Chicken bones and cranberries

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Jack under the spell

By eight o’clock the Larsons’ house was surrounded by such an enormous[1] crowd, that the Bluebells mayor suggested that the policeman asks most people to leave. Those who remained on the property were the Bluebells doctor and his nurse.
Twelve hours after the unfortunate visit of the market witch, Jack was still standing at the same spot where he was frozen by her wicked spell. His eyes were wide open; his mouth looked like he was about to shout something out, hands squeezed into fists.
Jack’s mom was crying inconsolably[2], dad was comforting Lisa, who wept, too.
The doctor had never seen anything quite like this in his many years of medical practice. After a long pause, all, that he could say, was, “it is remarkable, how he balances on one leg without falling for such a long time.” “This is not what these people wanted to hear,” hissed the nurse. She covered the boy with a blanket, and, after saying a quick good-night to the unlucky family, walked the speechless doctor back to his home. He, really, was not of any help.
Poor Jack could see and hear everything that was happening around him, and his heart was breaking when he saw his mother cry like this, but there was nothing that he could do to help.
When the nurse wrapped that blanket over his shoulders, and poured some warm milk into his mouth, Jack felt a little better, but could not express his gratitude in any way. All that he could think of was the witch. If she did this to him, just what was she going to do to his little, helpless starry-eyed dog?
Jack was determined to save his dog but had no idea yet how to do it.

[1] Enormous: very large in size.

[2] Inconsolably: not being able to be comforted or consoled.

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