The Magic Carpet

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Violet Unicorn
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The Magic Carpet

It was always quite eventful in the Manhattan household, with Josy’s pranks and Cara’s weird sense of humour, but Tuesday 4th of November was the most eventful day yet. It all started around noon, when identical twins: ten year old Josy and Cara were left at home on their own....


“Hmmmm? What do you want, Jose?”

“Mum and dad just left. Come on!”

“Why? It’s the holidays, we don’t have to get up yet.”

“I know, but I heard mum and dad talking about something that they’re hiding in the basement. Don’t you want to see what it is?”

“Ugh. Jose, can’t we see what it is later?”

“Yes, but let’s see it now. Come on!”

“Ok, ok. I’m coming.”

“Good. Hurry up, they’ll be back around five, so we’ve got about four hours.”

“Why do we need four hours?”

“Why don’t we? Hurry up, Car.”

“Ok, I’m ready. Let’s go.”


“Just come on, Jose.”

Josy and Cara walked/ran to the basement. Josy turned the doorknob and the door slowly creaked open. They walked slowly down the stairs, as the light was at the bottom of the stairs, so it was eerily dark, turned the light on and opened the door. At the other end of the room, there was a storage closet, so whatever their parents were hiding should be there. Josy opened the door and went inside, Cara just behind.

They went to the back of the close, as it would probably be there if their parents wanted to hide it from them. It wasn’t there, but Josy found a little switch on the wall that was mostly obscured by black paint. She flicked it and the wall turned around to reveal a hidden door. Josy opened the door and they went inside this pitch black room.

Cara turned on the light and they saw a cupboard on the far end of the room. Josy went towards the cupboard and Cara followed. They both opened the cupboard doors and found this carpet that’s dark red with little white diamonds on it. Josy took the carpet out of the cupboard to see if there was anything else in the cupboard, but there wasn’t.

“Why would they hide a carpet?”

“I don’t know, Car.”

“We’d better go, Jose.”

“Let’s take the carpet.”


“There must of been some reason that they felt the need to hide it from us.”

“Yeah, but what if they find it.”

“They won’t. Trust me, Car.”

“Ok, I trust you Jose. Let’s go.”

Josy and Cara ran all the way back to the door, which was hard to do as they were both carrying the carpet. They turned off the light, walked carefully up the stairs, opened the basement door and quickly walked to their room to hide the carpet. They finally decided to hide the carpet in the safe that they’ve got, on the wall in between their bunk beds and the door.

“Jose, we’d better get something to eat before they come back. It’s already 14:30 and we haven’t eaten anything yet.”

“Ok. Let’s go and get something then.”


“What, Car?”

“Let’s check out the carpet.”

“What for?”

“Well, mum and dad hid it from us. Don’t you want to find out why?”


“Ok then. I’ll bring it out.”


Cara brought the carpet out of the safe and laid it down on the floor. They sat on the carpet to see if anything would happen.

What’s there to do now Jose? I know I said we should check it out, but it’s a carpet. There’s not much you can do with a carpet.”

“I don’t know. We wait I guess.”

“Wait for what?”

“I don’t know. Ask the carpet?”

“Ha ha. Very funny.”

They waited and waited in anticipation of what secret the carpet might be hiding. They decided to play sailors to make the time go faster: sailors is a game that consists of Cara and Josy being the captains of a ship, leading their imaginary crew to safety. Cara took one corner of the carpet and Josy took the other, so that the front of the carpet is curved inwards. Suddenly, there was a loud whirring noise, the carpet rose up, with Cara and Josy still on it.

Cara and Josy spent an age screaming, not of joy but of fear, as they had no idea of how to control the carpet any were so high above the ground, which means that they had a long way to fall. Josy tried to turn the carpet around, but instead the carpet went lopsided, so Cara turned the carpet carefully the other way and it went back to normal.

They decided to both try and turn the carpet around and it finally turned in the direction of their home. They returned to the comfort of their room, jumped off of the carpet and sat on Cara’s bunk to return their breathing to normal.

“Oh my god, Jose.”

“I know, Car. Come on, we’ve got to put the carpet back. Who knows what might of happened. We might not of been able to get back. No wonder they hid it.”

“I know. I wish we’d just left it alone. We can’t let mum and dad know we took it. Let’s put it back.”

“You’re right, Car but we would of done all of that for nothing. We should put it back though.They’re going to be back in an hour and a half, so we’d better do it now.”

“K. Let’s do it.”

Cara and Josy carefully moved the carpet and walked slowly to the basement door. Josy opened the door slowly. They walked really slowly down the stairs, as it was pitch black. Once they reached the bottom of the stairs, Josy turned the light on and walked to the far end of the room to the cupboard. Cara and Josy laid the carpet down, opened the cupboard doors and carefully slid the carpet into the cupboard. They ran back to the door, turned off the light, walked up the stairs, opened the basement door and walked quickly to their room.

“Wow. I’m so glad that that’s over.”

“Me too, Jose.”

“I’m exhausted after all of that. Let’s rest, this was way too much to handle.”

Cara and Josy got into their bunks and fell asleep as soon as their heads hit their pillows. Their mum and dad came home a few minutes after they fell asleep. They came up to check on them, kissed their foreheads and closed the door quietly behind them. They never mentioned the magic carpet after that day and also avoided the basement. Their mum and dad never suspected a thing about them finding the magic carpet and they never told them.

Cara and Josy grew up and forgot all about the magic carpet, but they stayed inseparable and stayed together, they each got married and were as happy as could be. They didn’t live in the same house after they got married, but they stayed in houses side by side and visited each other everyday. They ended up with two children each, they were identical twins too: one set were boys and one were girls. They were all best friends and became inseparable. They grew old together and ended up dying together.

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