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The Doctor - Book Two

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Chapter Two.

The curator stood almost as if frozen in time as his positronic brain underwent a reboot and reset his programming. As he regained control it took him seconds to realise what happened. “Quick follow those two and have the intruders brought to me alive and unharmed,” he ordered. Then he informed those above his authority, and they activated the museums security system to try and view where they were.

The security cameras had recorded the doctor and his assistant exiting the storage area and walking over to the curator. It looked perfectly normal and nothing out of the ordinary, but the moment the doctor and Jessabelle walked into the main exhibit room an interference broke the signal and all the cameras recorded was static. I want them found,” stated the leader of the android scientific team. “Something is stopping us from leaving this area and we cannot reach our objective unless we can escape this energy bubble.”

As the doctor and Jessabelle looked at the area of space they now occupied, Jessabelle spoke. “Doctor…, where are we?”

“You have nothing to fear from me although your doctor is as aware as I am we must not come into contact in any form or way,” came the reply from the unknown doctor. “She is correct we cannot both occupy the same spot at the same time in one stable point of space, dimension or time,” said Jessabelle’s doctor.

The time machine in which they now inhabited was identical to the other doctors. “Amazing we knew of your existence…, but you are the first alternate dimensional time traveller I have met,” stated Jessabelle’s doctor. “I believe our time machines were drawn here by the Oxford experiment and at that exact moment these androids from the future were trying to create a bridge between dimensions and time, it would have failed as nature will not allow such a bridge between dimensions, only our globes impacted and deflected both energy from my dimension and from your dimension at that exact moment, and it is my belief it created a positive and negative energy stable quantum magnetic field which enabled the bridge to become formed,” stated the other doctor.

Both doctors went silent thinking over the astronomical possibility of this happening, “What drew you here,” inquired Jessabelle’s doctor. “In my time line Professor Graham from Oxford university called me, using a quantum crystal I gave him, he was worried certain NASA scientists who were using some of the universities facilities were about to create a rift in time.” “Incredible we were simply coming to visit an old friend in Oxford and found ourselves after the impact twelve years into the future of the initial incident.” Replied Jessabelle’s doctor.

The other doctor smiled. “I was drawn to this point at the initial creation of the bridge, and I realised within hours of the implications, and created a quantum entangled bubble at a bio-magnetic level reversing all magnetic fields and placing this section of time out of faze an entrapping the town of Oxford sealing it from the world, and preventing those from the future from leaving here, and basically for twelve years a contingent of androids scientists who entered our time line have become trapped here, and created an army of androids to search me out and destroy this time bubble,” said the alternate doctor.

As both doctors continued their conversations Jessabelle looked around the time machine. “How have you survived for the last twelve years if you have been entrapped in this building,” inquired Jessabelle. Both doctors smiled but ensured they remained at separate ends of the time machine.

The alternate doctor answered, “Within this bubble of dimension and time, I am free to travel unhindered by the androids as they cannot find me, as advanced as their equipment is to this time line, your doctor and I are from their future in fact many millions of years, and we were aware of the Android Dominion as we called it within our historical time line, only it never broke into its past history as the Rosen Bridge at that point in time was not as of yet discovered as these have done. From here I could travel from my point of origins on day one when trapped here until the arrival of you both here and now, this has enabled me to use my time and to discover a way of preventing this tragedy.”

Jessabelle looked at her doctor, “I do not understand,” stated Jessabelle. The doctor thought for a moment and then answered. “Imagine a city with walls so high, nothing could enter not even fly above, and the only way in was through a designated entry point, a gate or door if you prefer. Well this bubble of time and energy field is running minutely out of faze, yet with the combined energy of two living time machines drawn to this point in time, it has sealed the door if that’s what you called it firmly shut, entrapping all those within its field and preventing anything outside from entering.”

Jessabelle thought, “But what happens if those in the alternate dimension come looking for their lost scientists,” “They die, they do not belong here, and if the door is closed they simply cease to exist, nature will not tolerate something which was not designed or meant to exist, and as they have no way of reversing their journey, they are trapped and their molecular structure will quickly degrade and disperse,” said Jessabelle’s doctor.

Jessabelle looked at her doctor while the other doctor listened with interest. “Is that even possible,” Inquired Jessabelle. “Oh yes, but we will need precise timing and to use both time machines to coordinate an exact reversal of time, in effect if it works, it will cancel out this time contained bubble and enable us to close off the Rosen Bridge permanently,” replied Jessabelle’s doctor.

Jessabelle was still not satisfied. “But what happens to the androids who are already here, and what about the residence of Oxford, what has happened to them?” Both doctors momentarily remained silent, and then the alternate doctor answered. “They no longer exist as organic humans, it was during the first year that I discovered what the androids were seeking,” the doctor paused and then continued talking. “They do not believe organic humans created them, and to their eyes we are an anomaly which needs correcting, while they search for their God, the one who they believe created them.”

Both Jessica and her doctor were speechless for some seconds. “What has happened to the people trapped within Oxford?” inquired Jessabelle. The alternate doctor looked at her counterpart. “They were re-created into androids and have no knowledge of what happened to them, those guards you saw in the museum were all once organic living humans, simply going about their everyday lives, now they are highly advanced machines and will live for many thousands of years unaware of what they have become,” stated the alternate doctor.

Jessabelle cringed at the thought of the loss of so many human lives. “Who then is this God figure they are searching for, there cannot be such a person can there?” Both doctors went to answer at the same time, and then the alternate gave way for Jessabelle’s doctor to reply.

“Possibly Professor Bethe Hawkins, she started her career on advanced androids but suffered a devastating road accident which should have killed her, yet her team using her own research were able to rebuild her skeletal structure, and making her the first fully recognised android human, and from there it took her twelve years to perfect her design, and she was instrumental in creating the very first fully organic coated android over a polymer shell, it was truly amazing and to the human eye, it looked and acted like any ordinary human.”

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