Chicken bones and cranberries

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Eddie in the tree

Daydreaming about his raids on witch houses, cyclopean[1] larders and troll lairs, Eddie Muller climbed onto the largest cherry tree in the garden of his next door neighbor, Mr.Walaby. The cherries were so shiny and plump; they seemed to be calling on Eddie, “Eat us!”
Eddie thought of witch food and goblin treats, and about fairy treasuries, filled to the top with the most delicious fruit from enchanted orchards. He saw himself bravely attacking the guards with a sword, or even a spear. Then, he imagined swinging on ropes of a sailboat, barely making it as he was getting away from the pirates, so he jumped from one branch onto another, missed, and took an awful fall.
The sound of Eddie crashing fall woke up Mr.Walaby, who came rushing out of his house, stumbling without his cane and angry as a hundred vicious ogres. Oh, he knew who the visitor was, for Eddie frequented his garden during the fruit season.
“Eddie Muller, you, little beast, come here, and I will twist both of your ears off!” Clearly, Mr.Walaby was not happy about seeing Eddie prowl[2] in his garden yet again. Eddie squeaked and hid in blackberry bushes, much to the pleasure of the many spiders and ticks. The old man wasted no time searching for the boy. He went straight to the house of Eddie’s parents, next door. Mr. Walaby loved complaining to Eddie’s mom.
Eddie’s leg hurt as if it was splitting into half. Clinching his teeth, Eddie limped toward the fence and, after taking a second to gather all of his strength together, pulled himself onto it and rolled off into the rhododendron bushes of his mother’s garden. He pulled his pants up to take a good look at his leg; it was burning inside and out. It looked red and very swollen around the ankle. A fracture[3], no doubt about it.
Eddie thought for a moment about the trouble he got himself into with Mr. Walaby. Mom will probably be upset; but that would not be the first time. There was something else that bothered Eddie, more than the leg and more than the trouble, waiting at home. He lost his chicken bones and cranberries necklace when he fell off the tree; it must have fallen out of his pocket.
Unwilling to get caught (and get dragged to the doctor about the swollen ankle!) but determined to get his witch trophy back, Eddie crawled back to Mr.Walaby’s garden.
Eddie could hear Mr.Walaby complaining to his mom in their front yard. That would make Eddie very uncomfortable before, but now the boy was actually glad to hear their voices. It bought him some time to look for the necklace. Eddie got back inside the neighbor’s garden. Cold sweat was running down his face, that is how much his leg hurt, but he wanted the necklace more. Luckily, Eddie found it right away; it lay on the green grass under a cherry tree, cranberries looking surprisingly fresh and glistening.
Biting his lips in pain, Eddie reached for the necklace, and grabbed it. To his true amazement, as soon as he got a hold of the necklace, his throbbing pain disappeared. In disbelief, Eddie pulled his pants up again and stared at his broken ankle. It looked absolutely normal now, as if there was never even a scratch before, yet seconds ago it was swollen, and excruciating pain pulsated through it.
Stunned with his magical discovery, Eddie wandered home, holding his chicken bones and cranberries necklace firmly.

[1] Cyclopean: that of Cyclops; those are giants that have a single round eye in the middle of the forehead.

[2] Prowl: to move around quietly in a place, trying not to be seen or heard.

[3] Fracture: the breaking of a bone.

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