The Hands of Time - Book Two

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Chapter Eight

It had been a childhood dream to own her own horse, and now Janet and I had ensured it came true, we also convinced them the value of having panic rooms fitted and had two fitted into the large family home and one fitted into the bungalow.

Both Janet and I were pleased that we could do this for the person who had so bravely risked her own life in saving our daughter and any further injuries, Jasmine had continued working as a nurse and had made full use of the additional staff which now made her life so much easier and more comfortable.

It was a further five months later that Emma had regained her sanity and had been rebuilding her life with enough control of her own mind to know that what she was now doing was preparing for her future.

She had almost fallen in love with Simon all over again, as he had been remarkable and she realized that even though there had been times when she had spat at him, and insulted him, slapping his face, laughing at him and treating him like filth. He had realized that it was the heroin talking and not her, and he had stood by her, and when she had been unable to decide for herself, he had honoured their previous wishes, and stated he was bringing the child up as if it was his own child.

She truly loved this man, and realized just how much they really were soul mates, Father God had guided them together, and she was so grateful that she had a good father and mother who had been grounded and immersed into the value and meaning of the Atoning Sacrifices and the values of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints.

As this had enabled her to be brought up on a solid foundation, which sadly a lot of her friends had not been, as they had come into the church at a later stage within their lives, and there was one young man name, Andrew Richard’s, he was a wonderful person, but sadly he had been brought up outside the church and of its values, and had not had a father there to guide him.

He had made some wrong choices and because of events within his own life, he had grown up confused and scared. At one time in his young childhood a relative had abused him, and threatened him, so he grew up not knowing if he was straight, gay or bi-sexual.

This in turn had caused years of emotional pain, and when he had tried talking to a minister of a church, he had been told it was ok for men to be that way inclined and this upset him even further, as he had not wanted to be looked upon in this way.

He personally felt unclean, and he had friends in later years who were themselves gay both men and women, however he himself looked now upon himself as he later learnt was called straight, and he had no problem with his friend’s emotion or personal preferences, however it was the actual act of intercourse which was upsetting him.

As he personally felt that if a person felt they loved another of the same sex, that that in itself was perfectly acceptable, as long as they reframed from taking that any further and kept themselves celibate. He himself had married at a young age and had made a dreadful mistake, and in time his wife could not cope with his personal and emotional problems.

As such she had found another to love and had become with child even though she was still married to him. They eventually had divorced and he tried so hard to fight off the emotional trauma in his life, and eventually after years of prayer he found someone who had wanted to marry him.

He was so elated and happy that they married and within only a few weeks he discovered that he was the seventh husband, and she had tricked him suffering herself with a mental illness, and in addition she was an aids carrier and had lied to him, and had been deliberately deceiving him, and had only married him so she could try and milk him of his wealth, which he never had in the first place.

So, she divorced him, and he was in an emotional mess, and although he truly loved father God, he had no one to guide him in the correct principles of life. In time he was fortunate to meet up with two missionaries who introduced him into the church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints.

Again, he thought he had found what he was looking for, and then he suffered even more trauma as he became under attack from people telling him he was an idiot and that he was going straight to hell.

He was told he was not any longer a Christian, and that he had been deceived, and as such was not welcome now even into some other churches. He was genuinely treated this way, even though a few churches tried denying their actions until they were caught out and exposed for their two faced behaviour.

It took her friend years and years of emotional trauma before he settled his mind, and he now knows that he is without question in the true Church of Christ Jesus. He states very clearly during testimony times, that it is the true church, and that Joseph Smith was and still is a Prophet of God, and that we have a living prophet of God on earth today.

He has learnt of the true values in which the church teaches and of the importance of family, and especially of bringing our children into the church and teaching them the correct values from such an early age, and to be there to guide and help them, and give them the support which he never had, but had so desperately have needed.

When Emma thought of her friend and of others with similar but to them their own personal life tales to tell, and that she realized just how fortunate she truly was, and that this faith and love which she had been shown and wrapped within, had in itself helped to save her emotional sanity.

The date for the Temple wedding had been booked, and once again Emma started living once more, she had spoken to her Bishop and the church authorities explained that they would look into sending Andrew and her on a mission at a later time.

The sisters had all returned from their respective missions, and fortunately not a single one of them had suffered in any way. Their mission had been a wonderful time in their lives, and they had left as older teenagers, but had returned as much wiser and more mature young women.

The mission had a reputation of assisting its members to quickly put aside the traits of teenage desires, and to concentrate the mind into evolving into a more mature and conscientious attitude.

I was now feeling tired, and I was in need of rest, my whole body was now giving me a level of pain, and when I awoke each morning, it was not always that easy for me to get myself together, as I found it a bit more difficult to move and get my thoughts together.

For the best part of my life I had tried to find a time to put aside to search the scriptures, and to pray, Janet bless her, had realized the importance in which we both put into this time, and had spoken with me and expressing her feelings and concerns.

At times when we had the family around us it had become increasingly more difficult for us to find this time, so Janet and I had agreed to awake at 05am every morning and put aside an hour to prayer and scripture studies.

We had grown to love those times of praying together and had come to realize the importance of such prayer, incredibly young Dorothy had woken early one day, and on returning from the bath room had overheard her mother and father praying.

So later that day she had spoken to her mother and ask her if her and daddy would mind if she came and joined them as a family in prayer.

This had pleased both Janet and me, and from then on we prayed specifically as a family together, and later also in the evening whenever we could gather the whole family together, it only took up thirty minutes of our children’s time, as we realized of the importance of school homework and their other commitments.

Now living in our new home and away from the children, it had meant we had no longer needed to get up so early and could comfortably have found this time together in the later part of the day.

However, I had grown so accustomed to waking at this hour that my body continued doing so, and I had taken this as a sign that it pleased the Lord for me to do this, so Janet stood by her husband and also prayed and read the scriptures long before the day staff started their early morning shifts.

One-day I, received a phone call from one of my Muslim friends, Sandhi had been running a very successful house clearance business, and whenever he had come across various items he thought Janet or I would be interested in, he in turn had an agreement to give us first refusal.

Also there had been times when Sandhi came across people who were facing bankruptcy because of illness or for some the loss of work because of injury or illness had forced them to sell everything so they could try to start again or just to clear off commitments because they could no longer work.

Whenever this had happened, I had arranged with my friend Sandhi to let me know, and then I had our family’s security team and solicitors look into the validity of the person’s reasons for been in such a predicament.

Once it was established the reasons were genuine and not deliberately self-inflicted, I set about having a solicitor visit the family, telling them they represented a national organisation which under certain circumstances, helped people out, and over 98% per cent of the times they were able to clear their debts and give them a second chance, without them even been aware that it was the Armstrong Family who had helped them.

I had offered Sandhi financial compensation from the loss of business, however he refused on the grounds, that his faith told him he was to be charitable and to help those in need.

This had impressed me, as this man was not wealthy by any stretch and only just got by and worked very hard to provide for his family, and I had shared many a story with Sandhi and in time we had become very good friends.

One summer a few years ago, Sandhi’s Mother father, and some of his brothers and cousins had been made homeless by the mass floods in Pakistan, and when I had learnt of this family’s tragedy, I had spoken to Sandhi and asked him if he would accept help from a true friend.

Sandhi had cried as he loved his family and they were so important to him, he had tried to bring them to the United Kingdom, however there had been some security issues as a nephew had shown an affiliation to some friends of his who were themselves involved in terrorist action.

Although the family had no connections and were totally innocent of such crimes, they had been refused entry to the United Kingdom. I arranged with my family and had a team put together, and they had coordinated with the Pakistan embassy, and who had already known of the Armstrong family, as they had in the past helped orphaned children and various organizations in Pakistan.

When Sandhi had next spoken to me, I had asked him if his passport was in order and if he could spare some time to go over to Pakistan. Sandhi had told me that he was at that very moment trying to organise with the local community, to raise funds to go over and help his fellow brothers and see if they could at least take warm clothing, bedding and other supplies to them.

So I had spoken to their community leaders and established what was urgently required, and we then offered to match whatever they could raise in financial support, and in the meantime I had spoken to the family and they collectively agreed to put aside ten million pounds for immediate help.

When Sandhi had learnt of this, he had fallen on his knees and cried, and within four days Sandhi was heading up along with some of my friends, a convoy of trucks taking urgent medical supplies, clothing, and suitable circular nomadic type tents which were incredibly strong warm and roomy.

He had also entrusted Sandhi to arrange for the trucks to be carrying suitable foods, in two further trucks he had delivered clean drinking water, and thousands of specialized clean water kits, which filtered out bacteria and worms and other foreign matter and making the water clean and suitable to drink.

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