Heading Home

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Juniper and Aliza loose their mother in a village raid. Several years later, they find her trail........ Twins Juniper and Aliza have been living in the wild since the village raid, loosing both their parents. When they enter a school and create new identities, they meet a long time adversary from back home. They find a girl who sees right through their cover. They find they have abilities they had no idea they had. They find out that their mom isn't dead, instead, she's just the opposite. Most importantly, they find their way home.

Children / Adventure
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Chapter 1

"Did you get it? Did you get it?” Aliza called out to her sister Juniper. June shushed her and pulled out a blue shimmering case. “Shh. Look Ally.” She opened the case where a old rusty key lay in waiting.

“The key to the fence! Now we don’t have to climb it.” Ally exclaimed. The two were living in a forest, ever since their father died and their mother left them. They both were eleven, and very surprisingly close. Juniper, or June, was the sneaky thief and stole for their needs. Aliza, or, Ally, was the techie and sometimes earned money from helping at the electronic store once a week. They sometimes snuck over the fence that surrounded Spruce Canyon Middle School and took things from the student’s backpacks and teachers desks.

“Ally, lets try the key out. I can always go to the lock master and get it fixed if it doesn’t work. We don’t want to find out that it doesn’t work at the last minute if we are chased or something.” June sang, throwing her brown cape on along with her prized brown boots. Her hair was tied with a blue ribbon highlighting her purple streak that colored her light brown locks. Ally pulled her long golden hair into pigtails that showed off her teal ends and the teal streaks that framed her face. June shoved a dark cloak into Ally’s arms and they set off. The girls village had been attacked, killing their father, the shoemaker.

Their mother had pulled them close, gave them some food and water, and whispered in their ears, “Go. I will find you. Stay together. I love you both very much.” They had slipped away, and the attackers captured their mom, burning their hovel of a home down.

As they reached the gate, June slipped the key into a small lock, twisting and fiddling around with it. She sighed as a satisfying click opened the lock. Ally kicked the gate, and it flew open, allowing them to crawl underneath. They emerged onto the grass field.

“June put some school clothes on. Not those dirty boots and yellow shirt. Nobody wears overalls.” Ally hissed.

“Well I do. I refuse to wear your jean shorts. I will never do that. It’ is a thief’s worst nightmare. Except for getting caught.” June said stubbornly. “And that blue shirt.” She mimed gagging.

“All you have to do is wear school clothes, not mine!” She fired back. Why is my sister so stubborn? Ally wondered. “I miss home. We should go back one day.” Ally sighed.

“No! Are you crazy? We are never going there again. We live in the forest. Not in a enslaved town! Besides, that’s where Father died and Mother left.” Juniper had come to a conclusion that their mother had abandoned them on purpose. Ally shook her head and smiled tightly. June stop being like this! June grabbed her twins hand, and ran towards the students. “Come on let’s explore! And maybe I can do a sleight of hand trick to get us a snack.” They stopped short and gasped in horror.

“The grass!” Ally cried. “It’s dieing.”

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