The Hands of Time - Book Two

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Chapter Fourteen

James had met Sparrow during the interviews for the selection panel, for those who would be chosen to work in the field, rather than stay in the university, and from there onwards they had become friends.

There was nothing sexual between them, far from it, they simply just seemed to work so well together and between them, many of the finds were meticulously uncovered and prepared for extraction and to be examined in detail in the university’s labourites and work area.

James and Sparrow were to spend three further years in the field and from there they were transferred by their collective request to preparing and cleaning the finds and identifying them.

They both wanted to learn all aspects of their education and managed to work it in with four different language studies. It was while they were working in the preparation room that they met Elaine Robinson and Kennedy Smith Davies.

They soon became friends and enjoyed many each other’s company, Sparrow had made some incredible finds however he refused to take the full credit and insisted that if he was to be fair, yes he was in the field, however James was with him and they were both working the area, where in his words they jointly found the rare dinosaur and collectively worked on extracting the skull, while once he informed the university of the find, the team excavated the remaining full skeleton. It was an incredible find and in time was to make history as well as cause considerable controversy.

Dorothy had built the family business considerably since I her father had stepped down, and she was pleased that she had decided to accept my offer of running the business.

I had faith in her and had encouraged her even from a child to take an active interest, however I had also taught her that without a loyal committed workforce, the business could not run itself.

Dorothy had followed her father’s example and had tried to be there for her staff and whenever possible take an active interest in their family lives. She had also introduced very modern concept ideas, in that the staff could put in writing any positive thoughts to advance the business and should the suggestion be adapted into the company, then they received a thousand pounds’ bonus.

She also requested from them to openly bring to her attention any areas that were wrong, or not as they should be. On Mondays she offered a four hour thinking session, where as long as you gave advance notice so your position could be covered, you could sit with Dorothy and other management and talk over ideas, again with a good incentive bonus for usable suggestions.

There was a very good rest room area, with hot or cold food at meal time, and a fully equipped medical unit, the staff at all levels from the person who swept the floor, to the Company Executive Officer were genuinely treated the same, and shown the same respect, and thought of as a valued member of what Dorothy liked to call a working family of members.

They had never opened on a Sunday, and even though they were fully aware that they possibly were losing millions of potential visitors. They kept the rule firm and honestly tried to honour God.

Yes, there was security staff working on Sundays and at times of emergencies, they even offered their pilots in rescue events, and they would continue doing such, however the staffs were so grateful, as it gave them time to spend with their own families.

They opened one of the quarry lakes and surrounding land, which they had extended and turned into a nature reservoir, and gave the public free access to the area, seven days a week, every day of the year.

They had come to an agreement, with a local nature club, and they had members of many different faiths, and they voluntary acted as first aiders and guides, in return for open access.

The arrangement worked incredibly well, and on an average day, after undertaking an extensive survey they were surprised to discover that over twelve hundred people a day used the facilities.

The air field for flying various aircrafts including helicopters, and remained open also every day of the year, as it had to be available for emergency call outs, and within the various workshops groups who had built various crafts wanted access for test flights, again this could only take place within a designated area, away from the main runways.

There was also a group of local adults and children who built and flew their own model aircrafts, and as these could also be supervised on a voluntary scale, families could turn up on their days off, and use the facilities, enjoying their time together.

During the early hours of a Thursday morning, Dorothy’s husband Armid awoke, rubbing his eyes, he reached over and put on the bedside lamp, the phones ringing had also woken Dorothy. As he reached over and answered the phone, he spoke for a while and then his expression changed.

Dorothy had not quite awoken and was finding it difficult to focus her mind and eyes, however from Armid’s sudden change in posture and body language; she sensed something was very wrong.

Armid put the phone down and he turned to his wife and lifted both of her hands, “There is a fire at the Airfield, that was from the onsite security, the alarms have sounded and they could smell smoke and the CCTV cameras show it to be coming from the second unit workshop area.”

He paused momentarily and breathed in, and then continued talking before his wife could speak. “They phoned as they have to report any major incident; also, there are three security officers who are not responding to their radios.” Dorothy had now understood her thoughts and had managed to wake enough to understand, like many people it always took a few minutes to gather her mind and thoughts after she had been asleep.

And if she was ever woken before she had enough quality sleep, ever since a child, she had not been so well in gathering her thoughts, she had even spoken once to the family doctor, and expressed her concerns over this.

The doctor had explained to Dorothy that she suffered from a type of sleep deprivation, which caused her sleep to be constantly broken, and Armid had teased her because she snored very loudly, and she was often tired, and had to snatch what she called cat naps in the day time whenever she was able to.

Dorothy was told that because of this type of sleep deprivation, it was not uncommon to find that when awoken especially if it was before you managed to gain any quality sleep, that the mind was so tired, it required just a few seconds more to gain a conscious reasoning of what was happening.

The doctor had sent her to hospital and after test, they offered her an oxygen machine to help her at night, however it was so noisy, and it meant her husband needed to sleep in a different room because of the noise.

So she had stopped using the unit and preferred being together at night times, now she had gained her thoughts, they agreed to go to the sight to ensure everything was being done to put the fire out and to find out why the security officers were not responding to the radio calls.

It had taken thirty-five minutes and a few seconds to get to the Airfield, and when they had arrived, they were refused entry by the police, there were seven fire engines there that Armid could see, and they could feel the heat from the fires from where the police had cordoned off the area.

They were in shock, and could not understand what had happened, by now there were various locals arriving and offering to help, but they were all refused entry.

The police chief arrived, and an officer took Armid and Dorothy over to talk to him, he took them further away from the noise, and they went and sat in the back of a police transport carrier.

“From what I have been informed, you have three units fully ablaze, and now seven workers unaccounted for. I can tell you that my officers have two people in custody, and I am aware that there may be up to six further people not in your employment trapped within one of the units.”

He paused and waited for either to ask him any questions, after twenty of so minutes both Armid and Dorothy returned to their car and returned to the police station along with four armed police officer, as it was feared there may be further people as yet unknown of whom may be trying to take their lives.

Janet and I were informed, and armed police officers were on their way to protect us. The police were very aware of the past history involving the travellers and the kidnapping of Emma, and they were not prepared to not act knowing that our lives were genuinely at risk.

The two who were in custody had been captured by the company security, and they were discovered to be armed, there had been gun fire heard and raised voices, also the security had tried to use the internal and external security cameras, until they stopped working a few units at a time.

It was evident this had been a co-ordinated attack on the Airfield complex, and if there had not been as many security officers on duty, then it was very possible that the entire complex could have been destroyed, and as it was, a vast area was now in the grip of an intense fire, and as the fire was burning within separate units, it was evident that it was certainly not an accident.

There were many local peoples in tears, for some of them, there was a fear that their loved ones were caught within the blaze, and the fear combined with the agony of not knowing if they were still alive, or if they were suffering or even if they had suffered before they died.

For others, it was that their employment was burning before their very eyes and fear of possible unemployment and the possible consequences. For others it was just the sight of such devastating blaze and destroying both life and property.

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