Chicken bones and cranberries

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Eddie the witch doctor

At home, the mother first gave Eddie some scolding, then some roast beef and potatoes. “Have you heard what happened to Jack Larson?” she asked, “the market witch, apparently, came back and cursed the boy with one of her wickedest spells!” Eddie nearly choked on a potato. “What?” he could barely squeeze the question out of his throat. “The poor boy just stands there in the middle of the street, one leg in the air, as if he is frozen. He does not move any more, that is what,” Eddie’s mother sighed. Deep down, she was relieved that the town’s worst news did not touch her directly.
“I want to go see him!” said Eddie, putting his spoon aside while his stomach was performing stunts with fear and excitement. “Off to bed you will go, mister! There has been enough harm done already!” yelled his mother, “finish up and go to sleep!”
As soon, as he heard his mother’s first convincing snore, Eddie put on his black fishing coat and climbed out of the window, holding the necklace tight in the left hand, flashlight in the right.
Eddie got to the Larsons’ property just before midnight. He did not take the usual road, but secretly prowled through gardens. Although he heard about what happened to Jack from his mother, Eddie could not help but to squeak in astonishment[1] when he saw Jack standing still on one leg, just outside his parents’ yard. Jack’s mom was curled up right by him, covered with a small blanket. She seemed to be asleep but sighed and sobbed often.
Eddie’s kin intuition hinted that the witch’s magical necklace will undo the harmful spell that Jack was under. Of course, it would, just as easily, as it helped with his broken leg. Eddie pulled a fishing line out of his pocket, tied it to the necklace, and hurled it onto Jack.
As soon as the magical necklace touched him, Jack fell, as if he was struck by an invisible force. His mom immediately woke up and let out a scream. Jack was breathing normally. “I am very tired, mom,” was all that he could say after standing all day on one leg.
“Rob, somebody, help!” cried Jack’s mom. Rob, Jack’s dad, and doctor Nixen ran outside and carried the boy into the house.
Nobody notice little Eddie Muller, who was hiding in the bushes nearby. As soon as Jack fell down, Eddie carefully pulled the wonderful necklace back into his pocket by the fishing line.
Later that night, snug in his bed, Eddie could not fall asleep for a very long time, and it was not his mother’s loud snoring that kept him awake. He was thinking about the best way to get to the ancient forest and find the witch’s house.

[1] Astonishment: great surprise.

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