The Hands of Time - Book Two

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Chapter Twelve

The years had flown by, and one night while lying in her bed, she could not sleep, and she reflected back on her past history. She had smiled at the memories of first meeting me and of how I had helped her when she had fallen off her bike, and mildly injured herself in the fall; I had seen her lying there on the ground and had come to her aid.

Then it had been so many years until she saw me again, I was such a strange looking young man, with my thick milk bottle type lenses in my spectacles, and I dressed as I pleased and thought little of fashion and fads of others.

She had gone to Canada after inheriting a farm as a gift from her wealthy parents, who had purchased a cattle farm for her to start running after her mission.

She had been born on a farm, and loved its way of life, and after having written to the very few expert breeders of her type of specialised Scottish cattle, she had received a reply from one of Dorothy’s managers, and she had gone to Canada to learn more.

At that time, she had no idea that I was now living in Canada and that the owners of those cattle was in fact my adopted mother. She had fallen in love with me and we had come to truly love each other, realizing that we were brought together by powers far greater than our own.

Her life with me had been such a wonderful time, and yes there had been unimaginably sad times and even loss of life, yet both Janet and I were innocent and not responsible for the loss of life of some travelling families, who had been involved in human trafficking, and trying to steal our property.

Then on that night a group of men had decided to try and rustle our prize-winning bull, which was valued in the millions, and they only ended up killing the animal, and it was such a tragic loss of life.

They inflicted brutal injury onto innocent helpers to our farm, and the families had sworn a curse of revenge for something both Janet and I were totally innocent of and were ourselves victims of a horrendous crime which was implemented against us and our home and business.

As a direct consequence to that day, our family had suffered unimaginable revenge attacks, and which had resulted in our daughter Emma been kidnapped and turned into a heroin addict.

A child was born from that kidnapping and he was brought into the world a heroin addict, with such brutal intentional pain, as was inflicted onto our family, for the revenge of a crime in which Janet and I were ourselves victims and innocent of the said crimes.

On top of all of that, we had lost our only son after he had sacrificed his life trying to save others. I in turn had suffered untold pain which should have destroyed me, yet incredibly I had pulled through and continued helping others, as well as to oversee a vast business which in my mind was thanks to my God, that I had somehow put together.

I seemed to have such a wonderful gift in recognising the potential in others and in seeing into the future and recognising a great business opportunity when it was presented.

I had been given such a drastic or even dramatic start in my life in having my parents both brutally murdered, however I had thus inherited on coming of age their estate, and which fortunate to me at that time was of considerable value.

I later inherited part of my grandfather’s estate and later part of my grandmothers, and who were themselves very wealthy. Sadly, I had suffered injury from one of the Gibbs brothers trying to kill me, and later further injury in the hands of a hospital doctor who had certainly saved my life at that time, but had been negligent and cutting into some swapping which had lain unseen in the base of my scull in the area of just beyond that of my upper spine.

Sadly, this had taken a considerable time before it caused a severe stroke and an infection had developed around the spine and the base of my brain, and which had resulted in brain damage.

I had such a wonderful future laid out before that had happened to me and had been offered a contract of employment by the multi-trillion-air owner of Moller industries. As the contract had been in writing and accepted with signature’s, the potential earning which I lost was in the hundreds of millions, and on top of that was my care costs.

An out of court settlement had been made on my behalf, and the income had become invested under the wise guidance of my wealthy adopted mother. When I came of age and was able to once again adapt and rebuild my life, incredibly I had used my fortune so wisely, and also had helped so many others through an education.

Giving them the very thing, which had been denied me, and I also took the opportunity of purchasing a vast area of land and buildings which was in the down town area, and at the time where so many had wanted to leave and move away from.

In time I had developed the area and made good use of my investment, and when land had increased in value, the stretch of land had increased in value, making it in time one of the most desirable plots in the area.

Other business opportunities had come my way, and with the guidance of family and friends, I had developed this to a wonderful future for myself and others.

Now I was a multibillion air and had given over the vast business empire to my family and had taken only what I had myself wanted to resettle and live working a fishery and for Janet a flower and herb farm.

Even then we made new purchases and had helped the local members in the village to become an integral o part of one of the businesses, and also gave them a plot of land for growing their own vegetables’ and helping those who were in need of help.

I was to later learn, that these people had come to love Janet and I, who even though we suffered, and for myself the severe pain each day of my life and yet coped with a severe disability in having lost my legs, Janet and I still helped others, and in whose interest we took personally and ensured they never went without.

Janet knew she was ill, and it was concerning her, she had made a doctor’s appointment, and in two days she knew she had to explain to her doctors what was troubling her.

Sadly, the eventual diagnosis had been cancer, and she started a course of treatment, which they hoped and prayed would treat the illness and extend her life. That year it had rained, and rained and rained, to such an extent, that the area had flooded, the rain never stopped, and soon the area had become one vast thirty-mile lake.

Fortunately, the village had been built on a raised section of land which had saved so many lives. I had seen the foresight of floods as a survey of the land had shown it had flooded once this badly before some two hundred years past.

The home we purchased was on the highest point in the area and we overlooked many miles of open country, sadly the fisheries were flooded, however, I had ensured we were insured and covered for floods and contamination.

It was then that tragedy had hit the village; two of our daughters were visiting a school and giving a talk about the importance of ancestral history, when a cliff near to the school had started subsiding.

A torrent of mud had swept through the village and engulfed the school, as it happened, I had been close by in my Sky car and had called for immediate help, I knew there were children in the school, and that our daughters were possibly there as well.

Twenty-five village men and women somehow fought their way to the school; the mud was knee deep and for a time had settled, and it was later reported that both of my daughters had saved the lives of everyone in the class room as the teacher had left them to attend to another group of children in the playground.

Fortunately, they had heard and seen the subsiding hill, and rushed the children in their care to a higher level and to safety. However, there were some two hundred plus children still trapped in the school.

No one can begin to explain the fear which gripped the parent’s hearts that day, nor of the countless acts of bravery to save the lives of such innocent and young children.

By the time it was over, seven men and four women had scarified their lives to save the children, sadly it was two of our daughters who were included in those four women.

I had personally saved eleven children and sixteen adults by using the sky car which I kept returning to the site and searching for those whom I could rescue, and twice falling masonry had almost buried me and the Sky car, and the village was very aware of my family’s actions in trying to save as many lives as we could, even after I knew I had himself lost my two daughters.

Janet had herself gone into the village with her team of staff, and they had rescued both adults and children, the loss of so many lives was devastating, and what had made it even harder to bare was that almost all of those lost were in time buried in deep mud, which had dried and secured their graves where they laid.

It took months before the land could be reclaimed, and much of the village had to be demolished and rebuild, the cliff which had subsided was slowly removed and or reinforced. With every effort to ensure the bed rock was all that was left, and even then, part of that was blasted away, so no future threat could be imposed onto the village.

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