Hildegarde of the Bees

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Magic? Psychic powers? Hildy and her friends stumble upon the truth of magic and the paranormal, revealing a world filled with mystery and wonder! “Hildegarde of the Bees” centers around Hildy Blum, a twelve-year-old girl raised by her university professor scientist father, who unexpectedly spends a year living with an eccentric great-aunt she has never met in a city she’s never seen before. There she befriends Mac, a neighbor girl. After an inexplicable experience on Halloween, the girls begin experimenting with the paranormal and they make an astonishing discovery: they can do magic! Joined by Will, a nerdy and imaginative classmate eager to test his own theories, the three embark on a journey that shatters Hildy’s scientific assumptions about the world, and opens new doors of possibility for each of them as they discover the truth about magic, and begin to grasp the complexity of the Universe itself.

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-One is Rising. Beginning to reach out. I have felt her stirrings.

What have you seen?

- She will reach across.

All is well?

-I shall keep watch. She seeks her path.

We await her arrival.

-Her connection is deep. We shall guide her, for a time. And then she, us.

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