The Hands of Time - Book Two

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Chapter Seven

From the evidence collected it became evident that these people had become over confident and had been recording all transactions from the very start up of this particular cell.

Incredibly even their paymasters who had instigated various kidnaps and murders had been recorded and handing over volumes of cash, and the police could only assume it was for reasons and protection of themselves, or to blackmail others within the future, that these recordings were made.

The three-million-pound reward had been just too much of a temptation and it was a factor in which they had not taken into consideration. I came to an agreement with the drug addict who was directly responsible for the capture of these people, and he offered to put him into a private clinic; and one of which was the best there was for those who could afford it.

It was then that I made him an additional offer, that if he could stay from using various substances for a period of six months from leaving the clinic. That I would give you employment, and pay him a substantial wage, to help him provide for yourself, and then after six months if he still has remained clean, I will then give him an extra One Million pounds.

Richard then confided that there had already been an attempt on his life, and I understood his hesitation. The police offered him protection, but unless I can disappear, I will be dead within a week, he had told them.

I then explained that I was in a position within family contacts and told him that I could offer him a new identity and have him relocated where he will never be found again.

Richard listened, and made enquiries as to how it could come about, it was evident even though he was a drug user; he still had enough understanding to realize that his life was in imminent danger.

Within two days, I had spoken to my mother, and she in turn spoke to the church authorities and between them our police and government, we ensured Richard was re-homed to Canada and with a new identity, he entered one of the church’s detox units and underwent a strenuous time of recovery.

I had spoken to Janet, and had explained to her, that I would have given all of my wealth, if it could have prevented our daughters kidnapping, however, I also knew, that I would have paid even more, if it had meant I could also have my daughter’s abductors brought to justice, and see them held responsible for this hideous crime in which they had so brutally inflicted on an innocent person.

Time and life simply had to go on; and life could no more stop for young Emma, than it could for the tragic death or injustices that were inflicted upon countless millions, almost every day from across the world.

Time we are told is a healer, and in truth I myself was aware of this, as within my short life, I had suffered, as some of my closest of friends had described, in been like that to the story of Job, as found in the Bible.

Yet I, as did Job, we never take our eyes off Father God, and although the tragic loss of loved ones was immense, and the witnessing of this as well as those whom I loved along with the sufferings, I had never lost my faith nor my love of my God, and in the hands of time, I know I was rewarded for this.

Even that knowledge however did not at the time comfort me, I was very aware of the pain in which my daughter had been going through, and I knew that the one person responsible for this suffering, was still at large, and as such he or she needed to be brought to justice before they could inflict further damage to my family and loved ones.

When the baby was born, he was tragically grossly underweight and desperately dependent on heroin, the thought of such an innocent life having to suffer this way, had caused the nurses looking after him to actually weep, they were in this line of service because they cared, and it was an emotional response from which countless mothers would recognise as a maternal response. Janet and I had stood by our daughter and young Simon.

He had taken this incredibly well, and even though another person had seeded this life before him, he insisted to the hospital that they would be keeping the child and bringing him up as their own.

After consultations Andrew expressed a wish that Emma and him had been speaking about starting a family before she had been kidnapped, and that once they were married they had planned to try for a child straight away, and if it was born a boy, they would want to name him after Emma’s lost brother, and call him by his birth name, of John Armstrong.

Both Janet and I were thrilled at the thought of the memory of our son been carried forward, and that had he of been alive then we knew he would have been honoured even though the baby had been brought into the world in such a tragic way.

The child was innocent of any such crimes and he was still Emma’s blood child, even though he was not Simons blood child, and the man had such courage and dignity and strength of character, which in turn showed his true love and understanding within this man’s heart, that he would not take out his pain, on such an innocent life.

Incredibly the hospital honestly could not explain how, as the baby was being kept in a sealed intensive care unit, and which had to be entered by sealed air tight doors. Yet under the crib type oxygen unit holding baby john, they had come into the room, and there under his crib unit was a new born sparrow.

Although it caused a considerable intensive search for how the sparrow could have appeared there, baby John was from those days onwards known as little Sparrow, and every single family member, had recognised it as been as sign of approval.

Again in the process of time Emma was guided through the painfully traumatic time of detox, and even though there had been outburst of insulting words and tantrums of behaviour aimed at Simon and the family, they understood and knew it was not their Emma really saying those words of hate, but only a reaction of coming off this dependency and having the drug removed from the body and her system.

There were even times when Emma was so ashamed of herself and of her feeling that she could not face her family, and it was eleven months after she had been admitted back into hospital, when by more chance than anything else. A young student nurse who had struggled for years to get to become a nurse, and had worked hard, as she herself had been married and they had planned on starting a family.

When one day when her husband was returning home from his work in a foundry, a drunk driver had left the road, and driven his car straight into him, and killing him outright, he had stopped only momentarily, and on realizing what he had done, he had left the car and ran.

He was never found, however it was established the car was not taxed, it also had no M.O.T. certificate and no insurance, and inside the car it was strewn with cans of cider and wine bottles, however as there had been no driver young Jasmine the nurse had not been able to claim compensation.

Two months later her daughter was born, and it was only thanks to her ex-husbands mother, who had helped her bring up the child, as her own family had themselves passed on a few years earlier.

Jasmine had studied hard and worked extra hours to provide, and in time she had reached her dream and qualified to become a nurse, and from there she studied even more until he reached her ultimate goal, of looking after babies in the intensive care unit.

Jasmine had come to her shift early, and there when she had walked into the private patient’s area, she realised that there was an unauthorised visitor. She had seen him standing over Emma’s bed and holding the drip feed tubing in his left hand.

When she realized what he was about to do, she had picked up a stainless-steel bedpan, and ran towards the man and hit him with all of her strength across the back of his head with it.

When the police had arrived, they found both of the security officers had been drugged, and the night nurse had been brutally injured and was lying on the floor bleeding badly from a wound across her head.

He had just been about to inject a highly concentrated liquid of morphine and heroin directly into the drip feed tube, which would have delivered it directly into Emma’s blood stream.

It was later believed that he was trying to prevent Emma from recovering and that he was from a separate cell, fortunately, he had not thought he would be caught, and when the police had raided his home, they had taken away his computer and stripped the home clean, even looking under floor boards and removing wall panels.

They eventually pulled out a secret container that had been hidden behind a false wall; it had contained a mass of information about a Susan Gilbert Adams and Jeffery William Johnston.

It transpired it was these two people who were themselves running the cells and responsible for organizing the various business transactions. Enough evidence was acquired to discover who these two people actually were and although they had not been at their home when the police arrived, the police were able to freeze their bank accounts and confiscate enough evidence to hopefully put a stop to their criminal business.

When Janet had discovered that it had been as a direct action that young Jasmine had taken that Emma had been sparred further months if not years of suffering, we had wanted to reward her.

So, we had our personal security company look into her back ground and a report was presented of her, Janet and me, and it was within four days of having requested it. Fortunately, they were incredibly good at what they did, and it was amazing just what information was held on a computer about an individual.

As for those who knew how to collect that information, there was a considerable sum of money available for it, and after talking things over we asked if we could see young Jasmine, and her husband’s mother.

Incredibly we had a wonderful morning together, and explained who we were, it was only then that young Jasmine realised that I was the Sparrow Armstrong who had recently been in the newspapers and on so many news channels.

At the time she had been angry with the news stations and the newspapers for their unmerciful publications of the way they were treating my family and she had even written into the news channels customer service sections expressing her displeasure and had written to the editor of the newspapers and sent emails, however all her efforts had gone ignored, but the fact that she had taken this action, had not gone by unnoticed and had been included with the search carried out by the Armstrong’s security team.

Janet spoke rather than her husband, and offered to buy them a new family home, a car and furnishings, plus to put aside an undisclosed to the public amount of money into an investment account, so she could send her daughter to university when she was old enough.

We also offered to cover the cost of a full-time nanny come minder to give the young mother some time off and to help Jasmine with bringing up her child. We also ensured all of her mother’s debts and jasmine’s debts were paid off, as well as ensuring that her mother and she would be financially stable for the rest of their lives.

Heck it was the very least that we could do, especially when you consider the brave action this young nurse took. At first Jasmine had not wanted to accept, however as Janet was aware that she had seen the reports of our family’s estimated wealth, and Janet used that to help us win her case.

Janet told he that, “We have more money than most people could gain in ten life times, and my husband has worked hard all of his life, and now our family means more to us than all of our wealth, as your daughter means to you.”

This were something which the young nurse could relate to and understand, and in time she had accepted our offer, as did the mother. The Armstrong solicitors guided them to a bank who they knew they could trust, and which was managed by a Muslim friend to the family.

There Jasmine was given her own financial advisor and treated as a special customer, and whose life was to change from that day onwards.

Amazingly she remained calm, and even level headed, she also found a property in which she and her mother liked, and it offered a separate family bungalow on the grounds and came with twenty acres of land a stable and an area for training horses.

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