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Lake Jezebel

There were two ways to get to Bluebells from the ancient forest. You could fly, if you had wings, or you could cross it by boat. Priscilla owned a sturdy wooden boat, that a grim Blackwoods carpenter once made for her in exchange for a very strong spell. Complete with two painted oars, the boat was the perfect vessel to take the witch across Lake Jezebel when needed.
The lake was deep and cold and had its own story; these were the reasons why most of the Bluebells folk did not like to swim or boat on the lake very often, leaving it all to mermaids and a few brave fishermen. Here goes the lake story, my dear.

Stanley Rogers was the only woodcutter in the town of Bluebells. He lived in a small house by the Cedar grove. Hardworking and trustworthy, Stanley Rogers was not a fortunate man. In his younger days he married a strange but beautiful lady Evelyn. She was slender, pale, and quiet, with a sad smile, and small lily-white hands. Lady Rogers had no family of her own; she spent days weaving intricate baskets, waiting for her husband to come home from the Cedar grove.
Stanley wished for a son, a true companion and helper, but lady Rogers had given him a daughter. Her name was Jezebel, she was as delicate and fair as her mother.
Shortly after little Jezebel’s third birthday, Evelyn Rogers disappeared. The entire Bluebells and all neighboring towns searched and searched, but no trace of Lady Rogers was ever found.
After his wife’s disappearance, the woodcutter grew gloomy and distrustful. Little Jezebel was all he had, and he rarely let her out of his sight. He taught her how to read; books were Jezebel’s best friends as she grew older.
The girl especially liked one particular book; it had no pictures, or beautiful borders, or clever puzzles in it, but it spoke in a very serious tone about the moon, and the moon children, and the flower spirits, and how to get the trees to answer your questions. Jezebel loved that book more than anything, and she spent hours reading it again and again, dreaming about places full of friends. Her favorite chapter was about the Moon Lady. The book said that if you sit long enough near a lake under the light of a full moon, and gaze into the black water, the Moon Lady, clad in silver and blue, will come out of the lake, and play with you.
One day, sick of being lonely, Jezebel dared to go and try to make friends with the Moon Lady. She waited until the moon was full and escaped from the house while her father was fast asleep.
Nobody had seen Jezebel since that, but her book was found near the lake, opened on the Moon Lady page. They named the lake after the girl who vanished from its shore, Lake Jezebel.

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