terrorist in the neighbourhood

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Children / Drama


Where the collective intelligence speaks there is usually no one to stand and speak for anybody but for the self interest and if the world is about self interest then the human is gone lost. We must all must beat the system we must all be in some whole thing about us the whole point of being us as the best of the very best is to show who we are and what we do and that is to stand for ourselves for our rights as individuals and not to make a pigs ear of it. When we do we are told to get lost. Most of us do make mistakes and that goes to me and you and the go go lady at the bar,

Chapter 1

“You are not what is required in this world we require men and women who can rob a plunder and seem to plod. In England people do actually work but in the other countries they do not work but steal with worthy pride and that is why we must get rid of them from this country and they come with a good pretext and they text and speak words which say they are in some thrills of poetic injustice and need my help then make me feel like a leper for asking for pay is it not robbery that?”

“We are not robbing you when you do the job when you do the job willingly.”

“And what is a disabled woman to do all day but make herself more ill?”

“We told you take a job.”

“Where when I have anxiety.”

“We are these people who do things for others and then we take them for what they have.”

“I am not having it.”

“No obviously you are not.”

“My non-existent readers tell me something?”

“My non-existent readership growing by the minute into minus and then what does it say about this?”

“What is this?”

“What can it be just something called illness.”

“We believed in your discretion when we spoke about things in the past.”

I do not react as such when I was offered some second rate second bed.

“They took my writing instead.”


“That is called culling robbery and the disaster of what to make of such robberies when the literary editor says there are no readership when the Turkish males speak as if I was their lottery then come and plunder all of you come and plunder there is not enough of me left to fend you all off.”

“We are only going to be nice to you.”

“I don’t take kindness from strangers.”

“You are older than that.”

“I know.”

“These are hard times when women don’t know who to let into their confidences and I am letting into mine the non-existent readers so that they can become my firm friends.”

“So, there are no readers in the stories?”

“None the zero account makes me feel that there might be something like water in the desert only to be fobbed off.”

“So, the good Turks come and rob me and take whatever they can and they do get into publications and they even take royalties and we become the beam me up torments which are the deeds which malicious damage has done me. I am done for me.”

“Too much formations and information?”

“This is a very tense moment is not it?”

“Is it for me all this?”

“The welcome committee is here and we welcome the status quo to rob us and the nagging feeling is when someone robs one and has no shame about the whole thing one takes flight but me like a moth goes nearer and nearer the flame.”

“You joking?”

“No serious.”

“Who are these people robbing and swindling and double dealing?”


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