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The Doctor - Book Four

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Chapter Three.

Joshua and Jessabelle looked shocked. “Yes, the doctor kind of told us about your early history, only we had not known you rioted and that some of you chose to hide…, how many of you escaped and what was this place, it is incredible.”

“As for how many escaped…, to our estimation just over twenty thousand. As for what is this place or facility, it is one of four huge underground domed cities which were been built by my company in preparation for the next celestial shower, only this one apparently will last for over two years and arrives according to our scientists every five thousand years.”

Chelned explained her company had been working in the Polar Regions and her scientists had discovered that the planet was bombarded by meteors every five thousand years, but the leaders refused to listen, much I guess like your doctors told us upon your earth with global warming.

“Well I took the threat seriously and formed an alliance with various partners who like me wanted to preserve life upon our planet, so we started constructing deep underground shelters, only the aliens arrived, and at first it was small terror attacks, but then they increased. So, our leaders called a neighbouring planet to come to our aid, they did and slaughtered everyone, our leaders included.”

Both Joshua and Jessabelle were shocked. “Why…, why would they do that, it does not make sense,” said Jessabelle. But Joshua thought some seconds and then spoke. “Were these aliens responsible for the initial terror attacks?” Chelned nodded her head indicating yes. “I feared as much, they possibly came to the same findings regarding the celestial shower and not realising your planet was to suffer the same fate, and they must have thought they could take refuge by stealing your planet from you.”

Chelned looked amazed at the young man’s answer, “Amazing that is what my highest paid technical advisors and scientists have told me, at least here inside these underground cities we will be safe…, but anyone caught in the outside and upon the surface will die.” Joshua smiled, “Oh the doctor will be OK, and she has a knack for surviving, I am certain she will be here soon.” “No…, you do not understand our intelligence has informed us your doctor is in the dungeons and to be executed in a few days,” replied Chelned.

The doctor was brought before the King. “Doctor how wonderful to see you again, come here and give your adopted father a big hug,” The doctor walked over and hugged the King, “It is truly good to be with you again, but I wish it was under better circumstances.”

“Yes, it would appear that crazy son of mine has over stretched his authority and attacked a sovereign world without my permission.”

The doctor looked at her friend the King, “Truly you did not order these attacks,”

“No I give you my word…, I have only just learnt that it was my son who ordered the terror attacks upon our neighbouring planet, and when they sought our help I ordered my son to send his armies to their aid, only the blundering idiot was behind the attacks and used it to invade my friends and a Sovereign world. I have ordered his immediate arrest and for him to be brought to me to explain his actions.”

The doctor looked scared, “I fear that my old friend might have been a mistake, I do not know where your son acquired the help, but he has a troop of alien skin walkers with him, and I know they are not native to your world.” No sooner had the doctor finished talking when the Royal Prince with what appeared to be his father the King by his side ordered the Royal troops to take the doctor and an imposter who was pretending to be the King.

The troops stormed the Royal palace, but those within the Royal Palace and who were loyal to the true king resisted and locked down the castle bringing it under siege, but the true king remained inside safe and with the doctor.

“Oh, dear what has that stupid idiot of a son gone and done now,” shouted the enraged King. “It would appear at a guess one of the skin walkers has assumed your appearance and is working with your son to take over your kingdom.” “No, no my son would not do such a thing…, would he.” At that moment the Captain of the Royal guard entered. “Your Highness your son has ordered your immediate imprisonment and that of the doctor, he claims you are an imposter and trying to prevent the taking over of a world.”

The King laughed…, “The young pup thinks he is all grown up, I should have expected this he was always spoiled by his mother and over confident in his abilities.”

“Where is your Queen my Lord, can she not stop this impertinent Prince.”

“My wife died two years ago doctor, she became mysteriously ill and died before my physicians could even treat her.”

“I am sorry your Lord…, truly I am, she was a good wife and a wonderful queen,” replied the doctor.

The castle remained under siege, so the doctor came up with a plan. “Your highness, do you have a means of communicating with your son, as I might know away, we can end this charade.”

The King smiled, “You always were an astute one, that is what drew me to you all those years ago upon that planet, and where we first met…, tell me what are you planning,” the doctor smiled and informed the King of her plan.

The doctor examined the communication device. “Yes, I should be able to adapt this with my positronic watch to guide me and relay the signal to all communication devices upon this and the neighbouring planet,” stated the doctor. The King smiled, “Excellent I shall order my guards to be ready.” At that the doctor started adjusting the communication systems and linked them into a fazed loop with the planet and that of Advantec’s home world.

As the system activated the doctor communicated with Joshua and Jessabelle. “Are you both safe, Ah I can see you are with Advantec’s people, good Joshua I will need your help so listen very carefully and access your positronic watch, as I need you to look up Scent Sand Worms from the planet Arrakis, and prepare your mind so you can become one…, do you understand what I am asking if you?”

Joshua nodded his head and spoke. “Yes, I believe so doctor, but give me time please, as I am unpractised and…,” but the doctor interrupted. “Nonsense you are of Royal Blue blood, and a Time traveller or and a ruler of time, concentrate and remember my earlier words when your mind was evolving, believe in yourself and become that of your desires.”

The doctor then activated the communication screen so the two planets could simultaneously hear and view what was transpiring. “You’re Royal Highness Prince Quveck, how good it is to actually meet you now you are all grown up, I was so sorry to learn of your mother’s sudden demise, it must have been such a shock to everyone, yes including you.”

The Prince was taken aback by the sudden unexpected communication. “And just who am I talking too,” inquired the prince and then told his technicians to cut the signal feed, and not realising the two worlds were watching. “Technicians cut this dam signal it is the doctor, and my father’s stupid adopted daughter…, yes the one I had tried to kill and take her time machine, now cut this feed or I will have your heads.”

The doctor smiled knowing the Princes technicians could not cut the signal no more than the Prince could fly. “Oh, dear your royal highness’ do you not recognise me, why I am one of your sisters and am here with the King your father.” At that moment the screen showed the Royal rooms and the King sitting upon his Royal Throne and the doctor at his right side sitting next to him.

The doctor continued talking. “We do not understand, why have you ordered your fathers arrest, and who gave you authority to attack a sovereign world.” “That is an imposter and you most certainly are not my sister, the true King is here with me and he authorised the attack for our own survival,” shouted the now irate Prince. “Nonsense Quveck you worm, our father is here with us and I and your twelve brothers and sisters can verify that, we have been here with our king and father all the time, it is you who has turned traitor and against our people and king,” said the oldest and most recognised of the Royal princess’s.

The doctor paused and there was silence for a time. “Prince Quveck allow me to give you a lesson in history, you can attack, torture and murder innocent people especially those of your neighbouring world, and who only want to live in peace, but eventually if you push too hard, well as your sister called you a worm, I shall use that analogy, the worm will turn, and before you know it, you will not be fighting a meek and peaceful nation, but a monstrous worm over 500 metres long and able to swallow whole battleships in one gulp like those found upon the planet Arrakis, and what I have brought here with me to aid my friends.”

Just then the view was interrupted as warning sirens alerted the Prince to immediate danger, and a huge sand worm over sixty metres in length erupted from the desert and loomed high towering into the sky.

The two words looked in utter horror at the sight of this huge worm, as did the Royal Prince. “The worm has turned your Royal Highness and they are now under my control which I shall hand over to your Father the rightful and true King, surrender now and come before your father and King, and seek his mercy while you still can, I beg of you Prince Quveck this can end now and your two worlds can live in peace which is what your Father and his people want.”

“Well my Father is a fool, I am trying to protect my people, there is a Celestial Storm coming and he refused to listen, I took this action to save my people,” said the Prince.

The King spoke next, “My son war is never the answer unless you have no other options, yes the doctor has told me and confirmed a celestial Storm will soon be upon us, but it will hit this planet as well, and the doctors friends assure me there is shelter and that we can resolve these differences, war and death is not the answer…, these were and still are our friends…, you went against my will and will have to be held accountable, but you will be alive, and safe, stop this foolish action now, or I will be forced to set the Sand worms upon you and then you and my army will all die for certain…, come home son and end this foolish war.”

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