The Hands of Time - Book Two

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Chapter Sixteen

It had taken some minutes before the stunned parents could grasp hold of what was been said to them. For a moment they were even unsure if this was some type of nasty joke, or if it was genuinely true, they were stunned and almost too scared to even talk.

It was the youngest boy who broke their stunned silence, “Cool, can I have a laptop, no an iPad, and then he looked at John Adam’s, “What sought of financial security, and how much?”

His father was shocked at his boldness and was about to correct him for speaking out, John Adam’s however was laughing, as he realized the child’s excitement.

“No, please do not punish him, he was only speaking honestly and expressing what I would have been thinking, if I had been in your place, and I honestly would have been thinking and wanting to ask.”

He went on to explain that he had been instructed to set aside a further One Hundred Thousand Pounds for their financial security. When the family had realized this was in fact true, they genuinely could not speak for some time.

It was only after some minutes that the mother spoke, “We cannot accept this, it is just far too much,” John Adam’s explained, that they had genuinely save Jillian’s life by placing their lives at risk, and he went on to explain that Jillian was herself a mother of three children, her husband had died two years past from cancer, and she was working nights so she could provide and educate and look after her children.

Her mother watched over the children while she slept or on the times, they were home and she had to work, had she have died then three children and one mother would have been denied their mother and daughter.

It was after he had expressed himself this way, that it dawned to the parents just how brave their children had been, and that you really could not put a price on such action let alone another’s life.

Especially when that person had worked so hard to keep her family together, and that she was truly a heroin for trying so hard to save her friends lives. The reward was justifiable and the children although not understanding or realizing it had truly earned such a reward.

The fact that the Armstrong family was in such a position to provide such a reward, therefore there was no reason to feel guilty for accepting the reward.

Jillian was also later to be suitably rewarded, at least that was their intention, if she was to recover and awake from the coma, the bottle had hit her temple and had damaged part of the brain.

The body had shut itself down of any non-essential functions until it could bring about healing. As for the damage to the Airfield complex, it was substantial, and the smell of smoke clung to almost everything, and by the time it was released back into the family’s hands and the insurance assessors had been to visit.

The true realization of what just laid before them was starting to take affect and some of the staff who had not been injured was feeling over whelmed by the sheer size of the task before them.

Almost everything had to be destroyed and or replaced, anything that was salvageable but was not deemed as essential, was offered for sale to the staff and public. After a time, a considerable quantity of office furniture and engineering and craft equipment was made available, and the eventual sale had released just less than eleven thousand pounds, which was put into a fund for those who had lost a loved one.

Dorothy and Armid held a meeting with the rest of the family, to discuss how they would go about rebuilding the complex and while they were about it what new security procedures could they incorporate.

It was decided that they would consult with the world’s leader in technological advancements and to see just what they could incorporate within the new build. Eventually after the meeting, it had taken a further seven weeks before they had gathered and collated all the information which they had wanted.

It had taken just over nine weeks for the site to have been cleared, including dismantling any remaining partly destroyed structures, and a further two weeks before the vast area was cleaned and prepared for any new developments.

Incredibly most employers would have been unable to continue paying their employees, and the insurance company had advised the Armstrong’s to only maintain essential staff until the complex was rebuilt.

However, Dorothy followed her father’s example and knew that her employees still needed to buy food and cloth the children, pay the rent or mortgages and take care also of rates, gas, Electric and water bill.

It was all very well saying put people out of work when it was not affecting them personally; however, I had brought up my daughter to think of others and of their needs. “A happy workforce is a loyal workforce” I use to tell her.

So, after consultation she called a meeting, and informed her employees that the family had agreed to pay their wages, however in return they were expected to work wherever required, even if it simply meant picking up a broom and keeping an area clean.

There were still two functioning units and one Helicopter hotel complex which had been unaffected by the fire, other than moderate smoke damage. These areas had already been fully and professionally cleaned and reequipped where required with new fittings and equipment.

I had requested that the nature reserves be extended, and a vast amount of staff was available in the preparation and clearing of the new farmland. Also the lakes required constant maintenance and the staff, who were normally responsible for their upkeep, were pleased to have additional staff help them.

Some of the staff requested to be able to work on the security team, for a few of them they actually preferred the night work, and now the complex had been stripped and exposed, it had required considerable coverage.

The remaining staff who had not been allocated work, were given the choice of sweeping the area and general cleaning or transferring to other family business outside of the complex area.

This had come as a bit of a surprise to some, as they had not realized just how huge the Armstrong Empire had grown. Janet was feeling weak, and the cancer had started reacting to the treatment, however it had left her exhausted and her hair had fallen out, so she wore a cap.

They had offered her a wig and she was in the position to afford the very best, however there were people within the village who themselves had cancer and they could not afford such luxuries, so Janet decided to not cause them unwanted stress.

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