Chicken bones and cranberries

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No time to waste

Jack and Lisa became a bit worried after waiting for Eddie much too long. They walked to the cabin in hopes to find their friend. Jack came across the stump with the athame stuck right in the middle. Lisa found Eddie’s clothes on the ground and screamed. “Look, Jack! These are Eddie’s clothes! Something terrible must have happened here,” cried the girl.
Jack pulled the athame out of the stump and came to Lisa. He picked up his friend’s clothes; feeling like the tears began to fill his eyes. “Let’s go, Jack,” Lisa pulled her brother by the sleeve. “Let’s go. We will find Eddie and Stella.”
Cautiously, the children approached the cabin. Stella, tired of weeping, suddenly sensed the familiar smells and began to bark impatiently. As soon as the kids heard the familiar bark, they forgot about any danger and rushed into the witch’s dwelling. Stella was overjoyed to see her friends; she squealed with excitement and nearly jumped out of the heavy cage.
It took the children quite some time searching for the key to the cage; they repeated Eddie’s steps but never thought of looking into the spell book. Stella kept barking happily, encouraging their search. Suddenly, the little dog became alarmingly quiet. “Someone is coming!” shouted Jack and slid under the witch’s bed, pulling his sister with him by her hand.
Sure enough, that was Priscilla coming back with her favorite, Rochester. Oh, the witch could smell a kid from far away. It took her less than two minutes to find the two unfortunates, trembling with fear under her bed.
Jack attacked the witch with the athame, but the magical blade was faithful to its owner. It slipped out of the boy’s hands without hurting Priscilla. The witch nimbly picked up the athame and put it in a pocket on her apron. In a second the boy was thrown into a dark cellar underneath the cabin. Another second and his sister followed him. The cellar lid closed with a crushing noise and the children were left in complete darkness.
“Shimmering spiders! Not another minute to waste! Catnip and owl eggs!” Priscilla yelled to the raven. She pulled Stella out of the cage, shoved the little dog into her bag, picked up a wooden box filled with misshapen pears and left for the Idol. For it was the time to sacrifice.

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