The Doctor - Book Two

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The dangers of playing with time, as part of humanity become entrapped within a time bubble as an android race from the future prepares to invade..... The alternate doctor answered, “Within this bubble of dimension and time, I am free to travel unhindered by the androids as they cannot find me, as advanced as their equipment is to this time line, your doctor and I are from their future in fact many millions of years, and we were aware of the Android Dominion as we called it within our historical time line, only it never broke into its past history as the Rosen Bridge at that point in time was not as of yet discovered as these have done. From here I could travel from my point of origins on day one when trapped here until the arrival of you both here and now, this has enabled me to use my time and to discover a way of preventing this tragedy.” Jessabelle looked at her doctor, “I do not understand,” stated Jessabelle. The doctor thought for a moment and then answered. “Imagine a city with walls so high, nothing could enter not even fly above, and the only way in was through a designated entry point, a gate or door if you prefer. Well this bubble of time and energy field is running minutely out of faze, yet with the combined energy of two living time machines drawn to this point in time, it has sealed the door if that’s what you call

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Chapter One.


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In 2018 scientists working at Oxford University were going over Einstein’s notes on the Rosen Bridge, and backing up his studies with that of Stephen Hawkins and Kip Thorne. When a relatively new study from NASA was incorporated which came from a relatively new physics professor, who specialised in quantum electrodynamic behaviour, coupled with his partner’s papers on nuclear physics. An accidental release of uncontrolled energy created a stable bridge between alternate universes.

Only the success was short lived when life forms equal to our existence in appearance, became inquisitive and we quickly learnt their intellect or IQ far exceeded that of ours, and that they were at least a thousand years ahead of our time line. Not only had they lived our past, they were us but from the future, and by their standards our future looked bleak. Death would be preferable, but they had other ideas which threatened our very existence and way of life, forcing the doctor and her assistant Jessabelle into a time bubble and to investigate this unexpected and strange situation.

“What was that,” screamed Jessabelle as the time machine suddenly impacted into an energy barrier and spun off course forcing the doctor to take emergency action. “Impossible we have been attacked, that’s not theoretically possible, I do not understand,” replied the doctor. As the doctor frantically brought the time machine back under control, the huge luminous globe managed to absorb the blast and convert it to useable energy.

“Doctor the time machine is she damaged?” “No, I do not believe so, the old girl is a living entity in her own right and by far more intelligent and powerful than you could ever imagine. We were bonded together at her conception and she has been with me ever since,” said the doctor. As the time machine stopped in open space, the doctor recalibrated his instrumentation, “We are twelve years away from the initial impact, but according to these readings, I do not believe it was a deliberate attack.”

Jessabelle looked on as the doctor continued checking over the instrumentation. “That is strange I do not remember this been here before,” stated the doctor, something is wrong…, very wrong, and we will need to investigate.” Jessabelle looked at the doctor and then over to the huge screen showing a strange digital representation of what the time machine was scanning.

“What is it doctor,” inquired Jessabelle.

“Basically, something very dangerous, and which should not be there, it is a stable wormhole, or a bridge between dimensions, and I believe we flew into it at its point of creation,” replied the doctor.

As the time machine returned to earth, it blended in with its background as the huge luminescing globe settled and brought the doctor and her friend to their next adventure. “We shall have to investigate, as I have a sneaky suspicion the energy that impacted into us was magnified a hundred plus fold from the time machines matrix, and it was this which enabled the worm hole to become stable.” “I do not understand,” replied Jessabelle.

The doctor carried on calibrating the time machine and then spoke. “To put it simply nature will not allow a natural worm hole unless it is intermingled with an entity that lives within time itself, like this globe, time to her is meaningless as she exists outside of it, yet can be at the beginning and the end of time or anywhere between at the same moment, basically that energy took part of the globes very life force and it created something which should not exist; a stable bridge between the future and this time,” said the doctor.

Jessabelle looked confused, “So you are saying that accidental impact created something which should not have happened,” stated Jessabelle. “You are almost correct, my fear is that impact created an alternate time line, one which was not here before and could have disastrous consequences unless we are able to correct it.” Jessabelle still looked confused. “Can you not simply go back in time and prevent it,” inquired Jessabelle.

The doctor looked at her friend, “It is not as easy as that, first we need to correct the mistake and secondly if we did we would have to intercept the globe while in time travel and that is far from straight forward and could create additional problems far greater than what earth now faces,” said the doctor. “We need to establish what damage has been done and then assess the situation as we find it”.

Jessabelle watched the doctor fit on her positronic bio-genetic quantum manipulator time piece, it looked like an ordinary watch and even at nominally close inspection a person would not see anything different or strange, and only the Patricians of time had the ability to understand and use it, then the watch could reach into a quantum level as small as a quark which is beyond the atom, and manipulate reforming atoms upwards.

As the doctor and his assistant exited the globe, it assumed the shape of a monument within a store room of a museum and blended into the back ground

as part of the exhibits. Immediately upon entering the museum the doctor stopped and looked around as she could sense an almost familiar presence. “Wait there is another time machine here, that must be why the globe brought us to this spot,” said the doctor. “Where” inquired Jessabelle.

The doctor viewed the exhibits around them, and carefully extended her quantum dynamic watch to scan the area. “I am unsure…, I only know it is here…, yet it remains cloaked or out of faze from this time line,” stated the doctor. “But I can already tell you this area is covered by a psychic magnetic field yet the fields have been reversed, and have you noticed there is no metal here, even this building has not a single scrap of earth metal, it is all created by advanced polymers which appear to be many times stronger than steel, and certainly not belonging to this time line.”

Jessabelle looked as the doctor tried recalibrating her watch, yet it still came up with the same results. At that moment armed guards entered the museum and took positions at various points within the room, and then the curator entered. “Visitors welcome have you come for a guided tour of our facilities; I can assure you it will be an experience you will never forget.” The doctor viewed the curator and the guards and then made a decision. “We received your invitation and decided to accept,” said the doctor. She could see the curator stop and carefully think over her reply.

The doctor grabbed Jessabelle’s arm and pulled her along with her until they stood before the curator. Immediately the doctor watch vibrated and changed colour, indicating to the doctor it was as she expected. “Yes, the great Rodney Brooks was a distant ancestor, I am Professor Brook from Oxford University we are from Oxford Dynamics the universes renowned Robotic research institute in the year 3597 and are undertaking an exploratory lesson for my student here in advanced robotics.”

Immediately the curator’s stance changed, and he viewed the doctor with hesitation. “I commend your initiative for creating the bridge, as we have planned this visit for such a long time and would be interested to learn how this came about, as even now our records are somewhat in complete, and the human factor is so inadequate, that it needed remodelling, in our time line we advanced the highly successful human android replacements, and re-created the polymer models which you and your guards are, for a more advanced bio-quark genetic model rebuilt from the atoms upwards, and on a quantum dynamic imbroglio level, to that of your original creator,” said the doctor.

As the doctor was talking, she sent a reversed bio magnetic pulse towards the curator, which momentarily scrambled its positronic circuits causing confusion and an interruption in its dynamic quantum programing.” As the curator paused the doctor took his hand and shook it and then released her grip and walked past the curator and exited through a door ensuring she closed it behind her.

For a brief few seconds the doctor scanned the room before them, it was then a voice was heard. “Doctor quick over here,” The doctor and Jessabelle turned to see an almost identical twin of the doctor standing waving them towards her. As they ran and passed through an invisible energy field, the other doctor led them into an exhibit which was on display within the main museum, and they vanished from sight as the other doctor’s time machine closed its doors and kept them from view of the Android invaders.

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