The Hands of Time - Book Two

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Chapter Six

The police had followed every possible lead, and had discovered the waitresses’ references were all false, as was her home address. The National insurance card which she had used had come from a person with who’s name she had used but had since gone to live abroad.

The kidnappers had covered their tracks well and it was evident that months if not years of planning had gone into perfecting this kidnapping. They had even known which roads to take, and that only had very limited CCTV coverage.

Simon had not even known his phone had been taken; he was at that time in a sports hall playing a game of five aside soccer with a group of friends. When he had showered and dressed, he had not even missed his phone.

I had offered a million-pound cash reward for my daughters save return within a designated period of time, however when no one had stepped forward to claim the reward, I had removed the offer, and even gone onto national TV to plead for her save return.

As the days turned into weeks it became evident that the authorities were not going to be able to rescue young Emma, even the undercover operatives operating in the heart of the travelling community had not heard of any such operations been planned, as such they realized that they genuinely did not have one single lead in which to follow.

It was now three months since Emma’s disappearance; and her sisters had remained on their missions but had discrete surveillance staff following them from a distance and we had employed the best which money could buy, to keep them and the rest of the family safe.

However other than securing one’s self into a defendable home, it was impossible to gain absolute security, as a sniper could sit over a mile away awaiting the signal, and quietly wait until you step into the sight of their high powered scopes, and then you could only escape if the aim was off or your reflexes were faster than a high powered rifle’s bullet.

Life had returned to as near normal as it could under the circumstances, and the business had to be kept running and the responsibility of keeping a few hundred personnel in employment could not be ignored.

Booking’s had to be honoured and the upkeep of the equipment could never be allowed to falter, as such life had to go on, and Janet and I and our family were forced to allow the specialists to continue with their work, while the family had to return to as near a normal routine as before, the only noticeable difference was the extra level of security employed, and unnoticed to the human eye, unless you were yourself a trained operative, was the additional levels above that which had now been implemented.

Only the incredibly rich and royal families were aware of such levels of security, and other than that life went by. It was as if life had dealt this family a terrible hand of cards, and no matter how skilled we were in playing the so-called game of life, something always seemed to try to drag us down.

A newspaper reported had decided to investigate into my life and written an article, and as to where he had acquired the family photos from, and the various bank statements of a few of our separate accounts, was not known.

However, who so ever this reported was, he had obviously used a considerable number of skilled researchers who had used bit of their skills into investigating and digging as deeply as they possibly could.

Although they never acquired all of our accounts, they certainly had acquired some, and the information was reasonably accurate, they had even been aware of taxes paid, and whom was employed and as to where.

Even the first level of security staff’s details was made public, and it became obvious that a lapse in security and carelessness in the disposal of personal data like statements and email records had been over looked and breached.

The one amazingly good thing which had developed from all of this was, that not one single bill had been unpaid, all taxes were honoured and as such this had reflected on our faith, which itself was brought into the article.

I was unsure who had instructed this attack upon my family, but on the first day a five-page article was printed in the newspapers, and the local and national radio and TV news channels had followed suit.

However, in all this I had remained unfazed, and my daughters were protected, Janet was aware of what was happening, and the church had rallied together with the members coming to our aid and offering assistance.

I had not wanted the world to know of my personal wealth and had paid my tithe in advance every six months, however I had always since I could remember paid the full ten percent, and since my wealth had increased so dramatically, I had often paid over twenty-five to thirty percent of my income, therefore, the reporters had received an incorrect intelligence on my estimated worth.

When the church had refuted any such claims and with my permission released a letter stating that I often paid above my ten percent requirement, they were left not really knowing the true amount of my wealth and had settled on an estimate.

Whichever way they looked at it the family’s wealth was considerable and, my solicitors were forced to go before a judge and request that the court present the newspaper editor with a warrant of arrest for breach on ongoing reporting restrictions.

However, the damage had been done and my family and business matters had become partly exposed to the world, and they had even raked up the death of my parents and of my mother’s last words spoken to a paramedic, her body was pinned into the car seat by metal having almost stapled her into her seat, and her legs were badly crushed, and she would have been cut from the car before they could have rescued her, had she have lived.

From there they had exposed even the attempted murder when I was run over, and of my dreams been shattered to have gone into research, and that there had even been a contract of employment signed with the multi- billionaire owner of Moller industries.

They had done everything in their power to dig up buried injuries, and to try to bring about an emotional response from me however what they had not been prepared for was my actual response.

I had spoken with the family’s Attorney, and their investigation had exposed areas where they had illegally obtained information in Canada and the USA insurance offices, and as the editor and the owners of the newspaper had violated international law, as well as Canadian and United states laws, a further warrant was issued for their respective arrests including the reporter who had started this.

In the end it had come down to who had the most influence in having restrictions lifted or arrest warrants blocked or implemented. My family’s Attorney had not become the most feared or sought-after Attorney by making mistakes.

His team implemented the paper work and had ensured that there was not even a single technical issue on which they could use against their arrests. I in turn had presented my own case on my past and had cleverly turned the events around by stating that a book which he had written would soon be published and within it, they could learn the truth behind my life.

Within hours I had publishers phoning him and offering to publish the book if I gave them the exclusive rights, three had even offered a substantial advance as an incentive to bring me on board into their exclusive publishing list of authors.

I had smiled as I had recognized their tactics and realized that I had myself used such in acquiring the very best possible employees in my own firms.

There was such an interest in me this private man who had tried so hard to stay out of the public’s gaze, and it had only been thanks to my adopted Mother Dorothy that I had managed to stay hidden as I had, and only with a minimal exposure.

Dorothy was herself becoming frail these days, she was now just over seventy years young as she called herself, and was since the fall from her horse, no longer able to carry on in the way in which she had in the past.

She had sold her wheat business and was now living very healthily from the interest on the interest of her initial investment, without touching her private wealth, and which had been separate to the wheat farm and the prime land, which these days held an incredible price per acre.

She had allowed the children to have inherited the cattle farms and she had sold her farm and all of its land to the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints, for the going rate, who had then agreed to allow both Dorothy and Matt to remain tenants until she died.

She had spoken to the children and it was Clair who had inherited the cattle farm next to her home, they had agreed on sectioning off the land used for the cattle, and given Dorothy fifty acres of land to use as her use along with her home and the land which the Calgary stampede was held on each year.

It was this land which the church had acquired along with the home; the real value was the land itself and especially the vast area in which the stampede was held on each year.

Clair had a beautiful pine lodge built to her own specifications and had obtained planning permissions, for it to be built in one section which she truly loved.

It overlooked a beautiful valley with a river flowing through the land, which she now owned on both sides of the valley and beyond. Every morning she would awake to see the sun climbing towards the view of the valley, and by 11am it would highlight areas of the valley like a huge giant spotlight bringing rays of warm sunlight filtering through the clouds.

It was stunningly beautiful and a view which was hers and her families to enjoy for as long as they owned the land. Dorothy had owned a small homestead as a holiday cottage in the mountain foot hills of the Rocky Mountains and had further acquired just over three hundred acres of beautifully forested land with access rights, and a further five hundred and seventy-five acres of exposed land which had a river running through it by purchasing it from one of her cousins.

The land in this area had restricted planning permission and a person could only acquire planning rights if it could be proved there were people living on the land in the past one hundred years.

In Canada that is not as easy as it appears, especially in that range of mountain area. However, her father’s grandfather had built a small trappers hut there and for some years and he had lived there earning a living trapping furs and selling them on.

Ever since then various members of the family had lived there from time to time and had extended the accommodation, until Dorothy acquired the land, so she had allowed one of her retired farm hands to live there as he had no home of his own to retire to.

She had sent staff to make the home comfortable and ensured he had everything in which she required. The additional land had belonged to a cousin, who she purchased it from, as they had no intentions of developing the area.

She also owned a further thirty-three thousand acres of forest land, which Dorothy purchased fifty-one percent of, just to ensure it remained a virgin forest and was allowed to develop as nature required.

She had ensured no loggers could take away this most beautiful of wild life habitats and therefore had preserved it for the nation’s future, and for her grandchildren to one day enjoy.

Dorothy spent most of her time living in the Mountains, and only returned to the home as the church now owned her family home and what land was close to it, if the weather became colder than she could cope with.

Various members of her staff stilled lived in the family home and were looking after the home for her even if she was there or living in the mountain lodge.

Seven members of staff who had been living with her family for many years, had expressed an interest in moving to the mountain lodge as it became known, so Dorothy and Matt always had reliable staff living with them to ensure wherever they were that their needs were met.

It had now been seven months since Emma had vanished and Simon had prayed every day for her safe return, he knew they were to be married in the temple as he had received a dream vision as he called them, of them been together even into old age.

However, he was confused and although he knew she was missing, he had been told that he was to fear not and put his trust in father Gods hands. Therefore, he had always encouraged Janet and ensured her that he did not know how or when, but one day we would have our daughter back.

Then one-day I had received a phone call, and I was told to visit a sauna which was part of a respectable range of health clubs. From there I found an envelope awaiting collection, and it gave further instructions of where to go to,

After a further six hours of basically going around in circles, I arrived at one building and was told to collect another package from there, and that it would explain where my daughter was and how to secure her release.

On arriving at the building, I had entered a huge public launderette and had been told to go over to the notice board and take off it a letter addressed to me. On my arrival I entered the building, and I retrieved the letter and then I went still.

Aa approximately twelve feet from me sat a woman who I had not at first recognized, she was heavily pregnant and very obviously a heroin user, her eyes were heavily glazed and she had been handcuffed by her left leg to the long heavy metal seat which had been bolted to the floor.

I had been wearing the security spectacles from the security team, and they in turn could see and hear everything around me, and wherever I looked the small hidden video camera recorded an amazing HD video.

I was in a state of shock, fortunately the security team had realized and within moments were there helping me and rescuing my daughter. The news of the rescue had been leaked to the national TV news and was announced on national TV, along with a HD video recording.

The police had later found where the video camera had been hidden, and it had sent its recording via a radio signal to what had been a nearby bedsit, and it was from here that they believed Emma had been kept for the last eight months.

They had deliberately sent in the video recording to humiliate Janet and Myself, as the view of our beloved daughter, now carrying a child and looking in a dreadful state, she had also lost so much weight, and her skin was scared and pitted, and the needle marks were deliberately put where they could so easily be seen.

Everything was designed to instil fear, and to humiliate the Armstrong family, and to show them that regardless of our power, influence and vast wealth, that we were vulnerable and that unless one became a prisoner locked up in an unreachable room, then you were never safe and that they would eventually get to us.

What had also scared us were various photos of our three daughters who were on a mission, and were found along with my daughter, along with a warning showing each of them walking through a street in Ice Land and talking to a person whose face had been removed.

The letter stated very clearly, “Hi this is me, talking to each of your other daughters, I kidnapped Emma and I can reach these at any time.

However, I did something unexpected, three weeks before Emma’s return, I had seen in a dream or a vision, of an angel talking to me, and telling me to collect every piece of photographic and video footage I had of Emma and her sisters, and to prepare a video presentation.

The angel had gone on to instruct me on what was required, and when I had awoken, I had remembered everything in considerable detail, so I had set about doing as I thought I had been asked to do.

When Emma was returned to us, and in turn we had shown the video, this then opened my eyes and I knew instantly why I had been requested to be ready.

The very next day on TV national News channels I had broadcasted this video, and in addition I had paid for three thirty minute slots to be shown every day for the next four days.

As the viewers watched, they saw a beautiful little girl as she had been born along with her sisters and then of the deaths and in time of various photos and video snippets of Emma growing up with her sisters and the family.

It had been incredibly well made and I had felt I was being guided by the Holy Spirit and holy Angels, while I had chosen what to include and what to have left out.

Towards the end of the video it had shown Emma’s sisters going on their mission, but little Emma as she was always called in the family was suffering from the dramatic death of her brother.

I had used photographs of this little hero as he had been called, and I showed photos and a short video clip of him with Stephen Hawkins, and then photos of the fire and footage shot by the ambulance and fire brigades, it demonstrated very clearly the dense thick cloud of choking smoke which they had pulled professor Hawkins from, and then little Mouse had gone back into that inferno to try to rescue a friend.

It showed videos of me playing with his sister and of the times we had together. I then pulled out my ace card, and I showed photos of Dorothy’s wedding, and then showed Simon and Emma together two days before the kidnapping and that they were engaged and looking forward to a Temple wedding.

It was then I showed photos of how my daughter now looked and of the video which the kidnappers had shown, and throughout all of this I had a professional orator, talking and expressing feelings and times of happiness and times of upset in Emma’s life.

I showed Simon by her side in the hospital and of him praying by her bedside, and before it ended of him holding her hand with him crying, as the person he loved lay helpless before him, having been so wrongly violated and abused, and the needle marks along her arms made it look as if they had been used for a dart board.

The orator then went on to explain that babies in this situation were always born a heroin addict and that they themselves had to come into the world in such a disadvantaged way. An innocent life who had committed no crimes and who could not be held responsible for anything had been forced into life dependant on a drug which kills and destroys organs.

I ended the video asking, and stating, just how safe your children are, and offered a three-million-pound reward for the capture and bringing to court the people who had been responsible for this crime.

The response was incredible, families from across Europe who had even seen the video had sent in letters of sympathy and prayer letters and prayer cards. The police had spoken with the media and asked them for their help and they had deliberately kept quiet from where Emma had been found, other than a launderette, and even that could have been one of over thousands in the country.

A drug user had come forward and he had given details of a group of people who had been trading drugs from a flat across the road from a launderette and a Chinese takeaway store.

He said about two months ago when the main team were away, he had gone to the flat to buy some drugs and that there was a woman in the room, who could have been your daughter.

When asked why he had not reported it before, he explained he had not known she was a missing person, and that usually he had to purchase the drugs from their other flat, but as they had not been there for some days, he was desperate and had gone to where he had seen them a few times before.

He was explaining how he was trying to get off the habit, but it was so difficult, and that occasionally he had managed to go a few weeks, trying to break the habit and that he had been using the launderette, and that while there he had seen these people coming and going from this flat as well, and that was how he had come to learn of the two flats.

This was possibly the breakthrough they needed, so for the next few days the police placed the new address under surveillance and photographed who came and left the building.

The day which Emma had been kidnapped, the security staff had been wearing the spectacles which recorded images, and the police had photos of the one woman who they knew were involved, and it was only when they matched her image with some of the group entering the property that they decided to take action.

There had been eleven people coming and going from the property, that evening, and seven of them were confirmed as inside the flat. At twelve minutes past 03 am the police raided the flat with unimaginable speed.

They had used specialized flexible cameras to view under the entrance and to see how it was secured, when they realized they could use the door frame splitters, it simply pushed the frames apart, leaving the front entrance door open and for them to simply walk in.

They actually charged in screaming so loud and released various ear piercing stun grenades, which the occupants had no way of knowing what had been happening.

After removing the bodies from the flat, the police laid in wait for the others to return, and all bar one person was in the process of time caught.

Within the building they discovered seventeen rooms, which were in fact three flats with the side walls opened, and making an incredibly large working and living area.

It had a huge drug making area, and then a row of the best games computers money could buy, six laptops, four base station computers, and a film studio, and incredibly the incriminating evidence showed in clear detail how they had spent many moths collecting surveillance and gathering intelligence.

It also gave details of quite a few other crimes in which they had been involved with. One video recording had even shown then taking documented proof to the people who had ordered the kidnapping, and of them handling over two cases of cash as payment, and another case along with instruction on what to do with Emma.

In time so much information was recovered that they were able to bring charges to twenty-six people who in one way or another had been involved with Emma’s kidnapping, sadly the one person whom Janet and I truly wanted to face the courts, was the person who had walked up to our other daughters while they were away serving their mission and had his photograph taken with them.

He was evidently very dangerous and evidentially the ring leader, and who controlled, what we were to later learn, was a group of cell workers, and he was the only operative who had known the members within, however we later learnt from gained evidence, that remaining cells were still in operation.

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