Chicken bones and cranberries

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Eddie in the woods

When the lavender rays of the rising sun revealed the surroundings, Eddie got up and started to walk north. In vain, he called the names of Jack and Lisa, but they were too far away to hear him.
Lit up by the gentle sun, the ancient forest seemed welcoming. Despite barely surviving his first terrifying adventure, Eddie could swear that he never felt so easy on his feet. He kept thinking about the purple-eyed Moon Lady and her tender voice, wondering about her and Jezebel.
It was about noon, when hungry Eddie suddenly realized that his backpack was lost, with all the provisions it contained. The boy searched around for something edible, but he could find nothing but tasteless gray mushrooms and those were no good without proper cooking.
Eddie climbed onto a tall pine tree to take a better look around. To his great joy, up north, in a distance that seemed quite reachable, he spotted a thin streak of white smoke, curling up above trees. “That must be the cabin I am looking for,” thought Eddie. He was absolutely right.
As he continued on his way, encouraged by the pleasant results of his scouting, Eddie came across a handsome pear tree, abundant with small but ripe and fragrant fruit. He sat down underneath the tree to rest and satisfy his hunger, listening to a beautiful song of a chickadee. Little did he know that the singing bird was not his only companion. An old raven was sitting unnoticed in the pear tree, right above Eddie’s head. Rochester spotted the boy much earlier that morning, and now he was very eager to report this new and possibly delicious visitor to Priscilla.
Delighted that his old habit of daily patrol flights over the forest had finally paid off, the raven could not take his eyes off Eddie. After taking a closer look at the boy and recognizing the chicken bones and cranberries necklace, the raven was ready to burst with pride and excitement. He could hardly wait to deliver the news to the witch.

Jezebel’s new friends
Jezebel, the girl, who disappeared from the lake shore – you remember her, right? She was now with the Moon Lady, who took her in as a beloved daughter.
One thing Jezebel knew everything about was the calendar. The Moon Lady had always insisted that nothing was quite as important as knowing what day it was. Jezebel’s birthday was coming and a very special one indeed, for she was turning one hundred and eleven moons old.
Jezebel got her big present already from the Moon Lady – a magical cranberry bracelet. It was made of fresh water pearls and three scarlet glistening cranberries. The bracelet shimmered in the moonlight and made every fish that touched it dance and twirl in the water.
The mermaids gave her a special gift too: they made a fishbone hair comb. It was decorated intricately with tiny jewels and shells that they collected on the lake shores just for Jezebel.
Still, Jezebel wanted something else. She kept longing for real friends, real children. The Moon Lady was gentle and caring, she replaced Jezebel’s mother, yet the magical creatures were not the same as people. The mermaids were sweet, but they did not know how to play with a real child. After all, Jezebel was not a mermaid.
Despite the Moon Lady’s warning, Jezebel swam up the streaming river against its current and away from the lake. She got out of the water and dried her clothes with the moon wind spell that she learned from the mermaids. The spell was an interesting one: it called for the warm and delicate moon wind that blew gently, yet instantly dried everything that was wet.
Jezebel climbed onto her favorite birch tree, and, hugging its trunk, complained to it. “Oh, birch tree, you are the best tree of all. You have your branches to make toys for me; you have your bark to weave my shoes. You kept me warm in the winter, and cooled me in the summer’s heat. You rocked me in your branches, and your leaves whispered me lullabies. You quenched my thirst with your sweet juice. Birch tree, you might be the best friend I will ever have. Why do I not have any real friends? Please, help me find some friends to play with!” pleaded Jezebel.
The birch tree screeched in response, as if it understood what the girl was saying to it. And there they were, the real children that Jezebel asked for, Lisa and Jack. Soaking wet, hungry and shivering, they were walking along the river.
“Children!” exclaimed Jezebel and flew off the birch as if she had wings.
Jack and Lisa were relieved to meet a new friend in the frightening ancient forest. Jezebel helped them dry their clothes. She treated them to sweet and fragrant birch tree juice and delicious hazelnuts. Spending most of her time with mermaids, Jezebel knew very well how to find food and drink, as long, as there were trees around. Then, she led her tired new friends to her secret hiding place that was made in the roots of a giant oak tree that must have been at least three hundred years old. There, on the beds made of fluffy leaves and soft forest moss, covered with blankets, weaved of delicate grasses, Jack and Lisa had their first good night sleep in the ancient forest.
Jezebel was so excited about her new friends, that she could not keep her eyes shut and stayed awake all night, looking at her new friends, thinking of all the games that the three of them could play now.

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