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The Doctor - Book Four

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Chapter Two.

The doctor was led into an underground facility and travelled for a further twenty minutes going deeper and deeper into the vast labyrinth of caves and underground tunnels. Eventually she was taken before a heavy steel set of huge double doors which took six aliens to open. “In here and on your knees before our General,” shouted one of the aliens, but General Asitimoff turned and saw the doctor. “Stop who ordered this person’s arrest?” demanded the General.

The doctor brushed her clothing, “Hallo General Asitimoff. It has been a long time since we last met up with each other…, how is King Bwenlieaf, do you think he knows his favourite adopted daughter is being held prisoner, and mistreated by your guards.” The General swallowed seeing the doctor in these circumstances, and the nervous guards looked confused. “Sir…, sir it was the Captain of the shape shifters, we were ordered to help him arrest the doctor and to try and steel her time Machine.”

The Generals eyes widened in shock, “Have that idiot brought to me immediately, I never gave such authority…, he had better have a good explanation for this blunder or his head will be presented to the king…, the doctor is a personal friend of our king, and he went as far as adopting her as one of his royal daughters, hurry bring that idiot here immediately or your heads will be taken as well,” shouted the irate and very upset General, who was wondering how he could rectify this terrible mistake.

As the captain was dragged in by a dozen fully armed guards he was protesting and shouting as he was brought to account for his actions before the General. The doctor smiled. “Oh hi…, I did tell you that you had no idea as to what I could do…, I did try and warn you, but you ignored me and now look who is captive and who is free,” said the doctor.

The Captain was enraged. “How dare you release my prisoner,” said the enraged Captain to the General. “I was ordered by the Prince himself to use any means necessary to enable us to win this war, his majesty shall hear of this and have your head,” shouted the Captain, and thinking himself special and a friend to the Royal Prince.

The General remained calm. “Did the Royal Prince order you to attack a Royal Daughter?”

“No of course not that would be suicidal, and I would lose my head,” replied the Captain. “Quite so…, quite so, and yet you did just that…, you see the doctor here is an adopted daughter to the king, and much loved by him I might also say…, I think you overstepped your authority and about right by now, his Royal highness your King is been informed, that his beloved adopted daughter was chained, disrespected and brought here at gun point after been brought here in a military trap. I wonder what he will say and do?” stated the General.

The Captain dropped to his knees. “Impossible how could this person be known to our King let alone become a beloved Royal adopted daughter?” fear had gripped him, and he realised if this was true then his head would roll before the day was out.

“Captain I might ask the King to spare your life if you can return my friend to me unharmed,” said the doctor. The Captains eyes widened, and the doctor could see sweat dripping from his forehead. “Captain I do hope my friend has not been harmed…, where is she and how did you get the positronic crystal from her?”

“She is alive doctor…, I can confirm that much.”

“Is she harmed Captain…, I really do hope not for your sake, you see I hate violence, especially when it is committed upon the weak and helpless.” The General gave immediate orders for the doctor’s friend to be located and if harmed to be treated and then brought to the doctor. “I was ordered to bring this war to an end by any means necessary…, I was only following orders,” screamed the now scared Captain.

“Did you try negotiating for peace, you see I know my friends race, and they are a peaceful people, all you needed do was to talk with them, it would have been much easier than the use of force, and the inevitable suffering and such loss of life.”

The Captain lowered his head as two of the Kings personal guards arrived to speak with the General. “Sir we have been ordered to arrest immediately who so ever was responsible for the attack upon a Royal daughter and have him imprisoned in the king’s dungeons until morning, and where they will face trial of treason.”

“No, no...,” screamed the Captain as he was dragged away and locked in the Royal dungeons.

The two young crew members rode the flying horses with joy but ensured they both held themselves firmly to the horses for fear of falling off. The view was spectacular and as their positronic watches shielded them in an energy bubble of air, they were able to breathe.

Within a few minutes the horses took their passengers to a nearby planet and rather than land upon the surface, they both dived directly into a deep ocean passenger included and swam underwater going deeper and deeper until they entered an underwater cave and ventured inside.

Once they passed through the cave’s entrance a huge bolder closed off the way behind them, and the horses continued swimming taking their now scared passengers deeper and deeper into the mountain. After another two minutes of travel the horses emerged onto firm land, it was amazing as a city lay hidden deep under water and having been built within the inside of a mountain so the invading aliens could not see or discover them.

Before the doctor had arrived, Advantec had the misfortune of returning to the surface to look for survivors but was caught herself by the shape shifter who was pretending to be an injured child. The deception had worked and Advantec was arrested and interrogated, but she had refused to disclose where the others were hiding. So, the Captain had ordered her to be tortured and she was placed onto a rack and her arms and legs were stretched until she screamed in agony.

It was then Advantec told the Captain that she was trying to call her time travelling doctor friend for help. This caught his interest and he examined the crystallised object he had taken from Advantec. “How do you operate this object, and just what is it?” inquired the Captain.

Advantec’s torture was far from over, but for now the Captain had released the pressure and allowed Advantec to explain. “You hold it within the hand and squeeze tightly, it will quickly pick up upon your bodies vibrations, and works from the harmonic energy everybody has. That empowers it and then you think of the doctor and gently release your grip.”

“I do not understand what happens then”. “It will emit a sub-sonic signal on a quantum level and travel through sub-space and be intercepted by the Time Machine,” stated Advantec.

The Captain looked at Advantec and then laughed. “Thank you, a Time Machine you say, His Royal Highness will be pleased by such a gift.” The Captain then turned to the guards, and ordered then to burn her eyes out, and have her thrown back into the dungeons.

Both Joshua and Jessabelle were greeted by Advantec’s people. “Advantec told us she was going to call the doctor for help, we had her followed in case she got herself into trouble, been a nurse she is over trusting and when she saw an injured child, it was in her nature to go and offer help. Only it was a trap and one of those hated skin walkers, it captured her and took her away, but we knew the doctor would come, as Advantec had promised and was certain the doctor would come to our aid.”

Joshua looked at the alien friend of Advantec, “My name is Joshua, and this is Jessabelle we are part of the doctor’s crew, the doctor realised this was a trap, but for some reason openly walked into it and allowed herself to be captured.” Advantec’s friend who was named Chelned, looked surprised, “Then we are doomed if the doctor cannot help us, and then we will have no one else to turn to.”

“Oh, I am certain the doctor will return and still help you,” said Jessabelle. Joshua agreed, “And we can help in the meantime,” said Joshua.

But Chelned laughed. “You are both children what could you do that grown adults could not.” But Joshua simply smile, “First I am like the doctor only much younger, none the less it might not look it, but I assure you would be very surprised as to what I could do, and Jessabelle here is very experienced at working by the doctor’s side, tell me what happened to drive you underground and into hiding,” inquired Joshua.

Chelned looked at the young man and smiled, “Our government tried to ignore the initial terror attacks upon its people and land. But they continued and the leaders insisted on talks, ensuring its citizens they could find common ground. But the terrorists took this as weakness and increased its early attacks, and even then, the leaders forbid anyone fighting back, having those who did, arrested and imprisoned. So, the people rioted and there was a split with most hiding and trying to survive, yet even then the stupid leaders refused to fight back and ordered the military and intelligence services to not open fire even if our people were being murdered in cold blood.”

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