The Hands of Time - Book Two

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Chapter Eleven

As the years passed by life for a time was kind and even rewarding, Matt and Dorothy had been negotiating with the Alberta Archaeology department, as they had requested access to part of her land, only the area outside the bounders of the precious forests.

As a attorney had instructed a researcher to view past records of the land, and he had come up with several beautiful examples of reasonably rare and as of yet unidentified bones found by her grandfather when he was just a young man.

Sadly, they had been put into the lowest basement for safe keeping as the war had requested a vast shortage of research funds and the museum where they were being stored at the time, had been working with minimal staff because of the war.

Now that circumstances were so different, they were once more in a position to return to where the bones had been found and to see if further examples could be discovered.

Matt and Dorothy knew young Sparrow Emma’s son was a keen palaeontologist and they realized that this would be a wonderful opportunity for him to learn hands on experience with some of the best teachers in the world of Palaeontology.

After talking to Emma and Andrew, Matt and Dorothy, asked them if they had thought of relocating their home and to come and live in Canada at least until Little Sparrow had acquired an education and had a chance of building his own life, and Dorothy explained that Emma’s father had come to live here when I was a young boy and had loved my time there.

After praying and talking things over with Janet and myself, we all agreed as the move would help to give them the chance, they needed in putting the past behind them.

I spoke to my daughter Dorothy, and between us we released Andrew and offered to give him a position within the business so he could work from home by using the internet and look after his family and also for fill his callings in the church in Canada.

Little Sparrow was asked if he agreed on the Move and if he would like the opportunity of working in the field of Palaeontology. After talking everything over with his parents, he agreed and truly looked forward to such an opportunity.

Matt and Dorothy spoke to the university in Red Deer and explained that the Alberta Archaeology department had shown an interest in her land and were seeking long term permission to excavate part of the land, especially the area where her grandfather had unearthed some rare as of yet unidentified bones.

They knew Dorothy and her family well, as over the years they had contributed vastly to the university and even given scholarships to worthy students who otherwise would never have been able to afford an education.

Dorothy had requested that they would give her grandson an education and assist him in the field of becoming a Palaeontologist. After reviewing his education reports, they agreed and Matt and Dorothy offered the land on the explicit legal condition, that their great grandson be able to work the site from day one until the time he acquires a PHD if that was his wish to continue in that line of research and education.

The land was of considerable value and interest to the university and after they had spoken to Red Deer University and agreed on the course of education, they would be providing young master Sparrow, they agreed and signed a binding contract drawn up by the family’s Attorney.

Dorothy agreed to allow them to move into the family home until they could acquire land and a home of their own, Matt’s son had some contacts who he knew were selling an old family ranch.

The owner had passed away and the remaining family no longer lived in Alberta and were unable to work the ranch, they had sold all the livestock and had been looking for a buyer to the land.

Once Dorothy heard about this, she instructed her family Attorney to acquire the land for the best price they could, and to include any remaining stock items and furniture.

After negotiations the land became Dorothy’s and she was able to offer it to Emma and Andrew as a gift. It was not a grand ranch by any standards in that area, none the less it offered them forty-two thousand acres of pasture land which had been used for cattle and horses, and a good four bedroom home, with barns and out buildings.

It was twenty-seven miles from its boundaries to where Matt and Dorothy were now living, so it offered Mouse an incredible opportunity, which he used to his fullest advantage.

Dorothy had her ranch hands bring my old bucking bull from the storage area of the barn, so little Sparrow could relax and have hours of fun, also to simply own something that once belonged to his grandfather.

The journey to Canada had been relatively easy as I owned a Canadian and English passport and the family had a strong connection in the area, as such we were able to provide for ourselves and would not be homeless.

Emma and Andrew were taking over an existing ranch and young Master Sparrow was going into education with a placement already secured for him. Having family already there and having spent some of their early school years holidaying in Canada; the move was not such a wrench for Emma. Also once they had acquainted themselves with the church in that area they fitted in reasonably well, and quickly made new friends.

The family had decided to give Emma a portion of her inheritance, and once that had been legally transferred into an account for her, she was advised on putting aside a percentage into a trust fund and a high interest account, as set up in the past by the family’s Attorney and a friend of the family who managed a bank.

Emma talked everything over with her husband and they had agreed to never hide anything from each other and to talk and share their feelings and concerns. They had grown into the habit of praying together and spending Mondays as a family home evening. Where they gave each other united time together and had an old-fashioned time of no TV, but of games, songs, and a time of having fun playing basketball in the yard or whatever involved interaction with each other and working together as a team and a family.

This had helped to unite them, and even though they had no need for a TV, they did watch some films together and make use of modern technology whenever they could.

Once a month, it became important that using the computer they united with each family member and held a group family evening together, even though they were many thousands of miles apart.

What had become participle useful was young master Sparrow in later years could use his laptop, and even though he was working in the field, if he was unable to get home due to late nights and early morning of field work, he was able to put aside a few hours and unite with his family from where he was.

The time Mouse spend in the field became some of his most precious memories, he was often knee deep in areas of land that he and others had excavated and were now patiently exposing fragile dinosaur bones.

One of his personal finds which was in later years to be attributed to his name was the discovery of a Majungasaurus which was thought to have not lived in the Alberta region.

It had caused considerable controversy and as it had taken almost fifteen years for it to have been fully excavated, cleaned and reassembled, and then the almost countless arguments with fellow professors who had at first refused to accept that such a find could have come from their site.

However, after a time it had involved the families united funds and legal power to stop a private collector from purchasing it from the university, the eventual resting place was secured and its new home became the Alberta Red Deer museum of Palaeontology, with Young Master Sparrow been named as been responsible for its find.

By then he had qualified as a professor of Palaeontology and won himself entirely by his own merits a position on the board of directors in the museum and taught in Red Deer University.

However, that is jumping a bit too far ahead and so much happened between then that it deserves a mention within the time line of this family’s history.

Janet had started having discomfort, and was becoming tired, at first she had put it down to her age and possibly to the years upon years of untold stress which she had shared with me her husband, or kept to herself not wanting to inflict further strain upon me as I had already endured far more than any mortal should ever have to face.

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