The Hands of Time - Book Two

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Chapter Fifteen

Armid and Dorothy found the lack of information, frustrating, and even the security central which was established within a farm complex some miles away, was unable to supply much more information, other than sending a live feed of the few CCTV cameras which operated on a separate system and were positioned on units by the river and quarry area.

As these were remotely controlled, the controllers could turn them to face towards the Airfield rather than the lakes and the river area. Armid was using a Mac Power Book and could see the various building burning and various firemen trying frantically to control the fire and prevent it from spreading.

As he looked around, he could now see the Sky car factory was untouched, as was the private factory units which were rented by one of my friends. Two other newer units remained untouched, as were the two giant helicopters and the huge helicopter hotel; however, he knew even then, there could possibly be considerable smoke damage.

As the controller had switched partial control of the cameras over to Armid’s computer, so he could view as he pleased, he focused one of the cameras onto an area to the right of one of the helicopters.

There he could just make out five figures, four were seated apparently resting against a wall, and the fifth person appeared to be dragging something, and as Armid watched some smoke momentarily cleared and he realized that the person was pulling another person to safety and away from the intense heat.

As he watched, he realized whoever it was that was pulling the person, had more than likely saved the others, he watched him rest the person in a seated position against a wall, and then return to an area very close to one of the building which was heavily ablaze.

As he focused the cameras lens, he suddenly realized that it was not a man but Jillian Evens one of the night security team, and she was now in the process of trying frantically to pull two further people away from the blaze.

She was evidently suffering, yet she forced herself to continue, and then there was a huge explosion from within one of the units, Armid thought that was possibly the welding area, and that the various tanks had been overcome by the heat.

Then there was an even larger explosion and a huge missile like tank was seen soaring high into the air, and Armid looked back he could see Jillian had been affect and caught in the blast, she had been thrown over fourteen feet away from where she had been standing.

For a moment Armid thought that she had died, as she just lay there unable to move, incredibly she struggled to her knees and pulled herself forward until she once more reached the two bodies where she had been before, and then continued to pull the two bodies as far away as she could from the intense heat.

Basically, had they of laid there until the fire force had reached them, they would have slowly been cooked alive, as it was they would undoubtedly be injured, however they hopefully would in time heal.

The controller had been recording the entire events as they had been happening, however, he knew the police would take the recordings as evidence, so he had informed the secondary team overseeing Janet and my security and had used part of our security section to take a secondary recording.

It had taken thirty-seven hours before the area had been brought under full control, the death toll was devastating, and even though Jillian had so frantically tried to save so many lives, only one other person survived as the others eventually died from their injuries.

The cost of such damage was later to be found to be in the millions, and even though Dorothy and Armid had the highest possible insurance the company could offer them, they knew that no amount of compensation could replace the loss of lives and the broken hearts of their families.

However, even though they were aware that they were in such a financial position as to not need the insurance to replace the lost buildings and various damage. None the less it would be unwise and even foolish to not claim, they had paid a very high price for such cover and now they had every legal and moral right to make a claim, and they had a duty to the employees and families.

Incredibly for Jillian Evens when some of the local town’s folk discovered that she had been within the group that was later discovered outside the burned-out units and that she was alive.

There was anger within some of their hearts and they started accusing her of saving her own backside and allowing her colleagues to burn or die. Once the angry grew some of the folk needed to vent their frustrations and to have an emotional release.

Feelings were running incredibly high and bitter words were spoken, even to her face, some made obscene and undeserved threats. Jillian just stood her ground and never said a word.

She understood that there were people there who had lost lovers, husband’s sons, wives and friends. They never knew the truth and having heard from others what was been falsely put around, they had thought they were true.

What had hurt her feelings was not one single person before her, had the decency to stop and think, and ask her for her side of what had happened. At one point a bottle was thrown at her and it hit her on the side of her head.

She staggered holding her head and fell, and by the time the police arrived, two of the women in the crowd had tried frantically to prevent the crowd from kicking her to death.

It was only when a child ran from within the crowd and screaming, she lay on Jillian’s body trying to shield her. She could not have been older than twelve years of age, her brother ran and stood beside her, he was only one year younger.

“Stop, stop, have you no shame, I think she is seriously injured, and you do not even know if she is guilty.” She stopped talking and was looking into their eyes, her body was quivering with adrenalin pumping through her body.

“Have you asked her if these accusations are true, have you even though how your loved ones, her friends would react knowing you had done this to their friend?”

A voice interrupted her, “They were her friends and she left them there to die”. Betty the child trying to protect Jillian, looked at the person who had spoken. “Graham Evens, you are Billy’s dad, do you think your son would be proud of you, if he knew you were trying to kill this poor woman?”

“An innocent woman”, a distant voice broke her words, and then the crowd recognised who was talking to them. Armid was one of their employers and he was a much-loved person and a member by marriage of the Armstrong family.

Armid continued talking as he was walking towards the crowd, “I personally witnessed her trying to save the lives of your loved ones, and at a considerable risk to her own life.”

The crowd parted as he entered into the circle of what had been angry grieving and emotionally upset people. “We know you were not aware of what happened, and we also realize that you have lost loved ones. However, that can never justify what you have just done.”

He looked at each of the people who were near to him.

“This woman fought frantically trying to save those people’s lives, the CCTV security cameras which were not affected by the fire recorded everything that happened, and we can prove this, she is a hero.”

There was a sudden look of confusion, and then shock and disbelief on some of their faces, the realization of what they had done suddenly scared them. “Adrian Phillips is the only other survivor, and he has already given evidence under oath, and he has put on record that if it had not been for Jillian’s action, that he would now be dead.”

As the crowd started to disperse, Armid reached forward and hugged the two children, and he ask them to help him lay Jillian into the recovery position, and stay with her keeping her company, until an ambulance arrived.

When Dorothy had learnt of what the children had done, she called a family meeting, and they discussed collectively how they could go about helping those who had lost their financial providers, and what they were going to do about the damage.

The family’s accountant was available and she had brought an up to date record of immediately available funds, she had reported there was just under four billion collectively tied up in investments and property and Eight hundred million available in investment funds of which only seventy-five million could be withdrawn within twenty-four hours’ notice.

To the average person that sounded more than they could ever earn in several live times, however this was now one of the richest business in Europe and the constant interest earned in high investment, was continually growing their accounts balance.

They then came down to the two young children which had unquestionably saved Jillian’s life. After much deliberation it was decided to offer them a reward broken in many different parts.

The family’s solicitor acting on the families’ instructions had written to the children’s parents, asking if they could pay them a visit. On arrival, the solicitor had introduced himself and apologised that his partner could not be with him, as she was in Europe arranging part of the Armstrong’s instructions.

He went on to tell the stunned father and mother why he was there, and the parents were shocked as their children incredibly had not told them, as they had thought that they would have been in trouble and grounded.

After learning what had happened and the action the children had so bravely taken, it had stunned them, and when John Adams, the family solicitor informed them of the nature of the reward, they almost fainted.

As a direct result of putting their own life’s at risk and for so bravely confronting and defusing the crowd’s anger, thus saving Jillian’s life. A sum of one million and Five hundred thousand pounds was been awarded to each of them.

It was to be used to put the children through an education, including future university, and to pay for a holiday of their choice, and to clear any family financial commitments.

The company’s security had looked into the families financial and housing situation, they were of poor means and had been renting privately and living in a small block of flats with no garden.

“Also, we have been instructed to help you purchase a property, four bedrooms two lounges a study for the children’s home work, and a wash room plus three bathrooms as a minimum plus a garden. Also, you can replace your car, and again we can help you there should you so wish.”

The solicitor paused for a few seconds and then continued talking once more, “after this has been sorted and you have moved, we have been instructed to ensure you have a full medical cover insurance and an adequate life, home content and car insurance, plus some cash to be paid into your account for the family’s future security.”

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