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The Doctor - Book Four

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The children watch the doctor captured by hostile troops and their love and hope for her safety drive them to try and rescue their friend.... Just then the view was interrupted as warning sirens alerted the Prince to immediate danger, and a huge sand worm over sixty metres in length erupted from the desert and loomed high towering into the sky. The two worlds looked in utter horror at the sight of this huge worm, as did the Royal Prince. “The worm has turned your Royal Highness and they are now under my control which I shall hand over to your Father the rightful and true King, surrender now and come before your father and King, and seek his mercy while you still can, I beg of you Prince Quveck this can end now and your two worlds can live in peace which is what your Father and his people want.” “Well my Father is a fool, I am trying to protect my people, there is a Celestial Storm coming and he refused to listen, I took this action to save my people,” said the Prince. The King spoke next, “My son war is never the answer unless you have no other options, yes the doctor has told me and confirmed a celestial Storm will soon be upon us, but it will hit this planet as well, and the doctors friends assure me there is shelter and that we can resolve these differences, war and death is not the answer…, .......

Children / Fantasy
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Chapter One.

The Doctor.

Book Four.



The Time Machine had no sooner left earth when it was drawn to a deep and unchartered section of space where a solitary alien awaited the doctor’s arrival, Advantec was known to the doctor and came from a race of life forms who preferred peace and to live in harmony with that of their surroundings. As the Time Machine materialised upon a lone moon satellite, Advantec was there waiting to greet her old friend.

Joshua and Jessabelle viewed the huge screen to see what was outside awaiting them. “You both stay here for now, it is for your own safety” had said the doctor, and the doctor ventured out on her own, and to greet her old friend. Unbeknown but suspected by the doctor it was a trap, the life form was not Advantec but a skin walking alien, and one of a faction who had declared war upon Advantec’s race and taking advantage of their peaceful nature.

As the doctor is captured and carried away, huge gunships uncloak and point their weapons towards the doctor, and then as troops of aliens who had been invisible to the eye, surrounded the doctor to try and capture her Time Machine for their own use.

As the Time Machine readied itself to leave earth the doctor and her crew took one last look at the tribe and the dinosaur they were preparing for food, and then the Time Machine dematerialised and started its next venture. No sooner had they left earth when the Time Machine alerted the doctor to a distress call from an old friend using a positronic crystal.

“Show me,” said the doctor as the Time Machine homed in on the distress signal and showed the doctor it was coming from an otherwise uncharted part of the galaxy which the doctor had not visited before.

The doctor thought for some seconds, “That is Advantec’s signal, she knows not to use it unless she is in serious trouble,” said the doctor. “Who is Advantec,” inquired Jessabelle, but it was Joshua who answered. “Advantec is an alien life form from a race of very peaceful beings, and who usually live over two thousand light years from where that signal is coming from, the doctor helped their race once when a viral infection threatened to wipe out their race, and Advantec was a nurse who made friends and assisted the doctor in helping her people,” said Joshua.

The doctor looked at Joshua. “Very good, I see your empathic abilities are growing, keep practicing as it will help you through your life, my empathic abilities are not a scratch compared to yours.”

And then the doctor set course for the signals intercept. “Doctor I believe this is a trap…, is it wise to walk right in?”

“I agree with you Joshua, yes it’s a trap, as Advantec only sent two thirds of the distress signal, and that can only mean one thing…, she is been coerced into bringing me here…, someone wants me very badly to have attacked Advantec…, but we shall be ready, and in the end Advantec is my friend, and apparently needs my help.”

Joshua and Jessabelle thought over the doctor’s answers. “But is that wise doctor if you genuinely know or believe it to be a trap.”

“Jessabelle if you saw a friend in trouble and they needed your help…, would you walk away ignoring it, or would you find a way of helping them?” “I would try to help them doctor…, no one should ignore someone in trouble even if they are not their friend,” replied Jessabelle.

The doctor smiled. “And you Joshua…, what do you think?” Joshua grinned and replied. “I would help as best as I could, and in this case yes we need to help your friend, and we can prepare for the very worst, so when the time comes…, then we are to offer assistance and hopefully rescue not only your friend, but also her people.”

The doctor smiled again. “A good answer both of you…, but I fear Advantec’s people might well have got themselves into this mess, as I know they were at the last time I saw them, having problems with a race of alien terrorists, and who were bombing and declaring war upon their race. Advantec’s people tried negotiating, and their government refused point blank to allow their law enforcement to defend its people, even if they were under attack…, I fear as much as I am against the use of violence, as you both know I am…, in the end if peace talks fail then one has no choice but to respond like for like, and to defend those you love.”

Jessabelle looked stunned, “I do not understand doctor, if people with weapons were running through a street shooting others and murdering them in cold blood, why would any sane and responsible person refuse to allow the authorities to shoot back and defend its people.”

The doctor grimaced, “Not everyone agrees with the use of force, but in those circumstances, it would be wrong, unwise and show weakness to allow such an action to go unchallenged.”

Joshua listened with interest. “If my family or loved ones were under such attack, then I would hold those responsible for failing to come to their aid and protect them, and if such an order to not respond or fire back was given, then it would be complicit to murdering them in my eyes, and as such who was in government should be held accountable for such cowardly actions. Yes, I agree violence is wrong, yes, I agree peace is preferable, but to actually forbid law enforcement from stopping such an action is wrong, and you protect your loved ones and citizens, they are our future.”

No sooner had Joshua finished talking when the Time Machine arrived upon a satellite moon and on looking at the view screen a solitary alien person stood outside. “Is that your friend Advantec” enquired Jessabelle. The doctor looked at the screen, “Well it looks like her, but my instruments tell me otherwise..., you were right Joshua this is a trap.”

Joshua watched the doctor as she made preparations, and then walked outside to greet the alien pretending to be her friend. “You both stay inside for your own safety, I have instructed the Time Machine to render whatever assistance you may require,” said the doctor as she walked outside and closed the door locking it behind her.

To the aliens eyes a huge bolder was merged among those around her and the energy field shielded the doctor keeping her invisible until she cleared the fields barrier, and it seemed she appeared from thin air. “Advantec how good to see you again I came as quickly as I could.” The doctor viewed her surrounding and looked at her positronic watch, which was displaying everything around the doctor in 3D view screen.

It showed a host of alien’s invisible to the eye, and just waiting to capture the doctor and take her away. “Doctor you came…, thank you but where is your Time Machine?” inquired the alien pretending to be Advantec. “Oh, that I left it about a mile away, as I needed to check the surroundings first.”

“That was a mistake doctor,” replied the alien as it changed its form to its natural appearance and several armed alien warriors appeared surrounding the doctor and pointing their weapons towards her.

The alien smiled, “You disappoint me, I had expected this to be so much more difficult…, yet you walked into our trap so openly, and now you will show us where your time machine is,” said the hostile alien. The doctor lifted her arms above her head, “What is this…, is this where I am meant to say…, take me to your leader, or are you acting on your own authority, as I am sure your leadership knows who I am, and what I am capable of,” said the doctor.

Five huge gunships de-cloaked and pointed their weapons towards the doctor. “And you have no idea as to what I am capable of,” replied the alien. “Take her away, General Asitimoff will want to talk with her,” ordered the alien, and the doctor was led away, leaving her crew safely inside her Time Machine and undetected by the enemy.

Joshua and Jessabelle watched as the doctor vanished and they were left alone. Looking towards the console Joshua spoke, “Do we have access to some 3D glasses or contact lenses,” “Yes contact lenses would you like to use them?” replied the Time Machine.

As both Joshua and Jessabelle fitted the contact lenses the Time Machine spoke to them. “Those will enable you to view the aliens, as they are operating out of faze to your eyes, and the 3D view will enable you to see their outlines and detect where they are.” “Do you have any spare positronic watches; we will need to sink with you and create a force field to protect us?” inquired Jessabelle.

Joshua smiled, “Good thinking I know the doctor would not want us carrying guns or the like, but a positronic watch that’s a great idea.” “The doctor took three with her did you notice.”

“Yes, she had one on her wrist, one on her ankle and she has one within the bun in her hair,” replied Joshua. Then they opened the Time Machines door and stepped outside, immediately they realised how alone they were, and the sheer vastness of space; until a movement caught Jessabelle’s eyes, and they both turned to view a beautiful flying horse coming towards them, and another not far behind.

They were stunned at the sheer vastness of space and of the truly beautiful creatures flying towards them. The Time Machine communicated via the positronic watches. The two flying horses are named Huginn and Muninn, after the two Norse mythological ravens, and they are both immortals and very old…, so treat them with respect, and they will take you to where the doctor is being held.”

As the beautiful creatures came to rest beside the two young crew members both Joshua and Jessabelle walked over and petted their rides.

“You are beautiful,” said Jessabelle and Muninn responded to her voice, quickly both Joshua and Jessabelle got onto a flying horse each and were quickly flown away.

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