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The Doctor - Book Three

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Chapter Two.

Jessabelle frantically looked around the Time Machine trying to think what the doctor would do in this situation, when the Time Machine was impacted and rolled onto its side. Bang…, another impact rolled it again and again as three huge dinosaurs outside were fighting and kept crashing into the huge bolder and forcing it closer and closer to the edge of a huge cliff.

Jessabelle screamed as she was thrown from within the Time Machine, “Do something,” she screamed at the machine, but it never responded, and leaving her scared and in fear of her life. As Jessabelle watched the monitors a pack of raptors was heading their way, and just awaiting the outcome of the fighting outside. Whack…, a huge T-Rex toppled sideways forcing the Time Machine even closer to the cliffs edge, and then the door opened from the impact while Jessabelle lay unconscious upon the floor having been knocked out by the last impact.

As the dinosaurs calmed down when the fight was over two raptors came in sneaking unseen and one went to investigate the dead body after the two T-rex’s finished feeding, and the other tried to make its way around the strange rock, which now hung dangerously close to the cliffs edge, but the raptor could smell human flesh and blood from were Jessabelle had hit her head.

Meanwhile back with the doctor she looked at the mother, and the child started crying…, “I did not mean to drop it honestly mum…, I just wanted to see the bright light and why it appeared to be moving,” said the young girl. “What bright light are you referring about Charley…, can you show me, and I promise you are in no trouble,” replied the doctor as she looked kindly towards the scared child. “It will most likely be my sons vile…, a sample was taken from the South Pole by the famous Roald Amundsen,” said the child’s mother. “He claimed to have seen a strange vision or mirage while he was at the South Pole, and when he arrived there was a section of ice and snow different from the rest…, so he took a sample. The child’s grandfather purchased it at auction and gave it to my son,” said the mother.

The doctor feared the consequences if that story was true. “So, what happened Charley can you tell me, as it is very important, and your answer could save your brother’s life.”

Charley breathed in deeply…, I accidently dropped the vile when I opened it, as a spider dropped from the ceiling and scared me…, and the contents splashed over my brother’s mug, plate and spoon, and I was scared, but honestly it was an accident and I did not mean to do it, so I put tap water in the vile and replaced it so no one would know what happened…, I am sorry doctor please, make my brother well again…, Please.”

Charley’s mother hugged her daughter…, “It is ok child it was an accident and you did not intend this to happen,” said the mother. Just then the doctor’s positronic watch changed colour and started vibrating. The doctor looked and then spoke. “Excuse me for one moment, there is yet another emergency,” said the doctor as she let young Joshua go and recalibrated her watch.

As the Raptor angled its head, it could see Jessabelle awaking and sitting up, her head was bleeding and her vision was blurred. Just then the Raptor called to its partner and Jessabelle looked towards the open door, there staring right back at her was the head of a Raptor, then the Time Machine activated and materialised directly within Joshua’s bedroom and looking like an extra wardrobe.

As Jessabelle stumbled from the Time Machine the children’s mother screamed. “It’s alright honestly she is with me, I know this must all appear so strange, but I do believe I can explain,” said the doctor. No sooner had she spoken when they all, including, the time machine materialised back in Africa and the child’s mother screamed and fainted. “O dear I am afraid we have a serious problem on our hands and one which will take a lot of understanding,” said the doctor as she walked back to young Joshua and lifted him from his bed.

Jessabelle could hear the dinosaurs in the distance. “Quick help me bring the child and his family into the Time Machine it is the only way we might be able to contain this disaster,” said the doctor. At that Jessabelle dragged the mother into the Time Machine and young Charley followed. “Charley where is your true father,” enquired the doctor. “He lives in Highbridge near Burnham on Sea…, in Moorland Road,” said the child as she stared in disbelief at the inside of the Time Machine.

No sooner had she finished speaking when the Time Machine materialised within the living room of a flat in Moorland Road. The children’s father was sitting with his new partner watching their 55inch TV when directly before them a globe of light appeared, and charley ran out and hugged her father. “Daddy…, daddy the doctor brought us here Joshua is ill and needs you.” Peter jumped backwards as the doctor emerged and Jessabelle followed dragging the children’s mother with her. “Where is my son and who are you? Inquired Peter.

The doctor smiled but it was Charley who answered. “Joshua is in the Time Machine daddy; he is unwell I told you.” As Jessabelle placed the children’s mother onto the floor Clair Peters partner cuddled Charley and took her over to her mother. At the same moment the doctor led Peter into the Time Machine with Jessabelle, and the door closed behind them and the Time Machine vanished and leaving the others within Moorland Road in Highbridge.

Peter was unaware of what was happening, but the doctor sensed it immediately. “Peter your son is very ill, and I believe he may well be undergoing a genetic DNA rebuild, truly I am sorry…, but once this has started it can never be reversed.” Peter looked confused…, “I do not understand just, who are you, where are we, and also what is this strange machine…, and what is happening to my son?”

The doctor could see that Peter loved his son very dearly, and that he felt out of control and trapped by these strange circumstances. The doctor breathed in deeply, “It would appear the vile your father gave your son contained samples taken from the South Pole.” Peter interrupted, “Yes Joshua loves it, my dad also gave him some T-rex teeth and some dinosaur bones, and my son just loves Palaeontology and anything to do with exploration.”

The doctor smiled, “Well Peter it would appear that vile contained some organic particles not from earth, and it mutated, divided and kept growing. To cut a long story short, your son accidently became contaminated by the vial’s contents and it is changing him into another life form.”

Peter gasped in shock, “Your crazy…, and such stories are only for the TV or strange Doctor Who type TV programs,” said Peter in anger. “No…, I assure you it is real, and this is no TV program…, your son is very ill and needs your help…, he brought us to you and then took you from your home, and for some reason has brought us back to Africa.”

Peter laughed, “You’re having some kind of joke, and either that or this is one hell of a trip.” “It is neither,” replied the doctor losing her patients,

“If you do not believe me then walk back into your living room,” replied the doctor. Peter got up and lifted his son in his arms and walked over to the Time Machines door, Jessabelle went to open it, but Peter shouted, “I have it…, you are crazy all of you,” and at that he opened the door and pushed it with his foot.

There before him as he walked out upon a high rocky ridge, he saw something that made him blink and stop in utter shock. As far as he could see were distant hills and Pterodactyls, and below were huge monstrous dinosaurs. “Dear god…, this is impossible…, it can’t be, just…, this is impossible” he said.

As Peter walked backwards into the Time Machine and rested his son down, Joshua awoke. “Dad do not worry I wanted you by my side, I am changing and wanted to tell you that I love you, and I understand how strange this must appear to you, but I needed your strength, and for you to help me through this…, I will be OK dad…, honest just trust the doctor, I brought her here as I knew she would know what to do and how to help me,” said Joshua.

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