The Hands of Time - Book Two

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Chapter Two.

Little Sparrow loved chess and had won many games against everyone in his chess club, however when he had seen Armid playing a computer game of chess one day, he had asked him if he could have a game with him.

To his utter amazement, Armid beat him on the first game and he won the second and third game, but only after a mega battle, and he had claimed victory.

Armid was himself truly pleased as he felt bored playing the computer, because after a time, he could predict its moves, however playing young Sparrow was a real challenge, and he had to exercise his brain to win the games.

After playing for six hours, he was three games up, this only encouraged young Sparrow all the more, his incredible photographic memory gave him an incredible advantage, as he could remember how Armid had moved in previous games, yet even then he was three games down, and amazingly he actually was so pleased he had found a person who was not looking at him as the bosses’ son, or a person who was disabled.

He was playing a living person, and not a computer, and his opponent was himself partly disabled and he had not realized just how good it was to find him challenged this way.

This had helped young master Sparrow in more ways than he realized, and it was only many years later that he was to realize why.

The business had grown and it needed someone other than myself to organize everything, as should I leave this world it was evident as well organized as it was, that in time it would start to fall apart, and then people who had become dependent on it for their survival like employment, would be in trouble themselves.

It was little Dorothy who approached me and had requested to know if I would consider designating her a position on the board so to speak, and after some three hours of talking, with the various interruptions, I had realized that my daughter was correct.

So Janet and I arranged to meet up with the family UK solicitor, and held a family meeting, Dorothy had requested that little Sparrow be included, also Armid, as it was now more than evident they were to marry and he was an honourable trustworthy man, also having taken an advanced master’s in business studies, before he had joined the armed forces to become a pilot.

So, he was more than qualified to help Dorothy run our families’ empire, however to their amazement that was not why I wanted the meeting. When everyone was seated and waiting, I made a phone call, and all of a sudden, they realized that they were in a video conference with Canada, and the family’s attorney, and there whom he was overall responsible for to the families’ legal matters.

It was then that I announced I wanted to retire and rest, as I was tired and Janet and I wanted to dethatch ourselves from our respective businesses and go away for a time, so we could rest and renew our strength, and after praying we revealed that we had asked if Father God would send us on a senior Mission.

Dorothy senior in Canada, and little Dorothy were so pleased to hear this news, as they realized how important our faith was to us, and when they learnt that we were been sent to Indonesia, they were taken aback just a little.

However, Janet reassured them, that she and I were truly pleased with the calling, and after a time, I was to explain that I wanted the business to be divided into sections, which the family attorney and UK solicitor were aware of, and whom was to inherit what.

However, until some of the children came of age, I had requested that little Dorothy took over overall control of the business and working with the UK solicitor and the Canadian Attorney, she was to designate responsibility.

Janet and I were to take a modest Thirty Million from the company in ready cash, and then allowed our children to inherit what was now a Billion air estate. To their utter surprise I then told them that Janet and I were to eventually leave the UK, and until then were to be working in the London Temple for the next three Months.

I was to keep the Motor Home, and the two bitches which were born from the dog’s haven sired two years ago. We then explained that in Somerset we had purchased a cottage and five hundred acres of land, and over the last two years we had been furnishing the home and having it adapted to accommodate our needs.

We were to keep one of the Sky cars, and some equipment that had already been delivered to site, and that Little Sparrow was aware also that we will be leaving, and he had requested that he could come to live with us.

We have told him that yes there will always be a home here for him and any of you, however for a time that we needed to be away; we have made arrangements for all of your care. We also have seven handpicked personnel that will be moving with us.

We have been able to accommodate them in three keeper’s cottages and four Pine cabins; we have also taken everything that we require to operate the security, and to look after the home while we are away.

We have also purchased a Pheasant farm and shoot, along with four copses and two thousand acres of open pasture land, we have kept their staff and when I return, I shall be running that as a retirement business, it has two beautiful trout lakes and one trout river running through the land.

I then went on to explain that everything else is theirs, including, the Airfield, as I have been speaking with selected staff who live in the village and in the cottages we own there. And we have agreed to allow any member of staff that lives in such property to keep and inherit the properties, on condition they continue working for you and supporting you.

If they have any concerns, our family attorney in Canada, knows our wishes and he will resolve them for you, should we need to be contacted, then he will know how to contact us.

From that day the family inherited a vast estate many years sooner than anticipated, Little Dorothy had been expressing an interest ever since she returned from her mission, to become more involved in the family business, now her dreams were to come true.

The day for them to depart to serve in the temple had arrived, and Janet and I knew that today we were walking away from a major part of our lives, and that all of our friends, who were mostly members of our staff were in one way or another going to be missed.

In our first few days in the temple we had time to settle before we were to start serving, I had taken on four care assistance from within the church, and they were to accompany us now where so ever we went.

As they were themselves temple worthy, it had been easy to have them help within the temple, and rather than take up valuable temple accommodation, they all lived very happily within the mobile home.

When it came for us to serve in Indonesia, I had chartered private transport to fly us and our team to our calling and had used my private wealth to cover all costs and to overcome all barriers.

The motor home was taken to the new home in Somerset to await our eventual return. Everything had gone very well, and Janet and I had served as we had been called, and while we were there, we had helped the community to become more self-reliant.

Food especially protein had been a considerable problem, and it was Janet who had resolved their troubles. She introduced them to Rabbits and to a rodent that grew to the size of a Pitbull terrier.

It bred with easy success and lived in watery environments. As a concessionary gift rather than have the residents, pay for the first batch of rabbits and rodents, Janet and I had come to an agreement with the village elders.

Every resident was to be given one third of an acre of land, which was drawn up legally, and from there, and if they were physically able, they were to prepare the ground, and were then given by the church the seeds to plant root vegetables, rather than rice.

Also, Fruit trees were sold to them partly grown, and then the villagers had to prepare the land and then plant them. The church paid to have a double layer fence, however again the villagers had to erect the fence, and ensure it was sunk four feet down, with a seven-foot wire netting placed down four foot down, to prevent the rabbits from escaping the orchards.

It was difficult work, however once everything had been put into place, over six hundred villagers were lifted from the poverty trap, and any surplus vegetables, which they were able to sell on, and the more enterprising, who purchased extra rabbits and built their own enclosed runs, were able to sell surplus meat at the markets.

The result of this had meant they could afford to send their children to school, and those who obtained an education, could in the hands of time, find better paying employment and lift their families into a better style of life.

Their missionary visit had been a substantial success, and it pleased me as I had wanted to serve on a mission since I was a child, and when it was taken from me because of other people’s actions against me, it had in part and for a time destroyed my dreams.

Now I had an almost half of a life time of daily prayers answered, and I had served a successful mission abroad. Now we were once again home in the United Kingdom, and for the last three months had found the time to settle, and young Sparrow who was now seventeen years of age, had grown into a fine young man.

Also, his personal day to day tuition funded by Janet and I, had paid dividends, and the result was although he could not have acquired a university placement, other than in maths. He was none the less, a good student and with backing from Stephen Hawkins he had been granted a placement on Hawkins personal research team, and with us his parents been pleased he had moved to Oxford, to live.

Hawkins had a reputation for helping those who had a disability, and as young Master Sparrow was so gifted; he had easily won a position on his team, and it was one of my employees who had given young master Sparrow another advantage.

She had moved to Somerset and was a software engineer, who had worked in communications while in the military, she has developed a piece of software that read brain signals and interpreted those signals into actual functional movement.

When the equipment had been fitted up for Hawkins it had taken him seventeen days to fully master its use. The resulting freedom was incredible, and for the first time in over forty years, he had a voice that although sounding like a computer, he could speak, at a rate equivalent to any human.

It was Hawkins staff who suffered the most; as they had adjusted themselves and become use to the hours of silence now, they complained that he talked too much.

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