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What do we really think about each other and our families is the key to this one we are all children of our own parents and when one day we look We do not know who our parents are the people who told us stories and shared their rooms and lives with us are no longer there and in their place are complex strangers trying to take over our lives and make it their own. We the underdog the abused and the distressed should form a club of some sort and share these storms which we did not even know we had inside our heads and tell it like in inkitt and then what? Who wants to know what happens next who asks after a story when it is dead and buried? I am sorry to speak in such an open fashion I am sorry to have said the right and the wrong words but they mean somehow relief from the long silence of the years which life said must mean something years which did not grow and mature but lay dormant as a snow drop.

Children / Drama
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Chapter 1

Where are your parents. Does it matter what he did what they did what pranks parents play on their young? That the prank escalated until I am now grown older and oddly unable to cope with this play thoughts.

Bereft from my own and the ownership of my estate I had to work from a very young age. I was this child labourer and I did labour under a delusion. When it was made plain to me that I was not to put on airs and just to pull my weight my whole demeanour became demure and silenced.

I thought I had been someone special and nice and then some other brat said a thing and then others joined in. The laughter she is old and odd and not one of us. She is odd and not what you all think she is not one of us. We are us and she is alone.

It is now known as being bullied in the old days I had no idea what it was seemed to be all around me this unkindness and then I felt so wicked and when I did good it was taken as their due when I had done someone less good told you so and they would stare open mouthed as if the deeds would come out.

What has happened and did not do me this injustice of seeking the truth of my own overbearing personality do not seek help do not speak to an outsider do not do anybody anything but good and do not become noticed. We will give you notice and when and where to go and there are no places you should be seen in.

“Why mum?”

“It is the will of our clansman.”

“Who are they?”

“She doesn’t know her own granddad.”

“He can fuck himself.”

There is an uneasy glance then a smile and a shaken head.

“It is a pity she is such a good-natured girl.”

“We can’t deal with her she is impossible an embarrassment.”

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