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The Doctor - Book Five

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Chapter Two.

Word had quickly spread among the Fay that the doctor was here, and that she had responded to a call for help from the human warden John Penn. The Mattock’s a vicious looking werewolf type creature guarded the entry to the labyrinth of tunnels, and already one had been killed by the Kelpies. The Mattock had put up a brave fight and her efforts had given the pixies long enough to warn the others and triple Mattock guards were placed at all entry points, and then all entry points were firmly sealed, yet they knew if the Kelpies attacked in force, then they would break through, but while they still had a healthy supply of food from inquisitive humans then they would remain by the sea.

Pixelar the queen of the Pixies, ordered for the doctor to be contacted and brought before her as she sought to ensure the doctor and her two assistance were aware of what was at stake, and she also wanted it known that she had taken every measure possible in retaining the help from the time lord, and the true guardian of her kind.

An agreement had been made many thousands of years ago, when the Fay freely walked the earth, and not fearing humans, only as time went by humans were becoming more and more sophisticated, and in time they sought the magic of the Fay, and a war was set into place. Wizards were developed from human Fay marriage, and huge dragons were summons to protect the Fay from the ever growing menace of humans.

Merlin the great wizard was forced to step in, and he brought the doctor with him, and established a treaty of a sort, where the Fay became the guardians of the underworld. In the United Kingdom, Glastonbury Tor and the Abbey became the entry points into the world of Fay. Within Berkshire, Black Park had a hidden entry point near to the lake, and in Cheddar, the caves led deeply into the Fays world.

But it was Portland where the main colony of Pixies and Fay lived, as they enjoyed the Sea, as it provided a bounty of food, including Sea Weed and crustaceans, and within the area of Church Hope Cove, and it offered them security knowing the human King had given them a Charter to live their lives unhindered by human kind, and appointed a warden to watch over them for their safety.

Only they knew the doctor and trusted her, John Penn was a good kind person, but he was also human and did not have the gifts or abilities of the doctor, and yes he had been wise in finding a way to summons the doctor, the Fay had tried but had long since lost the positronic crystal given to them by the doctor, believing it to have been stolen by one William Shakespeare, but they had been unable to retrieve it and were left undefended until John Penn had accepted the commission from his king.

The Fay knew if these monstrous Kelpies discovered the entry point to the labyrinth of tunnels, then they could merge anywhere within the United Kingdom, including Scotland, and that humans would soon start to die. Also the tunnels led to the portal where the Fay entered within a parallel dimension at Glastonbury Tor, and they lived unhindered by mankind. Should the Kelpies discover the Portal then they would gain access to the Kingdom of Fay, or could destroy the portal entrapping the Fay from ever returning again.

As such fear had gripped them, and they armed themselves for yet another magical war. Only they knew the Kelpies had magic in their own right, and that there was no knowing just how many more awaited to occupy the Mainland shores. Also the Kelpies were hideous meat eating monsters and not a single Fay relished the thought of facing such a beast.

Been eaten alive was by far not the best of ways to die, and yes the Fay would fight, but it would be like a cat thinking it could take down a bull elephant by itself. If the Fay united then yes they stood a chance, but there was no telling in just how many kelpies were ready to follow their queen, and leave the comfort of the sea and venture onto the Mainland.

Only time would tell, and until then everything needed to be undertaken to prevent the invasion and war, and a mediator needed to find a way of bringing this problem to a peaceful end, without if possible further loss of human or Fay life.

The Kelpie Queen looked across the waves and saw the doctor talking with John Penn, and even though they were high above the water’s edge looking down onto the sea from the balcony of John’s new home, she could hear every word been spoken. Her singing broke their concentration and the haunting melody drifted upon the waves and even though the wind was not blowing in their direction, the sound lifted their spirits and made them want to go to the water’s edge.

As the doctor looked down towards the rocky shore, there she saw three of Penn’s workmen caught in the kelpie’s hypnotic trap, and they were being drawn into the water.

Suddenly from out of the waves three huge Kelpies emerged and took hold of the men and dragged them screaming to their death. The doctor screamed a warning but they had been so caught up in the trance of the mystical haunting sound…, that the doctor’s shouts had gone unheard.

Penn looked enraged, “That’s the fourth time a work crew has fallen victim…, I keep warning these stupid men, but after a few drinks they forget and fall victim to the enticements of those monsters…, if this keeps up it will become difficult to recruit good workmen, and I want my home finished and this problem sorted.”

“Such loss of life is never good, but if they were warned…, well then there is little else you can do, it is not as if they are children.”

“I know doctor, I can only assume they do not believe me or the other locals who try to warn them, and they want to see for themselves…, yet you would think they would treasure their lives and at least take notice when so many are trying to keep them alive.”

The doctor thought over Penn’s words, “Curiosity can be a good thing…, but in this instance I would say it has only increased our problem…, as the Kelpies have found a ready supply of food, they can also see the men working and that increases their desire to stay..., that could be used to our advantage.”

Penn looked at his old friend, “Grandfather warned me you were an astute woman and to never underestimate you…, I remember your visits when I was but a child and even then you fascinated me, and look as young and beautiful today as you did then.” The doctor laughed “Flattery keep it up it is good to lift my spirit, this is a dangerous assignment and I am still unsure how we can win this one,” said the doctor.

There was a knock upon the drawing room door, and in entered a soldier, “Captain Wilson Sir reporting for duty, I have been sent by His Majesties Guards and to replace the seven men lost in battle Sir.”

Penn accepted the written orders from the guardsman. “Excellent Captain., are you acquainted with the situation?”

“Yes Sir His Royal Highness has taken a personal interest, and me and my men were handpicked from his reserves, we are familiar with the Fay Sir, and as for Kelpies we assisted the Royal Navy one time where Kelpies were ensnaring sailors to their death…, we drove them from their home and have not seen or heard of them again Sir.”

“Did you,” replied the doctor, “Well I suspect you made them very angry and now they have taken residence here at Church Hope Cove, only they brought their own Royal guard with them…, and these Captain will not succumb to your efforts quite as easily.”

“And just who might you be Mam, to make you a female such an expert in military matters.”

Penn almost choked at the Captains rude and abrupt reply. “Captain that was out of order, this is the doctor and she is my personal guest, apologise at once or His majesty shall hear of your rudeness.”

The Captains eyes widened, “You are not by any chance The Doctor, the one whom.,” but his words were cut short. “Yes Captain this is she, and I have no need to warn you the doctor is known and loved by His Majesty…, now I do believe an apology is in order.”

The Captain stood to attention and saluted the doctor. “Apologies Mam, I truly did not know you were here, and that you were that Famous Doctor, when the servants said Mr Penn here was with a doctor, it did not register they meant The true and real Doctor, I truly apologise Mam, truly so.”

“Apology accepted Captain,” replied the doctor. “Thank you for coming so quickly, when I heard how your predecessors died, it truly upset me, they were brave men.”

“Thank you, Mam, no soldier likes to think of his fellow colleagues dying, but duty is duty, and from what I heard they saved more lives than they lost…, as brutal as it was Mam.”

The doctor turned to Penn, “John would you permit me to request that the Captain here have two of his best men posted by the cemetery and the steps next to Rufus Castle. That way they can prevent any further loss of life by refusing access down to the beach.”

“Excellent idea doctor, but will that not only increase the problem, and drive the Kelpies onto the shore and back into the caves looking for more food?”

“Yes in time that is most likely what will happen, but it will also give me time as I need to visit the Pixie queen and talk with the Mattock’s, they are the guardians of the tunnels, and must not be overlooked, after all they are a formidable warrior in their own right and just one single Mattocks’ is equivalent to nine good men like the Captain here when in battle.”

“Excuse me Mam but I have never seen a Mattocks’…, just what makes them such good warriors Mam?” The doctor smiled and looked at John Penn. “Have you not seen one Captain, then we must fix that immediately, I just so happen to need a good strong soldier like you to accompany me on a dangerous mission, do you think you could accompany me Sir, I would feel so much safer knowing a Captain of the Kings Reserves was by my side.”

The Captain almost blushed, and John Penn had to bite down hard to stop himself from laughing. “Yes Mam it would be an honour to be by your side…, when do we leave?” “Immediately Captain, and thank you I will feel all the much safer knowing you are beside me,” replied the doctor trying to keep a straight face and avoiding eye contact with Penn.

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