Hush cousin's uncle

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Children / Horror


We live in the troubling times when with make up anyone can be anybody and anything and with the right evil minds the evil deed is done and the children and the good is taken over by evil. The mockery is over the gore is set and we are all settled into watching the world grow more unjust and more uneven and more bad. We are what we do in our beds and that is not what the porn stuff teaches us to be the ethical the good the porn these days teaches us to be the right stuff in bed but when the bed is not the place to learn manners or tables or the times. We live and love and then what does it mean when we live lives not the ones intended for us but what we are as pop idols when we cannot sing. So let us all pretend to be great and grand and good when we are the little asses living our lives in the bed.

Chapter 1

Turkan was a girl who visited the rich and the pauper as she was, she did not like her rich relatives. So, the rich relatives paid her a prank a joke a literary thing which settled their score. Turkan was that Miss who upset them so much. She thought the siblings who were the delight of their parents their names were the follies which would take the world by storm. Their names were Asiye and Meral. Asiye was a natural scholar whom her dad did not want to study at all as her father said she had to study him. Meral was less so disposed and did not do such foolish things and then they were wed to the others who were the assumed rightful husbands as the father could not.

The prank holds of the family because he was such a man as did not like or care to be criticised specially by some simpleton who could not finish her secondary schooling. What he did want was to destroy her sense of humour and did an honour contract which meant nobody would wed her.

His Meral and her Asiye sister two years apart and the whole centre of his world were so revolted by the girl called Turkan because she judged them. She did not only judge them she made them unhappy by her constant criticising which sent them in an uproar and his peace and quiet was molested destroyed and he had to make the arrangements with a heavy heart and wed them off like any other daughters they went with a heavy heart to be away from him.

Turkan said it was the wisest cause of action before they did something beastly what he had been doing was innocent he did not did not harm his children no dad would.

He the most handsome man in the world had his children too into being beautiful but his Asiye was the more beautiful of the two although the other Meral she had the better disposition and more seemly common sense. He leapt with enjoyments every day to see them so like himself and that Meral was more like his wife the mother of his children did not make him feel badly towards his child.

But Asiye was the one who took after him both in qualities and spirit and he was the one who wanted her to be there forever in his bosom like the child she had been. So, he beamed towards her and did not like the over wrought spinster who calmly told them and his own children that they were somewhat not right and good but what did it matter when he was going to behave like a dad eventually and marry them off?

But a little ill-used he did not know what to do when the world was gazing at them when the world was asking questions and asking for the hand of the daughters the darlings whom he had lavished such care and attention and now ripe for the marriage bed.

Undecided he wandered from the point his spleen went splendidly to the poor girl and he did in fact have it in for Turkan as nobody did and everyone said she too looked like his Asiye and that she would make the perfect alternative as the poor relation whom he could foist on anyone or even send to earn and he would be applauded and then not condemned as not his.

So, he lay in wait and he lay in wait waiting for many summers until the ashen face looked at him.

No babes it is not about sinning this story is about sinners.

Bad behaviour gone badder and sadder and the sadness which it leaves behind when a man hunts his own family in the disgusting behaviour which he has settled into. Feeding on his own flesh as the consumer of his gluttony.

“No way he did not.”

“He tried hard to.”

“We fed you as a child.”

“Took the bread from our mouths.”

“I know your kind.”

“The folly is to behave as you did to us to take us for the folly which is your own.”

“Who built the folly?”

“Not you as you tried and tried and tried again, we are aghast at how little you have become your dirty old man.”

“I am not.”

“What are you then?”

“Still handsome.”

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