Chicken bones and cranberries

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Thirsty for revenge

Under the pale light of a thin waxing crescent, Priscilla had summoned her boat back to the forest shore of Lake Jezebel, and it brought her to the sleeping town of Bluebells. The magic ball of yarn took over and showed Priscilla the way to the Larsons’ house, as it rolled down the quiet streets at 3 am. This enchanted hour of the night empowers the wicked and those who are seeking revenge. The timing could not be any better.
Priscilla managed to climb over the fence and creep into the Larson’s yard unannounced. Carefully stepping on the wet grass, Priscilla looked for the dog house. When she realized that there was not one in the yard, the witch wanted to pull the hair out of her head, and roll on the ground, howling with rage. The Larsons kept their little dog in the house at night. That pesky brat was an inside pet!
Priscilla thought for a moment; her wicked mind had quickly developed a different plan. She looked up and saw the uneasy black sky pierced with a billion cold and shiny stars. That meant that the coming day promised to be sunny and hot, which also meant that the children will come to play outside. And the dog is certain to come and join them; that is just what the dogs like to do.
Priscilla pulled the magic ball of yarn out of her bag again. She rubbed it gently, slowly blew on it, and then held it up under the stars, mumbling an incantation. The ball began to spin in her hand, glowing and changing in color. When she brought it back down to her face, it did not look like a ball of yarn anymore. Instead, it was a shiny blue toy ball; just like the one that children like to play catch with, only much prettier. Priscilla let out a small laugh of satisfaction. She kissed the ball and whispered into it,
“Bounce South, bounce North,
Bounce back and bounce forth,
Bounce higher than a tree,
In the end bounce back to me…”
Then she threw the ball into the Larsons’ yard and watched it land in the middle of the lawn. Content and a little tired, Priscilla made herself comfortable in the nearby bushes and took a nap.

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