Chess Fairy Tales

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In this book your children will be able to discover the interesting world of chess through fairy tales ღ Welcome to the new world of Chess! ღ Dear readers ღ In this book your children will be able to discover the interesting world of chess through fairy tales. ✔ The basic chess rules, such as: “Stalemate”, “Sacrifice” and other concepts are discovered here. ♥ Meet Muffin, who received a magical book when he woke up in the morning. ♥ Find out about an unusual dog that could play chess. ♥ What did Bebe do when he was trapped in the house of an old witch? ♥ What happened to the black bird who was stealing the chess pieces at school? ♥ How was the journey of a little boy who decided to travel to the coldest place, called Siberia? These and many other interesting fairy tales are waiting for you in this book. They are easy to read, funny, motivating and will bring joy to your children. Welcome to the new world of Chess! ☺

Children / Other
Azat Kadyrov
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Chess Fairy Tales

Written by Azat Kadyrov

Edited by Orion Rafalovitch

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