraid to ask for help she thinks that if she asks for help everyone will think she can’t do anything on her own . But if you don’t work together nothing is possible Will she be able to ask for help In my book I want to show if you have your family by your family by your side anything is possible

Priya and her family

Once there was a butterfly named Priya she was a Indian butterfly and Diwali is around the corner and Priya lives in the city of Mumbai and every year during this time her community was very well decorated.
Priya belonged to the Singh family and during this time of the year her family was pretty busy especially her father and mother her father owned a sweets shop and her mother owned a boutique.
Every year during this time her father is very busy preparing laddus which many people in the city of Mumbai love to buy
Priya’s mom Guari owns a boutique and in that boutique she sells saris and on the occasion of Diwali she also puts out different colors of bangles to match with the saris.
Priya has a older sister named Diya although she doesn’t run a business she always helps by cooking during Diwali and she always cooks the best feast and everyone enjoys eating it.

This year Diya was making butter chicken for the family and for desert her dad was making gulab jamun from his shop.
Back at Gauri’s boutique she was working on some sari designs for her Diwali sale.
For her first design she was drawing a model with a sari with a red blouse and blue drape .
On the drape there are red roses with embroidery.
Once she is done with the first design she starts on her second design
She starts by drawing out a model to draw the sari on
Gauri decides to make this sari purple with a golden blouse the drape has silver sequins sewn onto it.
She completes the drawing by making a silver bindi on the model.
Her Diwali line will have 5 designs in total
“ hmm what should I do for my next Diwali design “ thought Gauri
Gauri was stumped she had two designs drawn on her drawing pad she had to think of a third design
Then suddenly she had an idea to do a yellow drape with sunflowers on it to imitate a sunflower field back in India.

Gauri decided to finalize her designs tomorrow because right now it was very late and it was time to go home and get ready for Diwali
Back at home Diya and Priya were decorating the hall with lights and garlands but Diya still felt that something was missing and then she had a great idea to make a beautiful rongoli
So she started by taking the colors of red and green because she wanted to make it look like a rose garden.
Their parents weren’t home so she wanted to surprise as soon as they walk in the front door and make them feel like they were walking into a huge rose garden. So Diya and Priya both took the green powder and started making leaves on the circle for the roses
The background was light blue to make it look like the daytime sky
After the leaves were made both the sisters took the red powder to make the flower petals
Diya made one and then Priya made one and like that both sisters worked together on the rongoli and made 6 roses all around the blue background.
As soon as their parents walked in they were very happy and surprised to see the house decorated by their two wonderful daughters and now their home looked completely decorated for the day.
The family was ready for this exciting festival but they were also disappointed that their neighbors had nowhere to go to shop so that gave Priya an idea that could help.
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