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this is a project i made for my literacy its okay i guess

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Chapter 1

Inspiration for Lola: When i was in 4th or 5th grade, I always loved the idea of a hybrid (human mixed with any animal). The first character that popped into my head was an adorable bunny girl. I badly drew her up and bam, Lola came into existence!

Inspiration for Caramel: I needed a character to practice using the new art program I had gotten. I wanted something new, someone i’ve never drawn before, and out came Caramel, all of the colors decided by my friend Angelica.

Inspiration for Carmin: I needed a character to help progress the plot. The original story is about a group of 7 kids exprecanceing middle and highschool together. But in this story, I wanted to go more in depth with Lola’s home life for this story. I thought the easiest way was to add a new character, someone that is dependent on Lola.

Claim: I didn’t really feel comfortable writing a fanfiction so Ms. Basile let me write a fiction piece of my own. Lola spends the day with her baby sister, I mean for this story to be a lighthearted, wholesome, short story with a bit of twists and turns.

As her eyes slowly flutter open to see her pale green room and ceiling fan. The fan was slowly spinning, slightly distorting the white popcorn textured ceiling. It was quiet compared to the loud ringing from her alarm she had pressed snooze on about five minutes ago. It smelled like lemons and peppermint from the small oil diffuser in her room that she had activated last night. This peaceful moment was ruined from the loud blaring of her alarm. Lola slams her alarm off that she had pressed snooze on about 30 times. She had gotten little to no sleep and was considering skipping school. Her sister Caramel walks in walk throws the blanket off of her. Lola immediately got cold.

“Yo! You got school dude!” Caramel yells at her.

“Mmmmm back offfffff. Let me skip school I don’t feel good..” She grudgingly replies.

“Too bad! Let’s go!” Caramel claps at her.

“Do I have toooo?”


“Ughhhhh. Fineeee.” Lola reluctantly gets up. She felt heavy.

“Finally.” Caramel crosses her arms. “Hurry up lil sis.” She opens the door and leaves Lola alone.

“Ughhhhhh schoooooooolllll. At least I get to see Ally and the gang.” Lola thinks to herself. “I hope they show at least..” Lola mutters. She shrugs as she brushes her hair. It was long and tangled. She pulls and pulls, finally untangling her hair.

“Lo-La!” Her baby sister, Carmin shouts from the living room.

“Hey Lollllaaaaa. Carmin wants youuuu!” Caramel shouts

“Fffffff- okay, hold up.” She swiftly puts on some actually decent clothes that she thought looked good on her. Which was some cute jean overalls and a striped short sleeved, black and white shirt. She sluggishly heads out into the living room, she spots Carmin and Caramel. A smile immediately pops onto her face to set a good example for Carmin on how to greet people. “Hey guys!” She walks over to Carmin, “Good morning Carmiiiinnnn.”

Carmin smiles and laughs.

“So Lola. I need to stay home and take care of her.”

“Let me do that!”

“Lola, no.”

“Pleasseeee Cara?”

“No. You can’t miss school for the 3rd time this week.”

“Here’s a deal, you go to school and work, and I stay home and watch Carmin!”


“Pleaseeeee?” Caramel sighs, she gave up arguing with Lola. “Fine. I need to go get ready and call my friend to pick me up.” Caramel says as she stands up. “Please don’t kill her while I’m away.”

“I won’tttt. You already know that you can trust me, don’t you?”

“Yea, yea.” Caramel walks to her room.

Lola looks at Carmin. “Hey babyyyy.” Lola smiles. Carmin smiles and makes some incomprehensible noises.

“Oh Cara! Don’t forget that Carmin’s 3rd birthday is on the 15th.”

“Lola, It’s the 9th.”

“I know! I’m just telling you.”

“I have her birthday on my calendar.”

“Do you have mine?”

“Of course I do.”

“Yus!” Lola smiles.

“See ya Cara!”

“Bye Lola! Don’t kill Carmin while i’m away.”

“Pfft. I won’t.”

Caramel walks out of the house and waits for her friend to pick her up.

Lola looks down at Carmin in her little baby jumper. “Hi cutieeee.”

Carmin jumps up and down a bit. Lola knew that Carmin was gonna be a handful. So Lola grabs the remote and sits on the cool leather couch. She flips through the channels. She puts on a little kids show for Carmin.

She puts the remote down and reaches for her phone to text Ally.

“Yoooooo, i’m not goin to school today”

“Whaaa??? Why????”

“I gotta take care of Carmin”

“But that’s the 3rd day in a rowwwwww”

“I know I know”

“Do you gotta?”




Lola sighs and puts her phone on the leather armrest. She felt a bit bad for leaving Ally alone with the others. She checks on Carmin, she was distracted by the TV show with bright colors and nice character design, along with the toys surrounding her. “Hm..” She stands up and stretches.

“Hey Carminnnnn? Ya hungry?”

She shakes her head no.

“Ah okay.” She walks into the kitchen anyway. She grabs a cup from the cupboard and turns on the faucet from the reflective sink. There were some unwashed dishes and silverware. She fills her cup up with some cold water.

She looks outside and sees a bit of snow. freshlyWas it really that cold already? She was happy she didn’t have to go outside at all today. She walks into the living room and sits down. Just as she was about to take a sip, Carmin calls out.

“Lo-La! I hungry!”

“You just- Nevermind.. I should expect this by now.” She sets the cup down and stands up. She walks into the kitchen and scours the cupboards for baby food or some apple sauce.

Lola pops her head into the living room, “There is none, honey.”

Carmin frowns. “Food!”

“Honey, there is none.”

“Food! Food! Food!” Carmin chants.

“Fine i’ll see if there is anything I can make, okay?”


Lola smiles and heads into the kitchen. She looks for the blender and some fruits. She finds a container of strawberries, a smaller container of blueberries and 2 bananas. Lola grabs the blender from the top of the cold white fridge. She washes all the fruits and starts to cut them. She cuts her hand with the knife.

“Ah!” Lola sucks her teeth.

“Are chu otay Lo-La?”

“Yeaaaa. I’m okay Carmin..” She looks at the cut. She puts everything aside to look in the bathroom for bandaids. She didn’t find any, but she did find gauze and medical tape. Which she felt might be better than band-aids anyway. She cleans it with water and start wrapping the gauze around her hand. She tapes it down. She walks out and carefully puts the knife in the sink.

Lola re-washes the fruit, trying not to get the “bandaid” too wet. She puts the cut up, re-washed fruits in the blender. She adds some milk and blends it. Lola didn’t put the cap on tight enough causing some of the mixture to get all over the counter and her shirt. Lola grabs the paper towel and cleans herself and the counter. She pours the mixture into a bowl. She looks for some spoons and there was luckily one left.

Lola walks out into the living room and picks up Carmin. Carmin was a bit chubby and kinda hard to pick up. Lola puts Carmin in the highchair, Carmin squirms around a bit.

Lola walks back into the kitchen which was connected to the living room. The checkered patterned floor in the kitchen clashing with the coffee brown carpet in the living room. Their house was relatively small but they liked it like that.

Lola carries the food out into the living room. She puts it on her high chair and begins feeding the blended mixture. Carmin smiles, she thought it tasted good!

“Mmmmmm! Thank chu Lo-La!”

Lola smiles. After all that work for Carmin, she actually liked it! Lola was quite proud of herself.

After about fifteen minutes later of feeding and side comments here and there. Lola takes Carmin out of the highchair, with the blue bowl in the sink and TV still playing kids shows. Lola sits down on the couch with Carmin in her arms. She goofs around with Carmin, tickles and all. Carmin had gotten tired and Lola had too. Lola had began to cradle Carmin in her arms. Carmin slowly and peacefully falls asleep. Lola smiles and follows in Carmins footsteps.

They had both fallen asleep, the kids show still playing in the background. This brings our short hectic, wholesome story to an end.


Caramel walks in, “I’m homeeeeeeee!” It was around 5pm. Lola and Carmin were somehow still asleep. Well, up until Caramel burst in.

“Ah!” Lola sits up from the yelling. Carmin wakes up also. She was in Lola’s lap. “Did you really just yell?”

“Did you really just fall asleep with Carmin?”


Caramel laughs. “Okay Lola. I’ll let you off this time.”

Lola smiles, “Heh, okay.”

Bonus End.

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