Chicken bones and cranberries

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The Forest Stomper

The Forest Stomper lived in a dark mossy lair, dug in a side of a hill. He truly was a hideous creature; his robust body was covered with long hair, crusty with mud and grime. He was very smelly indeed, for he was afraid of water and never washed. His face, also covered with hair, resembled a human face, but it had a large pig snout in the middle. His ears looked like those of a pig, too, although he did not belong to the pig family. Besides, wild pigs were one of his most favorite snacks and he hunted for them often. His other favorite food was bear meat, though it gave him worms. Those tickled and itched inside, until they became dormant[1], treated with bitter oak tree bark that the Forest Stomper liked to sharpen his teeth on every now and then. His hands were much like those of a big gorilla – large, leathery and black, with thick dirty nails.
He liked to kidnap humans, when he got to. He hoped to keep them as pets, though he did not have a very good idea of how to take care of them, and usually ended up getting so frustrated that he ate the human pet.
On those very rare occasions that he did manage to catch a human in the ancient forest, the Forest Stomper would put the unfortunate victim into what he thought of as his “pet hole” – a deep pit that he dug out a few years ago and lined with pine needles and willow branches.

[1] Dormant: alive but not growing or moving, as if in deep sleep.

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