The Hands of Time - Book Two

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The Life of young Sparrow as the next generation grow and take over the family empire, of Love, tragedy, trauma and resolve, Faith and hope........... Intelligence gathered later from their homes and computers had implicated a large section of the travelling families, and as death was involved, warrants were issued and homes were raided across the UK and Europe, and eventually resulted in over three hundred arrests. From direct involvement against the loss of life at the Air Field, to conspiracy to murder and human trafficking. The shock had been too much for Janet, and seven days after the mass arrest, she died, and been unable to have the strength to continue. I was heartbroken, and myself devastated by the loss of his wife. My only conciliation was I knew she was to return to her first estate and was to be with our lost family and loved ones. Retaliation was expected from the travellers, and intelligence had warned me that an attempt was to be made on my life. I could take no more, and my heart was broken, my wife was no longer by my side, and I was myself now an old man. My family had grown, and were themselves living their lives, and I finally laid upon my bed, closed my eyes, and by morning, the care persons found that I had departed this world, and to join with my beloved wife.

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Chapter One.

Book 2.

The Hands of Time –The next generation.

Just before the end of the trial, the reporting restrictions were lifted, however by the request of the families involved and from Janet and me, the judge enforced severe restrictions on reporting about the child and his evidence.

Little Sparrow was please that he had done the right thing, as once when he was in the playground, a child came up to him and started playing, later they started reading a book together and then the child was called to go home, however he told little sparrow that he could keep the book, and if he was there next week that he could give it back to him.

Sparrow was pleased as he had enjoyed having this slightly older boy reading the book to him, and he really wanted to learn what happened to the main character. When he got home he pulled the book out of his bag and continued reading it, later he turned a page to find a letter glued to the page, and it warned him, that if he testified against those people that they would kill his mother and father, and kneecap his sisters.

He showed the letter to his mother, and Janet remained calm not wanting to frighten her son any further, she promised that the next day she would have a member of staff go to a book store and purchase a copy so that he could finish the book.

She then passed the book over to me her husband and explained quietly to him, how our son had come to be given the book. It was then we came to realize that no amount of security could completely protect us, and the best it could do was to offer a reasonable element of protection.

However, from the incident with the letter inside the book, had shown us that it could have been a book bomb, or their lives could have been taken if someone had been prepared to sacrifice their own life in the process.

Even after reviewing the security, it was evident a high level of planning had taken place and that they were very much aware of where the security was and had found ways of passing through their security undetected.

Amazingly little Sparrow had an almost perfect photographic memory, and he was able to not only describe the boy, and what he looked like, colour of eyes, clothes he was wearing, and even the woman who he said was his mother.

What surprised them was his calmness and even though he fully understood the threat, he treated it with no fear or anxiety, and told his mother and father, that if the judge would let him, then he was only to please to tell the truth, and that people should not let such others prevent them from telling the truth.

“Any way” he said, “My angel friend will not let them harm you or my sisters.” There were times that both Janet and I wandered if he really did see angels, or was his amazing photographic memory and ability to recall on such information in a split second that enabled him to put such things together, but then they remembered the dogs, and realized there was no understandable way that their son could have known about that beforehand without having been pre warned, by some divine presence.

In one way this thought scared me as it confused me, as I believed in angels, however I could not understand why I could not see the angel, and why my son, who so obviously had special needs above that to which I was aware that I had required when I was a child, and had been sectioned out in such a special way.

Amazingly the answer came one day, when I realized, that it was the child’s heart, and his faith and trust, which could only come from one who was so pure in thought, and that my son took Gods word as unequivocal truth.

It was then that I realized that was why Joseph Smith had himself been chosen by father God, having wanted to know which church was the right church in which he should follow and worship within.

He was so confused by all the conflicting demands which were been placed upon him, with others stating that their church was the only church of which to follow, and it was only when he was given a copy of the scriptures to read, that in time he came across a verse, and on reading that verse, it was as if a light switch had become illuminated within his head.

The verse read from Epistle James, first chapter and the fifth verse, which reads: If any of you lack wisdom, let him ask of God, that giveth to all men liberally, and up-bradideth not:

Those words penetrated deeply into my heart, and when I have thought over this, I feel they even penetrated into the bone and marrow, to the very heart and core within my higher self, and from that moment forward I took the words as absolute truth.

It is that very same way that I felt my own son was looking upon Gods very words, as if while within the child’s first estate, he had walked and talked with God, and from within the womb and re-birth into this world and a body of flesh, that very trust had continued.

The child knew God was God as much as he knew the sun would rise again the morning and set at night, in his young mind, and although others looked upon him as disabled, and even mentally not quite all there. Been born within the category of requiring special needs, and with the added disadvantage, that like his father’s eyes when he was a child, he needed what others called the bottom of a bottle lenses for his spectacles, as without them, all he could see was a total unfocused blur.

Yet where he lacked in one area, he had a photographic memory, and only needed to look at a page for approximately five seconds, and he could do this in every page of a book, and then tell you the word on say page twenty-seven, third line down and ten words in.

He was correct every time, and in truth, there were times when I was sure that had he thought of it, and put his mind to it, that like the apostle Peter he could have walked on water.

In many ways, I was thankful that my son did not like the water and refused point blank to even step a foot inside a boat. A friend had tried to lift him into one of the ex-army rubber boats, and little Sparrow had gone into such a blind panic, that we actually thought he was having a genuine panic attack, and after that, I never wanted to see my beloved son, suffer like that ever again.

Little Sparrow continued right up until the day of the trial, and until then he had shown no fear, however it was just before he was taken to talk to the judge privately, so the judge could ensure himself that he felt it was the correct thing to do, by calling the child.

Little Sparrow had talked to the judge, telling him that he wanted to study law, and that one day he would himself become a famous judge, and his confidence was heart-warming, however when he started talking about what had happened, little Sparrow expressed to the judge what it was that was troubling him.

He did not want to see the men again, as they had scared him, and he did not want to look into their eyes or have them looking at him, they scared him, and when he showed the judge a copy of the letter which had been passed onto him in the playground.

The judge could understand the child’s concerns and before little Sparrow was called into the court, the judge had the men removed from the court room, and then he called the child in, and after my son had delivered his evidence he was allowed to be taken home, while I father and mother remained within the court.

Now as the years had gone by, he had grown, and was like me his farther a genius in mathematics, and that combined with his photographic memory had enabled him to progress in using his brain in the specific areas which he could develop, and he soon fell in love with theoretical physics.

He realized that studying law was beyond him, however he read a book by Stephen Hawkins, and it was as if he found a long lost brother, from that day forward he was in regular contact with Hawkins, and exploring mental theories that men who had studied all their lives and taken PHDs, were baffled by his theories and ability to challenge their papers.

What many of them had not realized that he had read their papers and whatever he could from their previous studies, and to that of others in opposing to those theories and who had written papers of their own.

It was his ability of remembering word for word and been able to draw on such information in an instant, and then utilise those studies and put his own thoughts into the problems. Although there were times when he was wrong, however there were still the times that he proved that his theory was of value.

It was for this very reason, that Hawkins and others took the time to encourage his studies as at his age, they realized if he was guided in the right direction that he could one day hold a professorship of his own, and have a trusted seat in the prestigious Oxford or Cambridge Universities.

Little Dorothy had been so looking forward to her upcoming mission and had loved the idea of been called to serve in China. When she had returned home, little Dorothy took a firm interest in the family business, and often little Sparrow would take over doing the book work and mix in with the young men of his age.

He found the Alien challenge had for a time scared him, until one day he went with the engineers and then he saw how they were made and how they were operating, after that all he could do was laugh, and often he was killed so many times, that he held the world record, for been killed more than any other person.

Such data was stored within the master computer which controlled even the franchised units, and also stored the information of all the individuals who got through uninjured and became a challenge for the as of yet unclaimed prize.

Little Dorothy had met a young man, whose name was Armid James, and it was amazing as she had been helping me her father, and she realized that the coin which I had given her some months past, was no longer hanging around her neck.

She had guessed the chain must have broken, and she set about trying to retrace her steps, there was a group of young men from our church, who had recently retired from the armed forces. A young man had served ten years in the service and was a qualified pilot, and who had been flying the chunnock helicopters.

Also had been injured one day when flying in Afghanistan, some soldiers had been injured and they needed immediate evacuation. He had flown in under heavy fire and rescued seven young soldiers, and two officers, who would have without question, have died if he had not so bravely risked his life to bring them to safety.

However, what no one had realized, was that about four to six minutes after lifting off, and to take the injured to safety, he had a ten-minute flight to take them to the field hospital, and that he had himself taken four bullets, three in his legs and one close to his spine, however he kept calm, and managed to keep control long enough to get those injured to safety, even while been badly injured.

It was only when he had not disembarked himself and had not responded to orders, that it was realized something was wrong. When they had found him, he had passed out from blood loss, and it took four months of medical attention to save his life, however, he was so injured that, it was realized the right leg had been hit so badly that the mussels were torn away, and both of his knees were totally destroyed.

He had heard of Sparrow Armstrong and had contacted him, explaining who he was and what he had been through, and although he was awarded a medal for his actions, he was no longer able to continue in the military and had not known who would employ him, or at that what he could do.

After I had read his file, I had made various enquiries, and asked him if he would come for an interview. At the time I had not known he was an Elder in the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints.

It was only when I had asked him why he had decided to place his life on the line and gone in to rescue his colleagues. Incredibly he was taken aback by the reply, Armid had told him, that he had been helping one of his friends to understand about his faith and church; and that he had promised to take him to a meeting when they got home.

“I had not wanted him dying and leaving before he had been baptised, and as it was, I felt it was also the right thing for me to do, he had replied.

I had prayed and had asked Father God to help me save them,” he said. Then he stopped and grinned, and I could see that he was thinking of something which had amused him. “Well the next time I know that I must also ask Father God to protect me at the same time, father God had helped me rescue them, and not even one of them was even injured any further, all the bullets had penetrated into the cockpit area, and they were armoured piercing and it was a miracle in itself that not one single bullet hit anything of vital importance and that I was able to bring them in safely.”

I was astonished; and I felt humble to sit before this young man, and who had shown such incredible bravery, and even after having both of his legs virtually shot to pieces, he was fortunate no direct arteries were broken, and that he could joke about it with no feelings of bitterness.

Armid had seen the gold chain, it had fallen beneath a machine in the workshop, and had possibly been kicked accidentally and had come to rest in such a way that any person standing could not see it.

However, as he was sitting in a power chair he was able to take a different view to what was under the machines, and he had seen what he thought was a piece of broken gold chain link, and after having retrieved the broken chain, one of his colleagues had realized who it belonged to, and told him it belonged to Dorothy Armstrong.

He had not realized that she was the daughter of his employer, and had taken it to her, and after talking, he had asked her if she would like to go to a concert, and which was been shown in the local Town Hall, it was a quintet, and it had not even occurred to him that she might not have liked this type of music.

His wit and humour had pleased Dorothy and she had felt comfortable with him. Incredibly it was a further three weeks before he was to learn who her parents were, and when they had been out on five dates, she had asked him if he would like to meet her mother. He had thought possibly her father had died or was away, as she had not included him.

He had even asked her, if I was still alive or just away, and my daughter had looked at him with amazement, and then it dawned on her, that he genuinely did not know who her father was, this actually pleased her, as it had shown her that it was her that he genuinely liked, and not her father and his money.

The meeting had gone really well, and before long they had started dating regularly, and we as her parents truly liked the young man, even more so when Dorothy had explained how shocked he was when he had discovered that he was dating his boss’s daughter.

We had asked Dorothy if she wanted to date other men, or was she genuinely sure this was the right young man for her, when Dorothy had told them about the coin, both Janet and I knew that this was to become our new son in law, and that before long our beloved daughter would marry within the temple and in time start a family of her own.

Little Sparrow enjoyed been with Armid and whenever he could he would play him at chess, as he was the only person in all of his father’s employees, who he felt, would not allow him to win, and that he was a great chess player in his own right.

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