Kitten Trouble: A New Kitten Book 3

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Cheddar has been feeling down for the past couple of days. So I've decided to buy a new little kitten named Silver. (All ages)

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Chapter 1

So what now? Cheddar's been acting sluggish lately. And I have no Idea what to get her. Wait, what about a new friend. They was one kitten that we saw at the pound when we got Cheddar. Its was gray, white, and a little blond in there. I think Cheddar would love the kitten. Let me just ask Mom if she's okay with it. "Mom?"


"Can Cheddar have a friend? Like we get another kitten 'cuz she's been acting sluggish lately."

"Sure. Is it that gray and white with a litt--"

I interrupt, "Yes."

"That's Cheddar's brother." She replied.

"Really?" I said, "I didn't think that her brother is at the pound."

Mama nodded, "Yeah, it's surprising to me, too, but its true."

"Cheddar! Where are you, you ready for your brother to come here?" As soon ad I said that, Cheddar looked out her cage, and came running towards me. I held out my hands and she jumped in them. I guess she was excited to she her brother, again.

When we got to the pound, we asked the clerk if that kitten was still there. He said that he was. As we went over there, every kitten started to scratch on the bars. They were so cute. "There he is. Cheddar's brother. Uh, Pound clerk? We need some assistance over here!" I yelled. The pound clerk came over there. He started to recognize us. "So, y'all were the one who bought-uh-Cheddar, am I right?" "Yes sir." I answered. As he took her brother out of the cage, he stated, "This is Silver, Cheddar's brother." He gave us the free stuff just like he did whenever we bought Cheddar.

As we got home, Cheddar saw Silver and ran over to us. They kissed and played and hugged. They missed each other.

"So, Cheddar, how do you like your sur---"

Cheddar ran over to me and jumped all over me.
"I guess that's a yes, am I right?" I chuckled.

Cheddar is loving his brother at the house with him. Cheddar has grown so much.
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