The Hands of Time - Book Two

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Chapter Four

There had been a public outcry with some of the relatives demanding the woman to be held responsible and face a man slaughter charge, as there was a vast amount of grief, and of people needing to release their pain.

Incredibly in time and after much prayer from across the world, time had brought healing; the funeral for my son had been televised as he was looked upon as a true hero, and who had given his life so others may live.

Janet and I were interviewed moments after the funeral, the police were about to move the TV crew away, when Janet asked them to please allow her and her husband to express our feelings. The police relented as they themselves had families and they realized the pain in which we must have been going through to have lost so many children, and now our only son.

I had thanked the police and then all the rescue forces for everything that they had done, and I went on to express the feelings of both myself and my wife Janet, and my word went as follows.

“We would ask you, …, no, we would plead with you, to please find it in your hearts to forgive this person, she is a mother of three children and also has a separated husband, and my wife and I feel that it is wrong, that they should in turn be forced to suffer the loss of their mother, the children had done nothing wrong, and that they needed their mother. There had already been enough pain within that family with the break up, and the children having to see their father been taken away and been only been able to see them on occasions.”

I paused and wiped away a tear and then continued. “Have they not suffered enough already, and without society enforcing further suffering upon them, because their mother had made a genuine innocent mistake, and had not even been aware that a fire had started. I feel there was no malicious intent in her heart, only pain, and now knowing that she was partly responsible for the death of those people and the suffering it has inflicted onto others.”

I paused again to wipe my eyes, heck I had lost my son, and it was an emotive time, but I forced myself to continue. “She herself is a mother, so she knows of the loss that you and also my wife and I are suffering right now.”

I paused as he tried to dry the tears which were flowing from my eyes, my heart was broken, and I had just buried his only son, moments ago. So Janet wrapped an arm around my shoulders and kissed me gently on the head, and she took over the interview, and as she did, and she lifted her head to face the camera, and she could see tears were flowing from the people around her, and they were themselves fathers and mothers, and they could relate to what I had just said to them, and that they realized the sheer agony and pain in which my wife and I must be going through, yet there we were pleading for forgiveness and compassion and love, and unknown to us, some forty million people from across the world were either viewing the Sky TV crews reporting live, or to view it later in the day.

Janet looked up and wiped away her tears. “Please, please we beg of you to not make her children suffer any more, can you not even begin to think how scared they must be at this very moment, knowing that there are hundreds of reporters camped outside their home, and that there are thousands of invisible voices demanding that their mother be taken from them. Please think of those children they are innocent, and it would be wrong to make them suffer, simply because some of us want to hold someone accountable for this tragic accident, and that is what it was,” Janet had to stop and wipe away her tears, before she could continue.

“That is what it was, an accident, no one deliberately set about to cause the fire, no one deliberately set about taking away my sons’ life and the lives of the others whose loved ones died.”

As she stopped yet again, as tears were flowing from her eyes, she staggered and almost fell, she was unable to continue. There had been a rush to save her from falling, and as they helped her holding her steady until a seat was brought for her to sit down on, and the camera crew just caught her mumbling, “Please father God, don’t let them take their mother away from those innocent children,” her sobs and broken heart was exposed to millions across the world, and the nation felt her grief at that moment, and understood the pain in which she and I her husband was going through.

Even Dorothy in Canada, who was herself sitting in the airport waiting to board a plane to be her son’s side, had seen the interview. She had been in hospital after suffering a fall from one of her horses, and no longer been as young as she once was, she had been taken to hospital, and had not heard of the death, until the day after.

Dorothy was now with her beloved husband Matt and trying to get to me her sons side, her own heart was broken, she had a special fondness for young master Sparrow, as his special needs had touched her heart and brought back memories of myself when she first had met me and taken me to Canada with my grandmother.

By the next day, it was the headline news on the TV channels and all of the UK newspapers, who were now demanding that the government drop its charges against this innocent mother of three children, and that she was the unfortunate victim herself of events out of her control. Such was the public outcry, and the effect of that interview that it caused hours upon hours of open discussion.

With some been amazed that the TV crew had even been allowed such an insensitive interview, and only minutes after our son lay in his grave, and a later interview with Janet and me, had given us time to express our faith and the believe structure of the church.

With us explaining that we can once again be reunited with our loved ones, and that in the plan of salvation, it was in the hands of time, possible to once again be with your loved ones and for an eternity.

Within days after the interviews had been broadcast, there were thousands upon thousands of requests for the missionaries to visit and explain their faith and of the church, and of our wonderful family values, and that we put God first, and many wanted to learn about the temples and about what was involved to become members.

It later transpired that their hearts had been touched and a seed had been planted, a seed of love and grace, of mercy and compassion, a seed of interest, and of wanting to learn more.

Young Dorothy had booked the temple for their wedding in a further six weeks, and she had asked her mother if she should put off the wedding. Both Janet and I told her that little Sparrow would not of wanted that, as he loved you and Armid and would want you to go ahead in memory of him, and celebrate his wonderful life.

As the days turned into weeks the pain became more bearable but had understandably have not gone away. The weather had turned bitterly cold, and as Armid awoke, to his surprise there had been a heavy frost in the night.

He looked at the clock by his bed, and it took him time to register that it was only and something had woken him. Shivering he tried to get his thoughts together, his mind was telling him that the central heating should have fired up if the temperature within their home dropped below a certain level.

Reaching for the bedside lamp he tried to switch the light on, and it was only then that he realized either the fuse had blown or there was a power cut, so pulling open a bedside cabinet drawer he lifted out a torch, and then made his way to the power switch fuse box to see if the main breaker switch had moved.

To his disappointment, he realized now that it was for certain a power cut, so making his way into the kitchen he walked onto the cold tiled floor in his bare feet, and quickly wished he had of had the foresight to have put his slippers on.

“Oh, heavenly Father God, I’m so cold, oh yes, sorry father, Good Morning,” quietly yet in a low audible voice he continued talking or praying, and had someone of seen him, they would have thought he was talking to himself.

However, this was simply one of his ways of praying, and he had long learnt that it did not matter if he knelt by the side of his bed, to pray, or did so as he went about his daily life.

While in the military as a war pilot, and having to control a multimillion-pound helicopter, he could not stop what he was doing, and find a quiet place to pray on his knees.

So he had just started praying for the lives of his fellow colleagues and the innocent bystanders caught up in the bitter battle for freedom, and while he fought to control the machine that he was piloting, and also keep those who were in his care, and were relying on him to keep them safe and deliver them to their destination.

This had become a regular occurrence during his time in the military; as there were times when he would seek out a quiet safe corner somewhere where he could audibly pray, however at that time in his life, they were far and few between.

He was in the heart of the battle zone, and two of his fellow pilots had been killed while trying to rescue fellow comrades in battle, and as such he was in demand and therefore, he rarely secured more than a few hours’ sleep in any one day.

Now as he made his way back into his bedroom, he was wondering still what it was that had woken him so early, as he went into the bathroom and turned on the hot water tap, and he then realized there would be no hot water, as his immersion tank was heater by electricity.

So quickly he washed in cold water, and shivering he made his way back into his bedroom and dressed, but before he did this, he had opened his storage trunk and pulled out his old military thermal undergarments, as he knew these at the very least would help to keep him warm.

Then fully dressed he suddenly felt a need this time to go onto his knees and rest against his bed, and to pray. He could not help but think of one of his close friends, Andrew Warmack, who was working at the airfield.

His position of employment was to be in charge of keeping the underground sluice pipes clear from blockages, and to ensure the flow of the river water which entered the gravel pit, was able to continue on its journey unimpeded.

The reason for the sluice gate gratings was to prevent blockage and to also keep the expensive trout inside the gravel pit, as a large investment had been put into ensuring this was among the best fisheries in the United Kingdom, and of the local family’s income, in whom Dorothy had allowed to purchase shares.

Ever since young Dorothy had been inspired to offer the local community cut price shares to own part of the Air Field Complex, the town families had secured part of their own future investments, in now owning a proportion of this incredibly and marvellous money-making complex.

Initially she had offered the staff and their families, to purchase shares at Three pound a share, which was approximately at that point in time a third of their original value.

Within six months after the military had shown an interest and her father had offered a franchise of the Alien units, the publicity had drawn millions of visitors, and the shares were now selling at One hundred and two pounds per share, as the complex had become the number one place to take their families, and at a price in which they could afford.

Such was the demand for the shares, that Dorothy had realized her employees would ensure their investments were not put at risk, and therefore they gave one hundred and ten per cent of their effort in keeping the complex safe and functioning in good order.

Andrew weigh heavily on Armid’s mind, and he knew not why Father God was wanting him to pray for him, however the past had taught him of the importance of not listening to such promptings, as once a close friend had told Armid, that he was awoken one morning, with an urgent prompting to pray for him.

He went on to tell Armid, “I had this urgent feeling that you were in immediate danger, I could not say why, but I just knew that the Lord wanted me to pray for you.” When he told Armid the date and time, Armid realized it was the very day that he had been injured and it was only eleven minutes before he was actually shot.

That knowledge had personally made him realize the importance of responding to the Lords promptings, and that to fail to act upon them could result in something drastic happening.

He remembered the time when he had mentioned the importance of prayer to some of his friends in the military, and they had laughed at him, telling him how they thought prayer was a waste of time, and that if your time was up, there was not a thing that prayer could do to prevent it.

Later he had read an article by prominent physicians who had, made a clinical study of terminally ill patients. They had noted that from those who had prayed, or had family and friends praying for them, a much higher unexplained percentage seemed to recover, while those who had no one praying for them, appeared down hearted, depressed and a higher percentage failed to recover.

This information had been a form of encouragement to him, and in time during fast and testimony meeting, he had shared his thoughts and had an amazing response from fellow saints wanting to talk to him about prayer.

Now kneeling at his bedside he did not know why Andrew was in need of prayer, however, he just knew he was being called upon to lift Andrew up before Father God, and an urgent desire to ask Father God to place His Holy Angels around him and to keep him safe.

He prayed like that for just over two hours and then made his way into the kitchen, looking at the battery-operated clock he realized it was now 05.35 am, opening the fridge door he pulled out a carton of milk and made himself a cereal breakfast.

The power remained off for over seven hours, and when he arrived at work Dorothy arrived minutes after him, and they both walked into a meeting of workers. The night shift had just clocked out and were been replaced by the day staff, however it was noted that Andrews card was still in its place, and had not been moved since he clocked in yesterday.

Armid realized that something was wrong, so he asked the workmen to start looking for him, and then he went about to explained to Dorothy about been prompted to pray for him, however Dorothy had started talking so he waited until he could tell her what had happened.

To his amazement Dorothy started saying she had been woken at two minutes past and that she felt an instant urge to pray for Andrew, and that was when Armid explained that he also had been woken at that time to pray.

The night had been so cold that the gravel pit was partly frozen over, and as they had their own generators, they were not affected by the power cut, however it had seemed unnerving driving into work, and seeing all the homes and streets in darkness.

They soon had someone come to them and tell them the workers could see Andrews boat floating above the sluice tunnels, but it was empty. When they picked up Andrews work rota, they went through his night duties, and it was then that they realized he had pinged by pencil to clear away the sluice gate tunnel.

However, it was works rule that anyone diving should always have a dive partner, however John Simons, who was placed to work with Andrew was off sick, and that had meant Andrew never had a dive partner.

The fact was that he should not have dived without a backup diver, as health and safety had strictly forbidden it for obvious reasons, and both Dorothy and Armid were praying quietly that Andrew would be OK and that if he had dived without a partner, that he must have had a reason.

When the workmen arrived at the boat, they noticed his dive rope was still in the water, and that a life saver ring had been used, and was still floating beside the boat.

Divers had gone into the water and it was there that they found Andrew entangled in a mass of old wire and from what looked like the bed springs from an old-fashioned bed. The only way it could have got into the water, was if someone had deliberately thrown it into the old gravel pit.

When they eventually brought Andrew to the surface he was rushed to the hospital by the Sky cars, and from there he was declared clinically dead, however the doctors were aware from past incidences that at times if a body had been kept below a certain temperature that there were many recorded incidences of successfully bringing the person back into the world of the living.

The divers had also found a single trainer and a pair of jeans, entangled in the wire, and looking as if they belonged to a child, later after the commotion had passed the staff also noticed a homemade raft and fishing equipment, plus a tent, the raft had possibly of drifted and came to rest at the far side, where two sets of foot prints were found, and one had a trainer missing.

Andrew had the Elders of the church visited him and they laid hands upon his head and gave him a blessing, the hospital doctor was himself a Latter Day Saint and she understood the value of prayer, so she gave strict written instructions, that his friends and family were not to be prevented from visiting him, and should they want to pray, then they were to be given the space and time they needed.

Her patient was being kept alive by a machine and his body had been slowly warmed, he had also been placed into a deliberate coma, this allowed the body the time it needed to heal.

Trying to put together what possibly had happened, it looked like possibly two children had gone night fishing, and possibly one or both had fallen in, and Andrew had tried to rescue them.

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