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The Doctor - Book Six

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A fight of dominance and for power as the time Lords select a new leader while the return of dinosaurs attacking humanity, can Joshua save the day? Joshua looked at the group of Time Lords before him and he could see the anger within the master’s eyes. “Was it he who caused this rift and took you from me doctor?” All eyes looked upon the ex-master, “Yes son, but now we need you, he can no longer harm you, as we have stripped him of his authority and the Nexus will no longer listen to him.” Joshua focused his mind and enwrapped it around all present, and they gassed at his power and united with him in one final effort to repair the broken time line and heal the rift in the fabric of time itself. Their planet started moving away from the time line and after some minutes it cleared the rift, and the Time Lords started repairing the damage. Then something unprecedented and unexpected happened. The Nexus recognised the child and its powers and drew upon it to heal itself and create a new living time vault. As the Time Lords planet once again regained its original orbit, the Nexus reached out and ensnared the master and drew him into the heart of the newly created time vault, and then spoke into Joshua’s mind. ..........

Children / Fantasy
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Chapter One.




No sooner had the doctor left John Penn and the Fay, when her Time Machine locates a signal from Joshua’s father calling for help. Aliens have invaded earth, and to make matters worse the Dinosaurs from an earlier adventure have escaped and are causing serious problems. The shape shifters are fighting for their lives and the aliens are determined to eliminate all who get in their way, and as the doctor rushes to the aid of her friends her Time Machine is intercepted, leaving only young Joshua to take on the aliens and try to save his father and loved ones and the earth included.

Can the doctor escape the trap, and can Joshua at such a young age face these aliens alone and win the day?

Upon the home world of the doctor the rulers of time were holding a meeting. “I do not care if it is the doctor, she should not have interfered and who might I ask authorised her to create a new Time Lord?”

“Well actually she did not create him, as he was accidently contaminated and,” but the debate was cut short. “I do not care if it was an accident, it was the doctor whom intervened and enabled the child to become one of us.”

The Master of the Time Lords was very angry, it had been millions of years since such a creation came about, and that was the actual master himself, and now he was concerned this new Time Lord might, just might have even greater powers than he, and this scared him.

His transformation came about by an experiment many millions of years in the past, and when he had been from an alien world and was dying, and the then doctor had experimented using the very energy from her Time Machine, and the child survived and transformed into an eternal, only to grow into the strongest and become the chosen master of the Time Lords.

Now he feared another could grow even stronger than he, and he wanted the child brought under his control, so he ordered the doctors Time Machine to be located and entrapped to give an account for her actions, and to hopefully take young Joshua into his custody.

As the doctor and Joshua prepared to travel back towards earth, Joshua sensed a small ripple within time itself. “Doctor did you feel that?” the doctor momentarily ignored Joshua as she quickly re-configured her Time Machine. “Yes sorry Joshua but I fear it is the Time Lords themselves trying to interfere and capture you, you see you are an anomaly to them, and I believe a certain.”

But the doctor’s words were cut short as the Time Machine was yanked off course throwing the doctor and young Joshua to the ground. “Dear Lord they have risked opening a time rift, they are mad, that could destroy time itself,” shouted the doctor. “Quick Joshua use your skills and transport yourself to your father, I will come as soon as I can sort this out, quickly go now,” said the doctor.

Joshua did not hesitate and gathered his energy, transporting himself as a living Time Machine to earth and to help his father. The doctor had no sooner seen the young man vanish when a ball of energy surrounded her Time Machine and started drawing it back to her home world.

This action in itself had created a rip in the very fabric of time, as the designated master of the Time Lords had over stepped his authority, it had been put to the vote and was a draw, yet the master used his position of ruler and designated leader to override the decision, and draw upon the reserves of energy of their very planet, and drawing it into time itself and creating a rip within the very fabric of time.

The Time Lords and their home world lived outside of time, this was the very reason they could travel at will anywhere along the time line, and use the living Time Machines to enter and leave without destroying the fabric of time. In the master’s desperation to reach out to young Joshua and to ensnare an actual Time Machine, the master had broken all accepted rules, and taken the very life giving energy of their planet and focused it upon the doctor and her Time Machine, ripping it away from its intended course, and causing a dangerous rip within the fabric of time.

Joshua materialised within an alien spaceship, and their before him was his father. “Dad are you all right?” Peter looked stunned to see his son materialise from apparent thin air. “Josh is that you,” he said quietly, as he was being held prison within one of the many rooms, which the aliens were using as prison cells. “Shish quietly son you do not want the aliens to know you are here, as they take the children and force them to work within the mines back on earth, they are stripping our planet of its resources and human life means so little to them.

Joshua looked at his father, “I can free you dad and take you home,”

“No son, home no longer exists, and as strange as this sounds, it is safer here upon this alien ship, as I have been designated along with some three thousand other humans for their food supply. Back upon earth you are either killed on sight or taken for their food.”

“But dad I cannot leave you alone.”

“I am not alone Joshua, we planned this.” “We…, who is we, you are alone in here dad, and you need my help.”

“No listen son your doctor’s friends are with me, you know, the ones who eat the dinosaurs.”

Just then Joshua noticed a rippling motion as two shape shifting warriors appeared. “Master Joshua it is good to see you again, do not worry your father is safe with us.” At that for a brief few seconds over five hundred warriors appeared all fully armed and ready for action, and then in the blink of an eye, they were gone again, and the room looked as I it was stacked full of packing crates.

Peter smiled, “The aliens set me aside as they believe I have some type of control over the monsters as they call them, Graytac transformed himself into a dinosaur, and they saw me walking by its side, I was to be designated for food originally but when their leaders learnt of my supposed abilities, I was sectioned aside and eventually placed in here, fortunately the shape shifters transformed into an alien raiding party and had me bought aboard one of their military shuttles and I was brought here and locked away, only the shape shifters remained to protect me.”

Joshua smiled. “Cool dad, we got your signal, but the doctor had other business even more important than this, so I came to help by myself, but the doctor will follow soon dad so all will be OK.”

“I fear you put too much trust in the doctor Joshua, you must learn son to stand on your own and not always depend upon others, yes, it is good when others come to your aid, but in life son that does not always happen.”

Just then a noise was heard as a group of aliens entered the corridor leading to where the humans were being kept as food. “Shush son, quick hide or they might discover you if they decide to question me.” Joshua remained calm and merged into the wall beside him, until he could no longer be seen. The Aliens entered a different room, and screams were heard as five humans were dragged away to be cut up, cooked and eaten.

Then two guards cut themselves from the group and walked towards the room Peter was being held within, as the door unlocked Peter lay upon the floor as if he had been injured. As the door opened just in the shadows of the room lay Peter and it looked as if a packing case had fallen upon him. As the aliens entered they walked into the room and the door mysteriously closed behind them.

They turned only to face a pack of hungry looking T-Rex’s and the aliens were torn to pieces and eaten before they could even scream. Joshua looked in shock horror at the blood and guts upon the floor, but was pleased his father was still alive and safe. Within seconds over a hundred shape shifting warriors transformed themselves to look like the aliens, and then they left to release the human prisoners and to try and take over the space ship, while the remaining shape shifters stayed by Peters side.

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