The Hands of Time - Book Two

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Chapter Thirteen

Janet and I had teams of men brought into the area to reinforce our own land and to ensure that it would be save from any further subsidence. Then those still available, we had put to work in rebuilding homes for those who had no insurance or were not in a position to replace what they had lost.

Within two years the people were indebted to the Armstrong’s for all that we had done, and for those who had no home to return to, Janet and I had offered instant accommodation in the homes of our own staff who had themselves lost their lives and the five homes which we had were used to help multiple families have a roof over their heads.

Within three days both of the families’ huge helicopters had delivered seventeen huge mobile homes and had used the village men and women to build cemented plots which these homes were to stand on.

We thought nothing of sacrificing our land and money to help those in need, we also used two huge double units built together to act as a school, until the village could rebuild a new one.

The loss of life was shared within the village and those who lost loved ones could not put in words the emotional pain which they were forced to endure, the rain had eventually stopped and in time the flooding had subsided and it had left so much land contaminated, and so many people who lost so much land and business.

Janet and I knew we could not help everyone that was simply impossible, however those in our employment and within the village we did all that we could and even helped them with new furnishing, clothing and food.

Such was the contribution that the village people truly loved us for everything we had done, even in our own time of loss and suffering. Now Janet was fighting for her life and word had somehow circulated around the village, and I was myself in daily need of care support workers and they knew that we now needed help ourselves.

Incredibly the people group together and started looking after Janet and myself and took over many of the household responsibilities, we had lost some of our own care staff in the floods and mud slide, so the help was genuinely needed.

I had also instructed my family solicitor to help those families whose insurance companies had tried to deny them in some way of their legal obligations.

Incredibly most had honoured their legal commitments however there had been two companies which had tried to avoid meeting their responsibilities, thinking they could use their vast wealth to avoid paying out.

What they had not foreseen was the Armstrong families’ involvement, and once they had become aware of who was financing the fight against them, and of the past history of fighting such companies and of the multimillion compensations won.

They had decided to settle and with additional compensation for loss of time in reacting, our solicitors had ensured that all their financial costs were also recovered and our very involvement in securing justice had also won the hearts of so many.

In so many ways the Armstrong family had won their way into the collective hearts of so many lives, and all from one young boy who had refused to give into the principles of which his father and mother had taught him.

Even after my parents were so brutally murdered, I had held firm to all that I knew to be true, and from that moment until this very day, the various choices which I had made and affected me as well as others, and they had evolved into the desire inborn within me to care for the wellbeing of others, even in times of great distress and trauma within my own life, and I tried so hard to think of how my loving father would have dealt and handled the situation before me.

And although I cannot see it, I have been informed so many times, that now so many lives owed their very well being to the kindness and open heart of this Janet and myself.

We had provided employment, lifted people from poverty and healed broken hearts and minds and dreams whenever we could. Such was our natural way of thinking that we often preferred to put another before our own interests, yet even then after so much pain had tried to engulf us, somehow we managed to always find the strength to pull through, and the times when we no longer had the strength, the prayers of others who loved us so very much had been lifted into the very throne room of Father God.

In the valleys of utter despair, when my legs were removed and my spine almost crushed, and my ribs in ruin, and my skull broken and leaking brain fluid, I lay, and not being able to fight any more, it was then Father God held my hand, and lifted me into his bosom and wrapped me in a cradle of love.

Although I was of no pure breeding, no royal blood, and overlooked by so many, Father God had his hand on my life, and because of my natural love, and the choices which I made regardless of what confronted me, had affected so many others, and turned their eyes towards my faith and my God.

People came to understand that I genuinely wanted their wellbeing and friendship, and wanted only to be treated in the same way I treated others, never once could any of them ever remember my trying to enforce my faith or belief upon them, and I only ever brought up the subject of love and walk with my God when I was asked.

Yes, I bore a testimony at times and expressed on those occasions how I felt my God had helped Janet and me, and also in being with us in such times of utter despair, but even then I never even tried to put another on the spot and try to manipulate them into talking or thinking about God.

I told my wife one day, “I try to live my life the very way I feel within my heart that Father God wants me to, and if whenever possible the Holy Spirit can work through me, I try to open my mind and heart to him so I can do His work.

Yet, I never try to force that work upon others, I prefer to let the seeds be planted and for those Father God chooses to reap the harvest, and live and work as we were called.

I do not know if what I do is right or the correct way, however I do know that I am most comfortable with this way, and to date if I remember correctly there are some thirty-four families now members of the church, from contact with both Janet and I.”

We were not boasting, no far from it, I was simply talking to my wife one evening as we had lain in our bed and were reflecting on the past events within our respective lives.

Now I was sitting in the private hospitals waiting room of a highly respectable cancer consultant, Janet was having a cat scan and I already knew the results, as I had prayed and spent time talking to father God. Yet I knew in my heart that it was my wives time to eventually return home.

The thought was ripping through my heart and I fought to hold back the tears, the only consultation was that Janet would be reunited soon with our lost children who had proceeded from this life before us.

Incredibly in one way I even envied her to hug and be with the children and family that had gone before us. However, I also knew that father God still had work for me to do, and that there were still family here which were in need of help.

So, I forced back the tears and continued praying, and I asked Father God, that if He can heal her and grant her more time with me, then please if He can, will He do so? However, I do understand and it’s not my will but yours that must always be done.

I heard the door opening and I looked up, Janet walked over to me and sat down beside me, she had tried to hide her tears and had wiped them dry before she had opened the door; however, I knew my wife and could see her eyes were red and that she had been crying.

“We have to return and speak with the consultant in three days’ time, however Enid the operator of the Cats can is a member of our ward, and we partner each other in home teaching. She was honest with me and said the scan shows a growth, a large growth, and that they will want to do a biopsy.”

We had promised to never hide things from each other regardless of how devastating they might be and had honoured it from that day onwards. So we sat there for a while holding each other’s hands and closed our eyes praying together.

Then incredibly we seemed to understand when the other was ready, and we both got up and walked out of the room to be greeted by their security staff and Dorothy, she had heard of the Cats can and had cancelled all appointments and left the business in the hands of her husband and had made her way to the hospital.

When we arrived at Dorothy’s home, we sat talking and Janet explained to her daughter what was happening, and that we wanted to get confirmation first before we involved the family.

Dorothy was aware that our home and the surrounding area were only just recovering from the floods and the mud slide. Although it was something like a few months now since the area had been cleaned and homes were being rebuilt, there were still many families living on our land and she knew that at such a time, it was better to be away from so much noise and stress.

Back in Canada, the dig had been going well, many exciting finds were being revealed and that the area was strewn with bones, a rich harvest and an insight into a life, long since gone by.

Little Sparrow was pleased that his great grandmother had thought of him and had the foresight to have thought of his education. Although he was aware that his family’s wealth would have given him a comfortable life style, he actually had wanted to earn his own living and he knew that he had it within him to cut his own path in life.

However, he was determined to use the advantage which had been given to him, and he was truly pleased that Dorothy had such faith in him; however, he knew he was not a dunce and he knew also that now he was here, he was going to immerse himself into the work and education, and learn as much as he could.

He had already made several good friends and they genuinely had not known who he was and that his family owned the land which they were now working on.

In truth my grandson had not wanted anyone to become aware that he was in any way connected to the land owners. He wanted true friends and not people who only wanted to become a so-called false friend simply because they wanted to manipulate him to meet their desires and goals.

Elaine Robinson and Kennedy Smith Davies had become close friends, however whenever he could he preferred to work with James Andrew Nathaniel, as he had become almost like a long lost brother and incredibly they seemed to have been friends in some invisible life long since gone by, and he thought it could have possibly been in his first estate.

James was not wealthy far from it, as he had acquired an education on a scholarship from a distant relative who had faith in the child, and in whom she had watched growing into the fine young man.

James had lost his parents when he was only three years of age, the father had died in a car crash and his mother had lasted only a week, her ribs were crushed and an infection which she already had before the accident had gone into her lungs and she simply never had the strength to recover.

James had gone to live with a second cousin, and it was the cousin’s aunt who had taken an interest in him and had seen the future potential in this young man.

She realized that with the correct education and to be given help when it was needed that if he was prepared to work hard, then he could go far in life. So, she had paid in advance, sacrificing an insurance policy that she had taken out to cover her retirement.

She was very aware that it would reduce her comfort level and that she would have to go without some considerable comforts, however she felt she could manage and that this young man deserved a chance in life.

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