Chicken bones and cranberries

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The Moon Lady helps

Eddie knew exactly where the witch’s hut was, but he needed to find his friends. Just how would you find two children in a large dangerous forest? Suddenly, it occurred to him: the Moon Lady! She said she could find him anywhere, just call. Then, very likely, she could help him find his friends, too.
Eddie, with a bit of a doubt, called the Moon Lady; a little shy at first, then louder.
The Moon Lady appeared in a ray of shimmering blue light. Tall and slender, in her glistening gown, the Moon Lady approached Eddie with a smile. “What do you need, Eddie?” she asked the boy very kindly. “I need to find my friends. Jack and Lisa, they must be somewhere here in the forest,” said Eddie.
The Moon Lady nodded. Her gestures were smooth and majestic. “Follow the beam of moonlight, and you will find your friends, Eddie,” she replied, and reached her hand out to the boy with a beam of silver light. The beam jumped off the Moon Lady’s hand and began to quickly slide along the grass.
Eddie rushed after the moon beam, following it through a meadow and onto another. There he came upon Lisa, who was coming out of a willow grove, carrying a gray cat in her arms. The two were overjoyed to see each other. Eddie took the cat out of the tired girl’s arms and carefully put the dying animal on the ground. The boy touched Philip with the chicken bones and cranberries necklace, and the lifeless animal suddenly woke up with a jerk, shook off, and got up before the amazed children. “He is healed!” exclaimed Lisa, looking at the cat with disbelief. And, truly, he was. Philip gave Eddie an attentive look and took off into the forest. The children looked at each other and rushed after the moon beam.
It did not take them too long to find Jack and Jezebel; the moon beam was truly a wonder – it brought the children together in very little time. The best part was that now they were close to the mysterious cabin with the smoking chimney.
“Please do not go there. A witch lives in that cabin,” warned Jezebel. “That is precisely why we are going there!” exclaimed Eddie. “She is powerful enough to destroy all of you! Please, do not go,” insisted the girl.
It took some time for the children to agree, but Eddie convinced his friends that it would be best for him to go scout first. Jack, Lisa and Jezebel agreed to wait for him in a willow grove.

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