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The Doctor - Book Six

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Chapter Two.

The doctor fought to bring her Time Machine back under her control and almost succeeded and managing to break free from the energy field in the last few moments. When the Time Lords had realised what had been undertaken in their name there was a rebellion and those who had opposed the master used their skills and energy to aid the doctor in breaking the energy field, so the doctors Time Machine materialised upon safe ground, and unseen from the master.

When the connection was broken the energy whiplashed back directly into the master and momentarily dividing his atomic structure into fragmented parts. As he struggled to regain control the Time Lords surrounded the master entrapping him within a time bubble, and leaving him greatly weakened and unable to defend himself.

The second in command took control, “Guards have the master imprisoned for treason and attempting to destroy the fabric of time.” All even the guards could see the rift developing within time itself and it was growing, not only had the master endanger the time line in the energy he had used, he had drawn their world towards the rift, and endangering their planet and existence.

Even the Time Lords who had voted for the doctor being held accountable had not sanctioned such use of force, and now they united with the other Time Lords to ensure the master was held imprisoned within a time bubble and to never be released again. Their law on protecting the fabric of time was sacred, and death was the only punishment for it being broken.

The doctor was taken to safety and informed as to what had happened. “Dear lord what possessed the master to take such a risk, time itself is fragmenting, we may never be able to heal this rift,” said the doctor. Just then guards arrived to escort the doctor to the leaders of their world. “It is alright doctor these are my personal guards and follow my orders only,” said the number four in command. “The leaders are evenly split and no authority can now be given to harm you, you will be looked after and the number two is in temporary command now, and she acknowledges it was not your fault or doing in creating a new time lord, you merely showed mercy to an unwell child, and not realising at the initial time what had happened.”

“You are remarkably well informed.”

“Unlike some I did my homework and had staff travel back into time to interview the young man’s family, according to the father you are a saint, but certainly you saved the child’s life.”

As the doctor was led away her Time Machine vanished so it could spend time and start to heal itself. The rift had opened itself into sub-space, and the alternate universe became open for travelling from one space to the other. Frantically the time Lords were forced to unite and try to repair the rift, they were fraught with fatigue, yet continued doing all within their abilities to stop the rift from destroying the time line.

The doctor herself volunteered her services and was accepted; every possible hand was needed. “We need the master, if we release him then we stand a chance of repairing the rift,” said the doctor.

“NO, nonsense it was he who caused this by trying to snatch you from time, knowing he risked ripping the very fabric of time itself if he lost control.” “That well may be, but we still need him, our minds are not strong enough by ourselves, and if we fail…, well it will destroy us all,” replied the doctor.

The Time Lords concurred among themselves and eventually agreed they had no other option. “We agree doctor, but you do realise the master will never forgive you.”

“It was I who created him and if need be it will be I who will face him when the time comes, but for now do we all agree he is to be stripped of rank and removed from the council of leaders.”

“Agreed, agreed, agreed, stated the leaders three times sealing the masters fate and having him removed from ever leading his kind again.

Joshua carefully observed all that was going on around him, “Dad how many ships are there.”

“At least a thousand son if not more, and if you were thinking it was to be that easy, then you would be dreaming son. This is no comic book or one of those stories you used to love reading, these aliens are real, they are flesh and blood and are killing people.”

There was no reply from Joshua only silence as he thought over the problem before them. “Tell me dad, how did you become involved, I left you safely at home with.” But just then there were screams and an explosion, and the huge ship lurched to one side, and precariously remained suspended in the air.

All aboard fought to right themselves as they were thrown off balance and with some becoming injured. “It looks as if Graytac and the others have reached engineering, I do not think this ship will be going anywhere for quite some time,” shouted Peter as he rallied the remaining human prisoners and his shape shifters to aid the others, and fight off any resistance.

Joshua sensed something was wrong and for a brief few seconds he transported himself into the future, quickly he returned and reached his father and then placing his hands upon the hull of the huge ship, Joshua became a human time machine and took the ship and all of its contents back to Africa and materialised along with the ship deep in the valley floor.

No sooner had the huge alien ship vanished when several explosions ripped into open space were the vessel had once been. Fellow aliens fired upon their own injured ship believing it to have become compromised and rather than allow such technology fall into enemy hands they tried to destroy the ship. When the explosions were over there was no trace of the alien ship, and it was believed to be utterly destroyed, so the aliens continued with their invasion.

All around the downed ship huge dinosaurs roamed, including Raptors and the T-Rex’s. They could smell blood and cautiously came to the ship looking for food. “Dad stop we are back in Africa; I was forced to bring the ship here as it was about to be destroyed.”

“What son, what are you talking about.” Joshua stopped, he was angry with his father. “Dad I am no longer the child you once knew, think please and try and remember what the doctor told you…, the aliens were about to destroy this ship and with all of us inside, so I had to act, and the only safe place I could think of was the valley in Africa.”

Peter blinked looking out of one of the huge windows, there he saw trees and dinosaurs, huge dinosaurs, and almost all the meat eaters were approaching the damaged ship. “Watch out,” shouted Peter as a huge T-Rex rammed into the side of the ship, and all those near to windows viewed the huge monsters outside.

The shape shifters realised they were back home and quickly opened one of the exits so the remaining alive aliens could escape, as the shape shifters forced the panicked aliens towards the open exit, they fled as to their eyes there were monsters also inside and at least outside they stood a chance of escaping. As the last alien exited through the open door, the shape shifters sealed it shut behind them.

Frantically the aliens ran for cover, some were armed with weapons and tried fighting back, but the sheer number and speed of the Raptors was too much for them. Later a pack of hungry and angry T-Rex’s came in for the kill forcing the Raptors aside, but even then as they were in numbers they fought back, giving a few aliens a chance to escape.

It was a scene of carnage from outside of the huge downed alien ship, body parts lay strewn in the grass as various dinosaurs fought for the food, while other more adventurous ones snuck in quickly and ran off with the body parts and leaving the larger beast to fight over food that was no longer there.

As night fell and then the new day started only a few dinosaurs remained, they had not found a way inside the downed ship but could still smell the aliens who had escaped on the wind and had gone looking for them. After a time, Peter had the shape shifters gather all the dead bodies and had them placed into an area of the ship near to a damaged cargo door, knowing that in time the larger beasts would force the door open and dispose of the bodies.

Then Peter and the others sealed all further doors to prevent access, and then went to the rear of the ship where they found various weapons and several shuttles along with supplies of water and even more munitions. “We can use these said Joshua,”

“Yes, but only if absolutely necessary,” replied Graytac, we saw how ineffective these weapons were against the larger beasts, and the noise and spilt blood will only attract the meat eaters, and those we shall need to avoid.”

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