Chicken bones and cranberries

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For the first time during the adventure, Jack and Lisa felt truly desperate. They were sitting in a tight cellar in complete darkness. It smelled like mold, mice and dust. The worst part about it was that there were actually mice, and worms, and spiders inside the cellar. The critters, crawling around the children, and even on them, although small, were absolutely frightening. Squiggly worms that Lisa could feel when she touched the walls of their new prison were cold and disgusting. Tiny spiders that dropped on Jack’s face made him frown and itch.
Without much hope to it, Jack and Lisa yelled for help. They tried being loud as hard as they could, but the lid of the cellar was heavy and fitted snugly; their cries only reached the outside as faint squeals.
Well, my dear, Jezebel heard them anyway. Distracted by mermaids, sent by the Moon Lady, Jezebel lost sight of her friends, but not for long. Looking for Jack and Lisa, Jezebel walked to the cabin alone.
It was well-known to the creatures of the forest that a witch lived in there. Jezebel was quite curious to see what it was like inside the dwelling of a true witch. She knew plenty about mermaids, a little about fairies, but learning a thing or two about witches was very hard to resist. Step by step, Jezebel approached the cabin. She noticed many things that others missed: there was a mushroom garden right by the entrance. In the branches of a birch hanged a star, made out of thin willow twigs and decorated with a raven’s feather. There was an orange moss patch, and a plot of dragon root, rare and potent for making wealth potions. Jezebel spotted a circle of rocks that, she knew, was a spot for a moonlight ritual, meant to attract friends into one’s life. Every step that the little girl took, gave her a thrill, for she was discovering a real witch garden, filled with earth magic.
Cautiously, Jezebel opened the door and entered the cabin. She knew from her first step that something happened; she could feel the witch’s rush and a havoc[1], although things around the cabin seemed quite orderly. The girl stopped in the doorway to listen, and that is when she heard the faint cries of her friends, coming from the cellar under the wooden floor.
Jezebel pulled the ring handle on top of the cellar lid, and it creaked open to the great relief of its frightened prisoners.
In moments Jack and Lisa were out and free again, eager to rush after the witch, wherever she was.
“Just wait, let’s look around and find something useful,” said Jezebel. She was certain that there were helpful items around; a witch cabin is the place to seek such things. The girl was right. The magic ball of yarn nearly jumped into her hands from a shelf. The girl looked at the ball, holding it carefully. “I wonder if this will help us find the witch,” said Jezebel. At the same moment, the magic ball of yarn lit up, began to buzz, and fell out of the girl’s hands, rolling onto the floor and out of the cabin. “Let’s follow it!” exclaimed Jezebel and the children ran after the ball.

[1] Havoc: confusion and disorder.

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