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A series of short children's stories, Father john came from the Lisa & Lewis stories and he died only to return and assist in solving crimes........ It was evident something was wrong, so quietly I spoke to my dog. “Shish my beauty, down and be quiet” I said, so I secured her lead to a tree and ventured forward by myself, but after a few hundred yards I found it difficult to walk, and my mind was becoming hazy, so I laid my shot gun down and left my corporeal form, and ventured further as a ghost. I had honestly thought there was almost nothing which could affect a ghost, but I was wrong. The closer I came the more difficult it came to concentrate, and it was then I saw what appeared to be a heat haze of purple light, and people dressed in white appeared to walk through it, and as if from thin air. They were hooded, but all nine of them were carrying some type of mushroom type pod, and which had tendrils hanging from one end, and these were moving. ........

Children / Fantasy
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Chapter One.



Short Stories.


Summerton had returned to what for them was normal, and life continued, it was as if the town was still living in the past. Michal Hughson was a retired 4-star General from the British Army and held an estate in Lower Summerton covering some fifteen thousand acres, and he was now the CEO of a specialist research company contracted to the Military of Defence, and working out from the Yeovil Air Command, in Somerset.

There recent acquisition from the military, was to back engineer selected items obtained from an unknown source and evaluate its purpose and future possible functions. It had been over two years since the mysterious items arrived at his facilities, and now his team of engineers were using his land to test selected prototypes, and report on their functioning abilities.

Unknown to him the technology was genuine, but it had also housed deeply inside its mechanism, micro spoors which were unseen to the human eye, and once a secured storage area was entered, the spoors became active, and started to infect and grow.

His land, bordered onto a brother’s farm and that extended to the outskirts of Yeovil in Somerset, and was one vast estate which had originally belonged to his great grandfather, and had been passed down the family, eventually dividing the estate on the death of their father for his two sons.

They had organised a shooting syndicate, and bred pheasants for food, but mostly for the sport and income it could bring in from those who could afford membership. The land was utilised largely for sheep on his brother’s estate, but on the Generals side of the estate he bred horses.

However strange occurrences started happening, and recently people driving through the estate were occasionally reported missing, only to turn up the next day having lost time, and acting for a time as if they were slightly mentally vacant, in that when questioned, it took seconds to respond, as if they were themselves searching a data bank for the answers.

After about nine days, they appeared as normal, and could function and respond as they had before they appeared to lose time. The only other odd or unusual occurrence was people were reporting they could hear a low frequency humming, non-descript, and unsure from where it transpired from. A few residences occasional claimed there was a brief curtain of light which was described as a purple type heat haze, but it only lasted seconds and then vanished.

I had been away far too long and I missed Lisa, Lewis, Adrien and even Elisa, as well as the unity of a menagerie of a family, which we were, although that said, I could still apperate and visit the land of Fay where I had acquired many friends, and I still had the occasional visit from an old angelic friend who was currently assigned to helping Holly Carpenter, even though she was with child and her partner, and whom she keeps calling her husband, refused to take the hint.

Don’t get me wrong he was a decent enough of a person and held a respectable rank within the military, it was to Holly an embarrassment, as her family were strung faithful Catholics, and Mr Carpenter had been a knight of the cross, and recalled to defend the world from a previous demonic war and invasion, sadly, where billions were killed on all sides, until the humans and fay had eventually won, and the great fallen angel The Bright morning Star was captured yet again, and now imprisoned within a created looping black hole.

I had been forced to leave the security of my previous home, and start again under the disguise of Father John, and for a time assigned to Summerton, and then for reasons of safety to Scotland, now I wanted to return, and had been in contact with Albes Kingsley checking on my beloved dogs and talking about the bare-knuckle community, and how the dog fighting was going.

Albes laughed, “Remember John me boy, don’t g doing anything foolish and get involved in any bare knuckle fighting or dog fights, your photo is circulating the travelling communities, and some might just recognise you.” It was evident from his voice he was genuinely concerned, and even though he was a tough rough character, he was in my eyes my friend, and I liked him, as I also liked the family, and my community.

I laughed and promised I would keep a low profile, but ensured he knew I was wanting to return, and would be doing so regardless who was looking for me. “Albes, fuck those bastards, I only ever left to try and protect my friends and Summerton from the violence, but now word has filtered back to me there are very few of the original gang alive, and that they themselves are now forced into hiding, so I’m returning real soon like, yet I’m indebted to you, for shall we say, doing my house keeping for me.”

He knew full well he meaning behind the term housekeeping, and it was not just looking after my home. In the travelling community it had a meaning of taking care of other affairs, which in my case was a mafia style group of thugs who had been trying to kill me for refusing to pull a fight.

I was in the process of closing my affairs in Scotland, when I learnt there were problems affecting Summerton and Langport and the surrounding areas, so I started making my way back to Summerton. Apparently, Lewis had failed to return home from a visit to Lower Summerton, after following through on a source for gathering information. Lisa was concerned, and had been unable to contact him, and in the morning a report was phoned in that a car was seen in one of the lower marsh fields, and that it had hit a tree.

When the police and ambulance arrived, Lewis was found inside unconscious and taken to hospital, the next day he was released and unable to explain what had happened, only his reactions were slow, and it took him seconds to respond to questions.

It was evident something was seriously wrong, yet even after cat scans, it was reported he was not badly injured other than bruising on the skull, and that there was no damage to his brain, but they could not explain his behaviour or hesitant reactions. It was only when other residence started turning up, and having similar symptoms, that people were becoming concerned, and some reported it was almost like a computer searching for an answer.

So, Lisa had phoned me, and explained what was happening, as it was, I was on my way home, and as I had been away for five months, I felt I had missed the area, and had very much wanted to return.

When I apparated to Lisa’s home in Summerton, I was made welcome but for a few seconds I felt as if Lewis never recognised me, and do you know when you get that extra sense which some people acquire. When you just know something is not quite correct, and the hairs upon the back of your neck rise, and kind of warn you something very dangerous like a predator was nearby. Well that was how I was feeling, and everything inside of me was telling me to run.

I knew better than to stay, so I simply explained it was a courteous call and to just let them know I was returning home. Lisa could see I was visibly disturbed, but she had the sense to remain quiet and walked me out, as I said goodbye. I quietly shook my head trying to tell her not to speak, and she seemed to sense my concern.

After walking out of normal hearing range, we just talked, and I promised Lisa I would help. “Lisa, Lewis is, I agree acting out of character, and although not him directly…, I feel or sense there is something tying to take control of his mind, and you need to be very careful and have him watched closely, get Adrien and Elisa to help you keep him under observation.”

I appeared next at the traveller’s site, and requested permission to enter. Once they verified who I was, they made me welcome, and we spent the rest of the night talking with Albes Kingsley and his family. Albes wife, Elsey, told me I was wise to have taken an extended holiday, as people had kept returning looking for me, or for their associates who almost constantly came to find me only to never return.

They had dealt with the thugs in their own particular way and had informed Davie Clifford who took a very dim view of the intrusion, and the East End Associates decided this group had more than enough warnings and had eliminated the threat. What did disturb me, was when Albes informed me there was something seriously wrong with five of his grandsons, and that they had restrained them, and cared for them, but kept them away from the rest of the family.

They had gone poaching to Lower Summerton trying to acquire pheasants and failed to return home for two full days. When they eventually arrived home, they were found to be distant, and it took seconds to respond to questions, their knuckles were bruised and they had cuts upon their hands as if they had been in one hell of a fight. Yet they could not remember where they had been, or what had happened.

My hackles rose yet again, and I confided to Albes that I had heard others in the community were going missing and returning in a similar fashion. He nodded his head indicating he was aware of this. Later the next day, and after we drank what was left of my home brew, I was driven to my home, and had my dogs returned. My bitch had given birth to yet another litter of pubs, and Albes had sold four of them, and splitting the profit as he had looked after them for me, but he had kept the best pups aside for me.

He was a master dog breeder, and I trusted his judgments implicitly, so if he told me he kept the best aside, then I believed him. Although truthfully, I had no need for them, and offered him the pups, but he refused, although he did give me another option. “John me boy” I would like it if you would consider offering Davie Clifford two of them, as he took care of those brutes who tried to kill you, and he recently lost one of his best dogs in a vicious dog fight, which we later learnt the winning dog had been fed illegal substances.”

I looked at him and knew he knew better than I, and that he was a wise old bugger who could run rings around me if he wanted. I smiled, “Albes I’m only too glad to give Davie two of the pups, could you choose and tell him I give my blessings and thanks.” I then breathed slowly and enquired how young Jacob Kingsley junior was doing.

He had shown considerable promise in the bare-knuckle fighting, and I was sorry I was forced to leave as I truly felt he would make a good boxer with lots of potential. Albes grimaced and I could see he was upset. “The poor lad got himself run over, as one of those thugs pushed him in front of a bus and his right arm was crushed, he will never box again.”

Albes Kingsley could see the sheer shock in my eyes, “Oh dear Lord, no, I’m so sorry,” I replied, and then I thought for some seconds, “Does he have a dog of his own” I asked, and Albes wife shook her head indicating, no. “That settles it give the two remaining pups to him and tell him it’s a gift from John, and that if he still wants to learn how to fight and look after himself, then he can come and visit me, and I will train him in exchange for helping me at the gym.”

I saw tears in some of the women’s eyes, and old Albes patted me on the back, “That’s a generous offer, and as for these pups, they are truly valuable, and he could never afford such pure breeds at his age, not for many years yet.” I laughed, “Just ensure he takes care of them, I still have possibly two further breeding’s from my bitch, and like you, I have other means of supporting myself, and I don’t really need the money.”

His eyes widened, “Shit man, you’re losing it, everyone needs money,” and then they laughed, but they knew what I meant. So, I eventually settled into my old home, and started brewing again, and applied to Lisa for a shotgun licence as I had an idea and wanted to have the security of a weapon and to become involved with the owner of the land where these incidences were occurring.

It was good to be back home, and I became involved in the community once again, telling everyone I had been at my sisters helping her recover from the death of her husband, it was accepted, and I quietly started making enquiries into acquiring a shot gun. I eventually traced a beautiful old Greener twelve bore double barrel goose shotgun, after an old friend told me where to find one, and I paid cash, requesting the dealer hold onto the gun until my new licence came through.

Once it arrived, I made an appointment with my friend Jack Kiddlwell, an ex-Harrods gun fitter who has a home in Iver, near Slough, and had the gun fitted to my requirements. From there Jack used his contacts to help me obtain references to the Generals game shoot in Lower Summerton.

Thanks to Jack, and my business contacts in Summerton, I was offered a provisional pass to occasionally shoot on the estate and help in the beating of the bush to scare the pheasants into flight. In the meantime, my credentials were checked, and I had Holly build me a false identity with the help of the USA military.

I was given the rank of CSM Command Sergeant Major, with the medal of Honour, and an old medal was delivered to me with the upper rung broken. I had placed it in my pocket and attended one of the shoots, and during the club house meeting I had let it slip from my pocket, awaiting to be found.

When it was handed in, some minutes later General Hughson himself handed it back to me. “Is this yours by any chance,” he said, and I looked stunned as if wondering where he discovered it. I took the presentation case and opened it, “Why yes, but where did you get it” I enquired. He smiled one of the staffs handed it in, he found it on the floor near to your jacket”.

I pretended to be embarrassed and thankful, thank you, I was trying to find where I could get it repaired, as the ribbon bar has broken”. From there I got talking, and the General took to me, and in time I was invited to join his elite group of gentlemen shooters.

Hell, I could not stand the bloke, as he was so full of shit, thinking he was better than all others, and just because his great grandfather had money and an estate, he was given an education and a military career. None the less it did get me into this small elite group of people, and I just knew it was from here that the problems were originating from, call it intuition, or an extra sense, but I just knew I was right.

Four days later, old Jack suffered a heart attack, and to my surprise, he had willed his beloved old black Labrador to me, along with twin Purdy Shotguns. She was a beautiful bitch, and fully gun trained, and I knew she was a gift, as it would also aid in my cover. Been a bitch she was accepted by my other dogs and eventually she settled in. However, I arranged with Albes to have my other dogs cared for by his sons, and I informed him as to what I was doing, and that I needed to build my cover, and as such I kept him informed of my progress.

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