The Hands of Time - Book Two

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Chapter Seventeen

The trial of the two person arsonists, who had been discovered alive at Airfield complex turned out to be John Alexander and Susan Alexander brother and sister, and from the traveller’s extraction and community; and who had attacked Janet’s prized Bull and in doing so had been the cause of the death and destruction of so many.

Janet and I had been praying for so many years, asking Father God that this could be resolved, and a line drawn under everything. We had been the innocent victims of the traveller’s unlawful empire and action taken against us.

It had involved human trafficking, and identity theft and so much more, and one night Janet and I had been awoken by a noise coming from one of the security monitors, and it had transpired there was a group of heavily armed men trying to kidnap us and steal the Prize Bull.

Fortunately, I had installed advanced security which had saved our lives, however, other members of our staff had suffered and the bull was eventually killed, and unknown to the travellers they had been infiltrated by a united European police team, and who were also working with the assistance of the S.A.S. and it ended in some of the travellers been killed to prevent them taking further lives.

Those caught up in one of the travelling camps, were gassed and removed into military custody and eventually taken off British soil; the police and the military had so many years of intelligence gathering invested, that they could not allow the incident of the attempted Prized Bull theft to put a stop to all they had worked for.

Since been gassed they were kept comatose under military guidance and airlifted to a foreign country, the travellers awoke not understanding what had happened, and if it had not been for one single child who had come round from the gassing while in the military hospital, they would have never put the pieces together.

However, even though Janet and I were completely innocent and victims ourselves, the travellers had waged a war against the family ever since. Now the grandson and granddaughter of one of the travellers who had been killed were responsible for the destruction of the Airfield complex and the death of so many.

However even though Janet and Sparrow were completely innocent and victims themselves, the travellers had waged a war against the family ever since. Now the grandson and granddaughter of one of the travellers who had been killed were responsible for the destruction of the Airfield complex and the death of so many.

A Solution had to be found, otherwise this was going to continue until one family, or another was destroyed. The police had been keeping the sites under observation, and even yet again infiltrated themselves deeply under cover. However, they had been unaware of this raid upon the airfield.

Intelligence gathered later from their homes and computers had implicated a large section of the travelling families, and as death was involved, warrants were issued and homes were raided across the UK and Europe, and eventually resulted in over three hundred arrests. From direct involvement against the loss of life at the Air Field, to conspiracy to murder and human trafficking.

The shock had been too much for Janet, and seven days after the mass arrest, she died, and been unable to have the strength to continue. I was heartbroken, and myself devastated by the loss of his wife. My only conciliation was I knew she was to return to her first estate and was to be with our lost family and loved ones.

Retaliation was expected from the travellers, and intelligence had warned me that an attempt was to be made on my life. I could take no more, and my heart was broken, my wife was no longer by my side, and I was myself now an old man.

My family had grown, and were themselves living their lives, and I finally laid upon my bed, closed my eyes, and by morning, the care persons found that I had departed this world, and to join with my beloved wife.

During my time on earth, I had started from such a disadvantage, and held firm to my faith and principles, and in doing so I had affected drastically the lives of so many from across the world.

When it came to my funeral, there were over seven thousand who turned up to pay their respects, and each one of them had a personal testimony in how my love had touched their hearts, and how through my direct actions and interventions, had turned their respective lives around.

The End.

Remember our life is a gift, and it is up to us in how we respond and react to whatever situation a person finds themselves in.

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