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Its about a cat named Mr.Brownstone its about a cat

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Mr.Brownstone is a cat. He was found as a little kitten. Mr.Brownstone has many different names. We call him Mr.Brownstone,kitty,Willie,Willie Brownstone and a couple more. Mr.Brownstone was found in a very bad storm in 2017. He was found as a baby that got blown away from his family. You could hold him in your palm when we first found him. Mr.Brownstone only scratches when he's scared. He only drank milk and wasnt potty trained when we found him. To this day Mr.Brownstone or kitty knows how to use a litterbox, he can eat every type of food he wants, besides stuff thats poisonous to cats, he's about 13 pounds, and he grew ALOT. Mr.Brownstone is a lovely nice sweet cat.

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