Chicken bones and cranberries

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The gifts from Mother Witch

Priscilla’s mother left three gifts before she departed for the journey to the Blue forest[1]. A ball of red yarn, a spell book, and the chicken bones and cranberries necklace that was now lost.
The gifts were magical items, indeed. The ball of red yarn was a mystic journey guide; whisper the desired destination gently to it, then throw it on the ground, and the magic spool will roll and tumble, showing the right way. Very useful, if you are planning to find a house were a certain pesky dog lives with its owners. The thread of that magical ball was carefully woven of the mountain goat wool and hair from a long gray beard of a legendary world traveler, saved by Priscilla’s mother in the mystic valley of Lost Voices[2]. The skilled witch rolled the thread onto an eyeball of an Eagle Prince, who also was once in need of her magical help, and traded one of his eyeballs for the life of his dear eaglet. Powered with the beard of the traveler who had seen the world and its wonders, alive with the living eye of an eagle that soars high above the world and sees the smallest of mice from above, the ball was the best guide one could wish for on any journey.
The spell book was simply a marvelous thing. It was written beautifully in three different kinds of ink: the first letter of each paragraph was inscribed in bright red, which was lizard blood mixed with saffron[3], a bit smelly, but very potent. Most of the words were written in black; although traditional, the black ink of this particular spell book had a little twist to it. The coal used to make the ink was collected in the Trickster’s mine[4], haunted by a ghost of a greedy warlock who perished in a cave-in. The haunting was so profound[5] and terrifying, that only the most dedicated scholars of witchcraft and shape shifting braved the old mine. Priscilla’s mother, who wrote most of the spell book, was certainly the right kind for that sort of adventure; she collected the coal and grated it into the finest black ink a witch could wish for. Finally, the blue ink that was used to highlight the most important names and definitions in the spell book, came from the root of cocoseant, a rare poisonous plant that grew by Gray Moors, a scary cold place.
The chicken bones and cranberries necklace was a treasured family relic[6] that bore a powerful enchantment, and now that it was gone, Priscilla sobbed and shivered just thinking about her loss. It had healing powers, though Priscilla never got sick and never had to use it for its properties. Or, perhaps, she never got sick because she always wore it. The necklace, like the other items, had its own story that was known only to a few people. I will share it with you, my dear.

[1] The Blue forest: an incredible place where witches and warlocks get to live in joy and abundance for eternity.

[2] The valley of Lost voices: a deadly place where dangerous monsters with snake-like bodies live.

[3] Saffron: a spice derived from the flower of crocus. It is very fragrant and provides excellent yellow coloring.

[4] The Trickster’s mine: an awfully dangerous mine, haunted and prone to frequent cave-ins.

[5] Profound: felt or experienced very strongly.

[6] Relic: an object, surviving from an earlier time.

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