Chicken bones and cranberries

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The mermaid games

In the morning Jezebel brought some wonderful plump raspberries to Jack and Lisa. She asked the children to play with her, and Lisa happily agreed. But Jack said he was too worried to play; he was in a hurry to rescue his little dog. Who knows what the witch was doing to it now?
“Please, just one game of hide and seek!” pleaded Jezebel. “Please, Jack, please!” echoed Lisa. Unwillingly, Jack agreed. He hid behind a large oak tree, hoping that Jezebel will find him easily. So she did, and reached her hand out to him. “Come, Jack. I will show you my waterfall,” she said. Reluctantly, Jack followed the girl to a small waterfall. The water at the bottom of it was so clear, that one could see every stone. Jezebel put a round moonstone, no larger than a pigeon’s egg, into the waterfall, and a beautiful rainbow poured right out. Enchanted by the lunar beauty, Jack forgot about everything for a moment.
In the meanwhile, Lisa tried hiding as good as she could. Taking quick steps, she followed what looked like a little trail of dandelions to a mound, covered with shiny grass. To her dismay, that mound was nothing but a bear’s lair. Its owner, a majestic brown bear was taking a daytime nap. Awaken and disturbed by his unexpected visitor, the bear roared and rushed after the girl.
These could have been Lisa’s last moments if there was no trap in the way of the bear. The running girl managed to avoid a pit, cleverly camouflaged with spruce branches, but the bear was not so lucky. Carried away with the chase, the bear did not notice the trap and fell into the terrible pit with a crashing noise.
Poor Lisa just kept running until she ran out of breath. Scared and tired, she dropped onto the emerald grass and began to cry. After a little while Lisa stopped crying and listened to the forest. It was filled with sounds on her left side, and suspiciously quiet on the right. The girl lifted her head and looked to the right. She noticed something gray on the ground. Her curiosity triumphed over the fear and Lisa got up and approached the gray. It was a beautiful cat; wounded and barely breathing, it was lying on the ground, still.
The kind girl has immediately forgotten about her fright and took the poor animal into her hands, cradling the cat. His body was warm, eyes firmly shut.
“I will take care of you, kitty,” said Lisa and began to walk, carefully carrying the cat.

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