Cleo the happy elf

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Cleo the happy elf

A happy little elf named Cleo lives with his Mommy and Daddy. Cleo's loving mommy's name is Angel. Cleo's loving daddy's name is sunshine. Cleo is so happy to live in such a loving and caring home. The family lives in a warm and comfortable home. The house is made from soft wood that smells like Mother Nature. Every time Cleo walks into his house he takes a deep breath and inhales the friendly air. It smells fresh like the ocean and clean like the trees. Cleo lives in a town called Jussel Wussle. Jussel Wussle is a very pretty and lovely place. Beautiful red flowers glow in the sun, surrounding the soft fresh green grass. The green grass and red flowers are so beautiful and are as far as you can see. Sometimes soft and pretty purple flowers grow, especially when the elves of Jussel Wussle are very happy. The birds are always happy too, they chirp wonderful birdie music that makes the happy elves even happier. The sky is a light blue with two small happy fluffy clouds. It is always warm outside. When you walk outside it feels like the feeling of warm water touching your hands. The air outside makes you feel comfort and love, the same feeling you get when you snuggle close to the fireplace during Christmas. Santa Clause loves the town of Jussel Wussle because the elves give him extra chocolate chip cookies and milk! Cleo loves to listen to his parents tell stories. Angel told her son Cleo that there were blue flowers near the fresh white waterfall beside the mountain of dreams. Cleo has a big imagination and loves to explore new things. Cleo feels sleepy but he wants to go on an adventure. Cleo decides to go looking for these beautiful blue flowers. The sun is going down but this won't stop our friend Cleo. Cleo puts on a warm cozy sweater and wanders outside. The sunset is gorgeous, the sun is far away but still shines an orange friendly glow over our happy town of Jussel Wussle. Cleo starts to walk in the direction of the mountain of dreams, he's never been there before so this is an exciting adventure! After about 10 minutes of walking the sun is almost asleep. The moon has come out with millions and millions of twinkling white stars. The dark purple sky is the perfect place to look if you want to have a sleep filled with happy dreams. Cleo has been walking for 15 minutes and is starting to yawn, as he yawns he puts his arms up and stretches as far as he can. Cleo is about to turn around and go home because he's so sleepy. Just before Cleo turns around he sees something behind a big tall bushy apple tree. It's the white waterfall! Cleo yawns another time but keeps walking toward the white waterfall. "There it is" Cleo said joyfully, "The mountain of dreams! I must be close to the blue flowers now!" The grass near the mountain of dreams is even softer than the grass in Jussel Wussle, it feels like stepping on soft pillows when you walk. "Wow!" Said Cleo. "There they are! The Blue flowers!" Cleo finally found the gorgeous soft blue flowers he's been looking for this entire time. Cleo lays down on the extra soft green grass which is right beside the gorgeous blue flowers. Cleo softy touches the silky smooth blue flowers and yawns one last time. The moon is as big as its ever been and the stars are sparkling more than ever. Cleo will tell his parents all about his adventure in the morning. Until then, Cleo will dream wonderful dreams and sleep on the warm cozy bed of soft warm grass and silky smooth blue flowers. "Goodnight Mr. Moon" says Cleo, right before he falls asleep with a smile.

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